West Facing House Vastu: Everything You Need To Know About

What is West Facing House Vastu?

House with a West-facing design Vastu is a fascinating subject to discuss. It is because most people’s third option is a West-facing home.

It goes without saying that most people prefer to live in a house that faces North or East, according to Vastu principles.

Vastu Tips for West-Facing Houses

These are the best Vastu tips for West-facing houses, followed by houses facing West.

People have been known to avoid buying a house that faces West since the dawn of time.

Negativity is considered to be the dominating power in this case.

Since Saturn dominates it, it requires special attention.
However, if the Vastu for a West-facing house is followed, the belief may be proven incorrect.

If you strictly follow the Vastu principles, a West-facing house can be a good choice.

Importance of West Facing Home Vastu

God and positivity are both omnipresent, as we all know and believe.

Negative vibrations can be stronger in the West, although with the right solutions and Vastu tips, this negativity can be suppressed and positivity is enhanced.

However, Vastu science has specific guidelines for West facing house plans, which you need to follow to make your living possible.

West entry as per Vastu if it is in the right direction, Vastu for a west-facing house indicates that all negativity can combat.

The entrance door or gate in a West-facing house built Vastu must be in the auspicious Pada, the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth pada.

The seventh, eighth, and ninth Padas should be avoided at all costs.

The other rooms and elements of a West-facing building, aside from the entrance, are equally important and should be designed according to Vastu guidelines.

West Facing House Vastu Remedies

Let’s take a look at some of the most important Vastu tips for a West-facing home.

With the previously mentioned Vastu doshas and their negative impact, accepting and buying a home facing West becomes difficult.

However, Vastu shastra can be used to remove these Vastu doshas effectively.

Vastu tips for West-facing houses are mentioned below.

  • To keep negativity at bay, place a Vastu pyramid in the southwest corner.
  • To attract positivity, brass pyramids should be put in the western area. For a west facing house plan, all rooms, especially the master bedroom and kitchen, should be built according to the Vastu. It would ensure career advancement as well as harmonious family relationships.
  • To draw divine energy and riches, place as many windows as possible in the North and East.
    If the house has a pillar, it should be beautifully covered with a positive Vastu painting.
  • To improve the volume of positivity in your home, place a right-hand conch filled with water in the North-East corner.
  • Place a brass pyramid with a brass helix facing the T-junction in the West to correct the Vastu dosha.
  • Install Vastu partition sheets to correct defects caused by Westward expansion.
  • You may put a Vastu copper arrow in the opposite direction under the roof. It will help in the removal of the dosha caused by a roof in the West.

Is a West facing house good or bad, according to Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether a house facing West is good or bad.

However, most people and Vastu experts consider an East facing house the best as per Vastu Shastra principles.

It is because the rising Sun shines from the East.

On the other hand, they are opposed to a West-facing home because the Sun sets in the West.

However, this is not a valid reason for a house facing West being inauspicious.

Other things needs to be considered in a West-facing home, which includes the location of entrance doors, bedrooms, kitchens, staircases, and others.

West Facing House Vastu Tips

It will become a paradise for the family members once the Vastu tips for West-facing houses clarify its negative vibes.

  • If a borewell is drilled in the South-West, the Vastu dosha would be severe, resulting in poverty and disease.
  • Having a kitchen in the South-West would bring negativity and chaos into your life.
  • Vastu recommends a master bedroom on the top floor in the South-West direction for a West-facing duplex.
  • Guest space on the ground floor of the duplex facing West should be in the North-East.
  • You should avoid an extension to the West or South.
  • It will allow negative energy to flow freely.
  • The slope must be North-facing. It will attract wealth.
  • To stop the direction of negativity, the compound wall should be thick and wide on the West and South sides.
  • To be safe from evil, plant tall and heavy trees in the West.
  • Avoid buying a house with a T junction and a Veedhi Shoola on the West side. It is an important Vastu dosha.
  • In the West, there should be no balconies or terraces.

Best Entrance Positions for a House with a West Facing


Sugreev is one of the most advantageous West entries as per Vastu, especially for traders and businesspeople.
This entrance brings in rapid growth and enviable wealth. It’s also useful for children’s education or if you want to start an educational institution.


The force of blessing is referred to as Pushpdant. He is the advisor of Varun, the controller of Universe, and the vehicle of Lord Kuber, the wealth-giver. Strong financial growth and stability are guaranteed if you enter here.


Varun is the universe’s creator. His deva tatva is the most powerful of all the devtas. He is Agni’s brother and the giver of life.


What are the Advantages of a West-facing House?

The biggest benefit of West-facing house Vastu is that you can enjoy the warmth and glow of the evening Sun until late in the evening.

Some people also assume that a house facing West would be more prosperous and wealthy.

However, West facing house benefits will have no enemies and will be well-liked at work and social environments.

Why is the West-facing House Bad?

According to Vastu Shastra, all homes are considered equally auspicious, and West-facing homes are no less encouraging than North or East-facing homes.

If some Vastu Shastra concepts are followed, a West-facing home can be as successful as other homes.

Can We Live in a West-facing House?

You may have known that a house facing West or North is unattractive or brings bad luck, and so on. But, just like every other home, you can use Vastu principles to make a West-facing house auspicious.

The West is not considered an inauspicious path in Vastu Shastra. In reality, according to Vastu Shastra, any direction is good for a home.

However, the entrance or main door’s location is the deciding factor in Vastu for your house.

What Should be Kept in the West Corner of the House?

There is often a lack of money in the home, and other times, there is so much that it becomes difficult to handle or maintain.

To keep the flow of money constant in the home, Vastu Shastra suggests positioning a glass filled with water and salt in the South-West corner.

After that, put a red-coloured bulb on the backside of the glass to show when the bulb is turned on.

Wrap Up

Having a West-facing house can be difficult because it is dominated by Saturn and is connected with bad luck, poor health, and poverty.

It is not difficult to correct these issues using Westside home Vastu and Vastu tips for west-facing houses.

However, Vastu Shastra for west-facing houses would create more positivity for the family.

It will improve their lives by bringing wealth, abundance, love, and success into their lives. But don’t forget to seek advice from a Vastu specialist.