Guru Yantra – Copper: Everything you need to know

Yantras enhance one’s life and have their own respective benefits. These benefits might be to one’s personality, fortune and even for their life as a whole. But one has to be very careful while bearing any of these, as it is believed that each of these specific yantras is attached to specific zodiac signs or astrological conditions. Therefore, it is always advised to consult an astrologer or do adequate research before bearing any of these precious yantras.

Meaning Of Yantra

A Yantra is a precious item that is harmonised by life and has geometrical patterns both valued as symbols as well as meditation tools. Yantras are one of the most powerful instruments as it can improve one’s life in a great way and can even enhance their fortune. They can surround the bearer with tons of positive energy and alleviate all negative energy from around them. But you can attain these benefits along with a number of other benefits specific to specific Yantras, only if you are eligible to bear it.
These Yantras cannot be used by anybody and everybody and therefore has to be used after a deep analysis of one’s personal horoscope. After the analysis of one’s personal horoscope, only specific Yantras that match their horoscope are suggested to be used by them. These Yantras also need to be energised before bearing them.
The Guru Yantra Copper along with other Yantras that are available at the MyPandit store is attuned and energised through the performance of specific Vedic rituals by expert MyPandit astrologers themselves. Seek their guidance now!

Specialty Of Copper Guru Yantra

Like every other Yantra, Guru Yantra is very powerful and has marvellous benefits. It is important if you are seeking the blessings of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, as it works to bestow you with these blessings. The guru yantra copper gifts its bearer with a truckload of knowledge, prosperity, wealth along with boundless peace. This Yantra helps in enhancing the positive effects of Jupiter in the bearer’s life. Brihaspati Yantra benefits also include benefits for the students having a tough time with their studies, as it grants them remarkable power of intellect in a variety of areas. These might include Religion, Insurance, Spirituality, Banks, Higher Education etc. Along with academic benefits, the guru yantra benefits expand to include health benefits too. The guru graha yantra helps with diseases of the liver, pancreas, diabetes, obesity among others. The Guru rahu chandal yog nivaran yantra or the guru yantra copper also helps the ones who have adverse transit or dasha of Lord Guru.

So now you might be aware of the importance of Guru Yantra in your life. So, install Guru Yantra to strengthen your Planet Jupiter in your birth chart and to invoke the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

How Copper Guru Yantra Is Beneficial?

Yantras are often associated with a specific God/ Goddess and have a variety of benefits for its bearer. The Yantras enhance one’s wisdom, power, wealth and knowledge. The Yantras also form a natural shield around the bearer to protect them from negative energy. These specific Yantras play an important role in making specific progress in their bearers’ life.

The Guru Yantra locket benefits are innumerable. The benefits of guru yantra copper are wonderful and the bearer of this yantra can experience great improvements in multiple aspects of his life. Some of the benefits of bearing a genuine Guru Yantra copper are:

  • Goraknath Yantra helps one to seek the blessing of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. It is very helpful for the worshippers of these Gods.
  • The Guru Yantra Copper grants boundless power, knowledge and prosperity to its bearer. It makes its bearer an ideal individual.
  • The Guru pushya Yantra or the Guru Yantra Copper can be used to appease the planet of Jupiter and seek its positive influence. This Copper Guru Yantra can be used to alleviate the malefic effects of Jupiter from its bearer’s life.
  • The Guru Yantra copper or the Guru ketu chandal yog nivaran yantra can be used by somebody seeking to expand their business or widen their career prospects. It works a great deal for them and never disappoints!
  • The Brihaspati Yantra has numerous benefits for anybody who is under adverse dasha or transit of Jupiter.
  • The Guru Yantra copper expands its benefits to students who have concentration problems or any kind of problems in their academics. These students are often advised to practice Guru Yantra worship.
  • Most importantly, the Guru Yantra copper attracts wealth, fortune and good luck for its bearer.
  • One can also be blessed with good fortune and luck by performing personalised Guru Graha Shanti Puja.

How To Use The Copper Guru Yantra?

You might need to follow specific guidelines to gain the benefits of your Guru Yantra copper. These guidelines may include:

  • The Guru Yantra copper can be kept in the puja room, office or living room, if they are North or East facing places. The Yantras placed in the North-East ultimately get charged with divine energies which help these Yantras to provide its complete benefits to its bearer.
  • If you are trying to get rid of negative energies from your life, you are often advised to place Guru Yantra-copper in their home or their office.
  • The copper Guru Yantra also works to energise your body; release positive energies in your environment and enhance it in various other ways and enhance the destiny and purpose of your life.
  • It works to fix specific areas of your life that have been affected by malefic Jupiter placement.
  • The Copper Guru Yantra functions to turn one’s home and office into a very peaceful and sacred space.
  • The Guru Yantra Copper enables its bearer to remain protected in God’s nurturing and safe embrace while living the tiniest moments of their life.
  • Positive influences of Jupiter are worked by the unique geometric designs on the Copper Guru Yantra.

Things To Consider While Using Guru Yantra

  • Place the Copper Guru Yantra in your home’s or puja altar’s north orientation.
  • Offer incense to the Guru Yantra Copper on a daily basis.
  • In the Guru Yantra’s centre, place sandal paste.
  • Prasada (sweet offerings) should be made to the Copper Guru Yantra.
  • Chant the Guru Yantra’s Mantra at least 11 times.
  • Take the Prasada and eat it–try not to waste it.

Guru Yantra Copper: In A Nutshell

  • Associated planet: Jupiter
  • Purpose: Blesses the bearer with power, prosperity, knowledge and alleviates negative energies from around them.
  • Guru Yantra mantra: Om Kleem Brahaspatya Namah
    Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Gurave Namah

How To Get Guru Yantra Copper Online?

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Last But Not The Least

*Remember to buy an attuned/worshipped Guru Yantra only!
A Yantra operates on the basis of an energy field, thus it must be properly cleansed, sanctified, energised, and adjusted to give you the greatest benefit. In reality, you’ll need to worship and sanctify the Yantra in your place of worship on a daily basis if you wish to reap its benefits. A Yantra without devotion or tuning is like a body without a soul; it must be fuelled through appropriate rituals. So go and get an energised appropriate Yantra for yourself–only after consulting our Expert Astrologers to remove negativity from your life.