The Astrological Remedy for Grahan Yoga – Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh Yantra

Vedic astrology is full of magical activities. The world of sun, moon and planets has a bag filled with mystical surprises for the natives. One such known but less explored aspect is the Grahan. The literal meaning of the word Grahan is to eat away. So, what and how can something related to planets and stars eat something else? It’s an interesting question and the answer to it, is all the more interesting.

Yes, it’s true. Grahan means to eat away the other planets. And here it means eating of the Sun or the Moon by Rahu or Ketu. It is better known as Eclipse in English. There are different types of Grahans in astrology. But in this article, we are going to cover the details about Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh and its influence. We shall also discuss the astrological remedy to deal with this dosh with the help of Chandra ketu grahan dosha yantra copper.

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Before getting into the details of Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh and its remedies, we shall have a brief description of other graham yog formed with conjugation of the Sun with Rahu or Ketu and Moon with Rahu or Ketu.

Grahan Dosha: Beware of the Divided Demon Rahu-Ketu!

Astrologers are aware of several doshas or yogas that are dangerous and have evil-effect on the native. But they are most afraid of the Grahan Dosha. They believe that this dosha is full of problems and can lead a person into hell. The grahan dosha is formed because of the Rahu or Ketu, which are the two nodes of the Moon. The northern lunar node is Rahu while the southern node is the Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu are not actually planets, they are the shadow planets. But they have a prominent significance in the astrology and mythological world of Hindus. It is believed that Rahu-Ketu were not separate. Rather, they are two parts of a demon. The story goes like this.

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Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosha: The Associated Legend

At the time of Samudra Manthan, when Lord Shiva found the nectar and the demons and Gods were fighting for it, there was one demon who got a drop of nectar and was feeling lucky. If the drop of nectar would have reached into his body, he could have turned immortal. This could have been a difficult situation for the Gods.

The Sun and the Moon saw the demon swallowing the nectar drop and rushed to Lord Vishnu and narrated everything. Lord Vishnu immediately cut off the neck of the demon and stopped the nectar from passing through his neck to the body. The demon was divided into two parts. The head along with the neck only, came to be known as Rahu and the body below the neck came to be known as Ketu. But Rahu and Ketu were so annoyed that they decided to take revenge on Sun and Moon. So, they eat the Sun and Moon whenever they come close. This condition is known as Grahan or Eclipse.

When Rahu or Ketu swallows the Sun, it forms Surya Grahan. And when they swallow the Moon, it is called Chandra Grahan. In the language of astrology, when Sun or Moon conjugate with Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope, it forms a Grahan dosh or yog. It is also reflected in the horoscope of the native if he is born at the time of an eclipse. This was all about the Grahan dosha in general. Now, let’s talk about the Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh.

Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh : When Ketu Eats the Moon

As mentioned in the story, ketu and rahu keep taking revenge on the sun and moon from time to time. And in simple words, when Ketu eats Moon or takes revenge from Moon, it is known as Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh or Yog. In other words, when the Moon is close to Ketu and they conjugate in a house or sign in the native’s horoscope, it forms the Chandra Ketu Grahan Yog or dosh.

The Moon is the significator of Mother and mind, emotions and comforts. While Ketu signifies detachment and moksha. It also signifies intuitions and discomfort. When two such planets will conjugate and if Ketu is stronger than Moon, then it is going to have devastating results. With this dosh in the kundli, the native would get deviated from his path and get inclined towards the spiritual path, leaving behind his family and emotionally attached people. It may make a person get mystical and experience hallucinations.

Due to the Chandra Ketu Grahan yog, the native will be haunted by past karmas. The native may lose self-confidence and feel inferior to others. It may also affect health as the immunity will also be hit by the grahan. It also has a strong effect on the longevity of the native. The professional life will also be hit by the Chandra ketu grahan dosh.

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But of all the above-mentioned evil effects of the Chandra ketu graham dosh, the most prominent one is the giving up of duties and responsibilities by the native. it is because the malefic ketu forces the native to detach himself from all worldly possessions and move alone on the spiritual path. This creates stress in personal relationships and eventually it may lead to separation from partner or spouse. All this would definitely affect the native decision taking abilities and leadership qualities that would now deteriorate.

But as with every problem comes a solution, the grahan yog also has the chandra ketu grahan dosh remedies. Now, let us discuss the Chandra graham dosh yantra copper.

Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh Yantra: Worship the Ketu

Understanding the ill-effects of the Chandra Ketu Grahan dosh, it’s important to know some remedies to pacify the malefic Ketu and strengthening the benefic Moon. One such Chandra ketu grahan dosha remedies are to donate white clothes and white kheer made of rice to a girl child and also chanting the Maha Mritunjay Mantra. Pay respect to your teacher and worship Lord Shiva and Hanuman every day.

One can also perform the Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosha Shanti Puja under the guidance of some expert pandit. And the best way is to buy the Chandra ketu grahan dosh yantra online but only from an authentic dealer and after consulting an expert astrologer. Many websites and offline vendors also keep the Chandra Ketu Grahan dosha yantra for sale with other astrological yantras.

Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh Yantra: Uncover The Plethora Of Advantages

This yantra is quite effective in suppressing the negative effects of the malefic planet. With proper puja and other rituals, the native will feel a change in his life. He will have better control over self and will get less angry. There will be a positive shift in the behaviour of the native and it will boost confidence in him. Moreover, the native will readily participate in family responsibilities and will not be detached from his loved ones. There will be positive growth that he will experience in all the spheres of life.

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