Nullify the combined impact of Guru and Rahu-Ketu using Guru Rahu Chandalyog Nivaran Yantra

Gunas and doshas are an inseparable aspect of astrology and people’s lives. When the birth chart is erected with the help of the person’s birth details, it shows all the possible strengths and weaknesses and also all the gunas and doshas associated with the planets and stars in the horoscope. These doshas and gunas are formed by the combination of different planets in some specific house or sign in the horoscope. While the gunas give positive results, the doshas are said to make life difficult. But it all depends on the strength of the planets that are involved in the creation of dosh or guna. Sometimes, if the benefic planet has a stronger position, then the combination might not be as adverse as it might get if the malefic planet is stronger.

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The negative impact of the doshas can be nullified to a great extend with the help of Astrological Yantras, which are unique weapons meant to serve the greater purpose. There are separate yantras for each planet and their combinations with other planets. One such yantra is the Guru Rahu Chandalyog Nivaran Yantra of Copper.

The article will highlight the nature of the planets – Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, which are involved in the formation of the Guru Rahu Chandalyog, its remedies and its yantra. There are many readers who would like to find information on chandal yog effects in hindi. And there are many websites answering their queries related to guru chandal yog se mukti and guru chandal yog ke fayde. And on our platform, we are going to address the same queries of guru rahu chandal yog remedies. But before all that, we shall take a glance at the astrological significance of the planet Guru, Rahu and Ketu.

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Guru-Rahu Chandalyog Nivaran Yantra: Jupiter – The Guru of All!

Jupiter is regarded as the teacher of the Deities in Hindu mythology and hence it’s known as the Guru. It is representative of knowledge, wisdom, children and wealth. A strong and well-placed Guru can bless the native with immense wealth and success. It also showers its blessings over the children of the native. It enhances the knowledge and wisdom in the native and his/her children too.

The Guru also makes a person spiritually awakened. The native under the influence of strong Jupiter is dutiful, loyal, honest, intelligent and wise. Such a native is also involved in some sort of social work and eventually gains celebrity status. While the strong Jupiter can bless the native all that one desires for, a weak or debilitated Jupiter can leave the native poverty-stricken or childless.

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Guru-Rahu Chandalyog Nivaran Yantra: Rahu and Ketu – The Divided Demon

Rahu and Ketu have no significance in the world of science. According to astronomy, there are no such planets called Rahu or Ketu. But as per astrology, Rahu and Ketu have a prominent role to play in the life of people. These are shadow planets which are considered the lunar nodes. While Rahu is considered to be the Northern Lunar node, the Ketu is believed to be the Southern Lunar Node. Rahu is believed to be the GIVER, and Ketu Is believed to be TAKER, though they are not like that in the literal sense.

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Rahu is a giver of desire for the materialistic world, and often it makes the native delve into selfish and immoral acts to fulfil these desires. Ketu detaches the native from worldly affairs and pushes him towards a spiritual path and moksha.

Rahu and Ketu do not have their own zodiacs to rule. They take up the role and strengths of the planets they conjugate with in the horoscope’s house or sign. But in general, Rahu has a close resemblance with Saturn and Ketu is similar to Mars.

Rahu and Ketu are two parts of a demon who had swallowed amrut or nectar at the time of Samudra Manthan. Lord Vishnu knew that if the nectar reached the stomach of the demon through his throat, it would make him immortal and give him immense power. On the complaint of Sun and Moon, Lord Vishnu cut off the demon in two parts, blocking the nectar to pass through the neck and reach the stomach. The head of the demon was named as Rahu, which was left without a body below the neck. The body of the demon was named Ketu, which was left without a head.

Chandal is the hindi word for Demon. And when Rahu or Ketu, who are chandals, combine with other planets, they form Chandal Yog, which have a disastrous effect on the natives.

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Guru-Rahu Chandalyog Nivaran Yantra: How This Yoga Impacts Your Life?

When the planets Guru and Rahu are posited together in a sign or house, they form a Guru Rahu Chandal Yog. It shows its influence on the education and finance aspect of life. The native with Guru Rahu Chandal yog in Kundli, will have issues with education and the financial status will also deteriorate. He would lack concentration and will be insecure. It may push the native into criminal and immoral activities and bring forward many other challenges. But with the use of guru rahu chandal yog nivaran yantra of copper, the malefic effects can be handled well.

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Guru-Rahu Chandalyog Nivaran Yantra: A Remedy That Improves Your Life

A very easy and feasible Guru Chandal yog remedy is the use of the guru rahu chandalyog nivaran yantra. This chandalyog nivaran yantra signifies Jupiter and Rahu. It has clearly embossed geometric patterns that have the energy of planets trapped in it. When energised and attenuated, and worshipped religiously, this yantra can nullify the malefic effects of Rahu and help in the removal of misfortune. It also enhances intuition and improves the reputation of native.

Just like Rahu, there are Guru Ketu Chandalyog remedies also mentioned in astrology. One such remedy is the guru chandal yog puja. The chandal yog puja costs minimum around Rs 11,000/-, inclusive of everything. Some more remedies for guru chandal yog include worshipping of Lord Vishnu regularly, wearing 2-mukhi rudraksha, wearing yellow sapphire in gold and serving the elderly at home and around.

Along with all the mentioned Guru Ketu Chandalyog remedies, the native should recite guru rahu chandal yog nivaran mantra 18000 times, which is “Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Seh Rahave Namah”.

Guru-Rahu Chandalyog Nivaran Yantra: The Ending Note

This Yantra will surely brings positive transformation in life. One will be able to take decisions and be successful in his attempts. The person will get back to moral character and the diseases related to the stomach would get subside. It is advised to worship Lord Ganpati and Lord Vishnu every day for overall benefit in all spectrums of life.

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