Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra: For Your Overall Happiness And Prosperity!

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra: For Your Overall Happiness And Prosperity!

Apart from just being beautiful and attractive decorative pieces, “Vastu Yantras” have greater significance in human life. When it’s energised and perfectly placed, they influence the area with mystical powers. These yantras create a very strong energy field and remove Vastu dosha completely.

Vastu Shastra Yantra is a three-dimensional geometrical powerful tool. It helps to get rid of negative vibes in people and places. Also, this yantra helps to maintain the balance between all five elements – Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Space.

Vastu Yantra Benefits:

“Vastu Yantras” not only evade any mishap or disaster but also aid to prosper in your life.
The other essential benefits of Vastu Yantra are as follows:

  • It rectifies and removes complete Vastu doshas.
  • It invites positivity and happiness in life.
  • The home remains at peace, and members live in harmony with each other.
  • An individual and his family members become prosperous
  • It gives a long and healthy life.

Vastu Dosh Yantra:

Even though all the Vastu yantras are very efficient to remove negativity and treat the incorrect Vastu of the place. Still, there are certain specific yantras for overall success and happiness.

Durga Bisa Yantra:

To remove the difficulties and conquer your enemies, Durga Bisa Yantra is extremely effective. It enhances abundance and wealth. Also, it removes all the obstacles in the path and gives success in business.

Lakshmi Narayan Yantra

By keeping this yantra, the native gets blessings from Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. As the name says, this yantra is extremely powerful to gain prosperity, peace, and happiness. It destroys evil energies and showers you with success, name and fame.

Vishnu Yantra

Lord Vishnu is the protector of the universe, protecting the native who keeps this yantra. The native blesses with success and happy life. The yantra gives confidence and courage to the individual from the inside and outside. All hurdles are removed from the path of success, which brings happiness in life.

Vastu Yantra For Home

With the combination of science and ancient Vedas, this Vastu shastra yantras helps to produce desired results at home or office. You can keep a few of these yantras at home or office, which are given below:

Siddha Sabri Yantra

To govern control over self and to remain relaxed in trying times, this yantra is extremely beneficial. It is charged with the Ganesh Mantra.

Bhoomi Dosha Nashak Yantra

This yantra is a shield against evil spirits and black magic.

Vastu Shanti Yantram

This yantra is to worship Vastu God and Vastu Purush, who is the protector and the lord of the house. It removes the malefic effects of any room built in an inauspicious direction or room.

Vastu Dosh Nashak Yantram

It removes the complete Vastu doshas. However, it gives success by mitigating all kinds of Vastu doshas.

Vastu Yantra Direction And Positioning

For the best results and greatest effectiveness of Vastu Yantra, it must be placed in the South-West corner of the house, facing North-East. Vastu Yantra for a home must be kept at the correct place and direction only after consulting a Vastu Expert.

  • Shree Yantra must be placed in the North-east.
  • It is best to place Shree Kuber Yantra in the North or East.
  • Shree Vyapar Vridhi Yantra must be placed in the East or North-East.
  • Durga Bisa Yantra should be hung in the North or North-East direction, facing the South or South-East direction. Always keep the yantra on a raised platform.
  • Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra must be placed in the North or North-East direction, facing the South.

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Do You Need A Vastu Yantra?

It is always good to keep yantra for Vastu dosh as it protects from negative energies and ill feelings of people. You may not feel the need for such yantra, but its significance and potential effectiveness have been experienced by many people. However, these yantras don’t have any negative effects.

To ensure positivity, health and prosperity, you must keep this yantra under the guidance of an expert. You can also purchase these Vastu yantras online, but it would be better to make sure that yantra available online are genuine. Also, ensuring that sellers are authentic and registered is essential. You must follow rituals as guided by the experts and take care of the yantras properly.

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