Vastu for Pets – Vastu to Follow for Adopting Pets

Vastu for Pets – Vastu to Follow for Adopting Pets

Since ancient times, dogs have been referred to as “Shvan” in many Vedic books. Dogs have been mentioned as very promising in Hindu mythology. There are many states such as Sikkim and North Bengal in India where dogs are worshipped and symbolised as mounts of God “Kalabhairava”. They are also known as the guards of the gates of heaven and hell as well.

In Hindu mythology, dogs have been linked with various incarnations of Lord Shiva. Dogs have also been connected with lord Dattatreya. The four dogs are considered as the symbol of the four Vedas.

Everyone has a different choice about keeping pets in the home. Each animal has a different effect on the house and the people living in the home. The house owner should look upon certain things if a pet is inviting good luck or harmful to the house as per dog Vastu.

Whenever you plan to adopt a pet, many questions arise in your mind, such as which pet should you bring at home? Which direction is perfect for placing a pet?

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Importance of Black Dog as Per Vastu

According to dogs Vastu, black dogs are considered the avatar or reincarnation of the God, Bhairav. It has been believed that dogs somehow act as a link between the netherworld and human beings.

According to black dog Vastu, people suffering from illness and the adverse effects of the planets Rahu and Ketu should feed the black dogs to lessen the harmful effects. In the olden days, people believed that black dogs are like night-time ghosts.

Even they are associated with the devil or ghost. In European countries, dogs have been linked with death.

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Vastu Tips to Follow while Bringing a Pet

Dogs share a special bond with human beings. Human love for animals, especially dogs, keeps the environment of the home cheerful and optimistic. As per Vastu Shastra, a black dog is associated with good luck. According to black dog Vastu, keeping pets at home is quite beneficial for the members living in the house. Let’s check out the following tips, as mentioned in Vastu Shastra.

  • Dogs are like man’s best pal and always have been found very close to the heart. A pet always needs proper care and affection. If you are an owner of a dog, you need a dog house where the pet can sleep. If you are an avid follower of Vastu, place the dog house in the North direction. Avoid placing a dog house in front of the entrance of your home.
  • Keep the pet in the North, North-West or East direction. These directions are considered best for keeping home pets or domestic animals.
  • In Indian culture, we worship Cow and are considered the Mother or mata. It’s known to us that cows are useful for us in many ways. It gives us milk. Her dung and urine is used for treating certain medical conditions.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, keeping these domestic animals at home might lessen the sorrows and pains of the owner and members living in the house. Always dispose of their waste in the North-West direction.
  • Keeping fishes at home brings good luck and prosperity to the house. According to goldfish Vastu, an aquarium eliminates bed energies from our house. It would help if you kept the goldfish in the home aquarium.
  • The elephant is somehow related to Lord Ganesha. But it cannot be kept at home. Hence, a mud statue can be placed in the South-West direction of the house. Else you can adorn the West direction with a marble statue. This might help in eliminating the bad effect of Rahu and other Vastu defects from home.
  • We all love to hear birds chirping in the morning. The North-East, East and North direction portion is right for placing the birdcage. Birds are known for inviting positive vibes at home.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, you can keep turtles as pets and should be positioned in the North direction of the home as it brings great prosperity and good luck in life.
    As per Vastu Shastra, frogs are the symbol of good luck and fortune.

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Superstitions about Black Dog

  1. It has been believed that if a black dog follows you till home, it brings good fortune for you and your family members.
  2. According to black dog Vastu, if a black dog on the road follows you, it will bring bad luck.
  3. If you come across a black dog with white spots while you are going for a business deal, it is considered a lucky sign for you.
  4. A black dog brings bad luck, and it crosses you on your way.
  5. It has been believed that you might face an accident if a black dog is seen in your car.
  6. According to dog Vastu, a black dog at home eliminates the effect of bad energies from home.
  7. Your day might be lucky as you might meet an old pal of yours. If you see a black dog at your home entrance.
  8. Feeding black dogs at night invite good fortune and happiness at home.
  9. It has been believed that dogs can feel and watch the presence of evil spirits at your home at night. They make noises and bark if they feel anything unusual at home.

Either you keep a dog or any animal at home as a pet, it’s essential to look after these pets as a family member. Affection and proper care make them feel at home. It’s known to us that dogs are loyal, best buddies, and a guard for a home. As per black dog Vastu, a black dog at home brings happiness, prosperity and good luck to the members.

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