Aquarius Man Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

A Trailer of Aquarius Man

Time to reveal some fascinating information about Aquarius. It is rare to find a guy from Aquarius who pursues romantic interests with dating apps. Because he is an air sign, he is a total person who makes friendships closer than relationships a priority. That is why you really have to be his buddy before being anyone else. It takes him a while to open himself to you, but as soon as he gets it, you will find that he is worth the wait!

This man is a reliable fixed sign, and you will learn how to love it, as you need it, always for yourself. He will gladly listen and work to advise you on your problems. You always know that he is really keeping it real because he is able to detach and look at things objectively. In order to complete all of it, its natural sophistication and great sense of humour improve all and, like a true best friend, through thick and thin he is always there by your side.

Whatever cause he is dedicating himself to is something that he will always be up. He will pause everything else if he hears a rally or protest so that he can participate and he will also want to bring you in it. This is a kind of turning off for Waterfowl if you are not politically informed and involved in activism. As calm as he is usually when it matters most, he is passionate. And he cares for you too. Believe it or not, everything about Aquarius sign is so amazing to read.

Aquarius Man Compatibility

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn which is why their life is full of unexpected events and disruption. Uranus also yield variety for them which they immensely seek out. Their eccentric nature is a gift from this planet making them stand out, rebel against unfair social and political situations, and make an impact on a larger scale. They are intellectual, logical and above all. They are fixed air signs which makes them a lot more earthly than other air signs.

Libra and Gemini go along well with Aquarius’s intellectual side. Aries and Sagittarius zodiac signs are suitable for Aquarius because they have a sense of personal freedom and space. They are social and adventurous which makes them compatible with each other.

As a father, an Aquarius man will value his children’s independence with sincerity. They are like a friend to their kids encouraging them to have ambition in their life. They make their children understand the consequences of any action and teach them lessons in all situations.

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Aquarius Men Traits

  • Outside the box: Talking about Aquarius personality, they are rational thinkers. They have such a larger view and foresight above the usual crowd, that thinking out of the box is a normal thing for them. They do not follow the status, they have their independent perception about everything inside and outside them.
  • Rebellious and Independent: Aquarians have a deep sense of freedom and they will rebel against anything and anyone who tries to control them in any way. They believe everyone’s life is their own to live and no one else has any claim over it, no matter how close they are.
  • Friendly and social: All the persons they meet have a special place in their life. Everyone is unique and no one is above anyone. They have large social circles and they are the man of the group. They can have conversations over a variety of topics which makes them good conversationalists, provided the basis of such interactions are rational. They are loyal friends and stand by others in the hour of need.
  • Humanitarian: They have an urge to give service to make this world a better place to live. They are innovative and humanitarian. They truly help everyone around them. They will feel the pain of others and want to make their lives better. They are known for their philanthropic activities. Many of them are also part of some kind of activism. They are absolutely people’s persons.
  • Admits his mistakes: Aquarian men have a sense of equality. If he realises his mistakes, he will not shy away from admitting them openly. He may or may not apologize, but admitting the mistake itself is a kind of acknowledgement. Although they are kind of unapologetic men when it comes to their freedom.
  • Innovative thinker: Aquarian men are visionaries. They have a way of looking far ahead of others. Their foresight assists them in their future endeavours to serve humanity. The best part is they keep their emotions at bay in the process of observations and analysis, which gives results to unique and untainted solutions.
  • Witty: The perfect abbreviation for their wittiness is – OMG. They have uncanny sarcasm but mind it, it’s not like Leo, Aries or Scorpio. It comes from the humorous side of them. Aquarian men never intend to hurt someone for the ones who have a love for humanity. Their wittiness and sarcasm always have an element of fun and friendliness in the background.
  • Believes in Equality: Aquarius are a strong believer and follower of equality in every area. There’s one thing that an Aquarius man follows is the human right mentioned in the Constitution about equality in creed, caste, race, nationality and gender. They thoroughly give equal treatment for all. So, they are not prejudiced people.
  • Good listener: For an Aquarius man, communication involves both being good in speech with logic and also being a good listener. He has a lot of patience and can listen to you intensely providing you with all the possible solutions that you can inculcate.
  • Hidden emotions: Aquarian men have hidden treasure of their feelings and emotions. They have a tendency to look at everything in a rational way including their own emotions. They can become extremely attached or detached depending on how much it’s bothering them.
  • Eccentric: They have unusual perceptions and they can be unpredictable. They are completely eccentric and have no impulse to follow social norms. The thing is they literally follow their own heart. Neither they bind others nor be bound.
  • Several Interests areas: Aquarius men just can’t be limited to specific things. They need newness and drive where they can widen their mental state. They love to know about various things and people. Tapping into as many things gives them a broader picture of how things work.

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How is Aquarius Man in Love and Relationships?

Aquarius men are a blend of lover and best friend. Expect no wishy-washy type relationship. The plus point is you will have a best friend forever with whom life will be quite adventurous. Be it rocking social gatherings or staying back at home, an Aquarius man is a great companion. They are highly sexual, totally fun and unpredictable in bed.

He desires for deep connection. He likes open-minded partners to have endless conversations. He has a constant feeling of lack of love. He is cautious in a relationship initially. It takes time for him to trust. They need someone with whom they can be vulnerable in love. If they feel their partner is not very affectionate or committed, they tend to step back from a relationship.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man?

Friendship and platonic relationship: For Aquarians it’s all about coming together, sharing and cherishing high-level friendship. So being a friend first will be a good idea. If he is introducing you to his social circle, it’s a good sign.

Not overly emotional: Their actions are the result of logic and not emotions. They find emotions overbearing because they don’t know how to deal with them. Instead of being emotional, try to rationally talk.

Keep up with Unpredictability, do not react: They are air signs and ruled by Uranus. Their mind creates hundreds of new ideas every now and then. These men need variety in experience and have several interests. Do not judge or react to this as they have their own way of doing things.

Independent: Respect their need for independence. They need their own space and they are quite individualistic. They are a natural rebellion against all dogmas and curtailing his freedom or trying to control him is a sure way to lose him.

Be cool and witty: Quick humour and mental spark will draw them in. They enjoy the company of someone who can challenge their views logically. They are not the serious kinds. They want to be light-hearted and have fun.

Show your imaginative, inventive and creative side: Aquarian men admire someone who is creative and inventive. They love to have someone beside them who is passionate about something. Be involved in the areas of your interest without being dependable on him for your happiness.

Deep talk: If you can sway them up with deep conversation having unique insights and full of inspiration, you are all set. They are curious men and knowledgeable. They have a unique way of perceiving things that not everyone can understand.

Humanitarian:  If you are one of those people who wants to make this world a better place to live and serve humanity in any way, then the Aquarian man will have a place for you in his heart. He respects and loves such individuals.

Individual approach: Own your individualistic approach. He will downright respect you for that. He deeply admires people who can be original and comfortable in their own skin. They don’t like pleasers at all.

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Wrapping Up

Hey pals, we have spoken all about Aquarius man. Frankly speaking, they are really pure souls, perfect qualities to be called an amazing human being. Though like everyone, bad things about Aquarius too exist. But the good things about Aquarius are way more than the negative ones. Time to conclude this ride full of info about Aquarius. Stay motivated. Cheers!