Aries Flower – “My creepers ascend to great heights.”

The onset of the spring season brings with it a freshness that attracts new opportunities, hopes, dreams and aspirations. Spring signifies the beginning of a new life with new energy and enthusiasm. It’s the time when the cycle of one year gets completed. It is the month of March and April. The earth shines under the bright sunlight, there are beautiful flowers with sweat fragrance and plants with lush green leaves. The world seems happy and prosperous. And everybody gears up to start fresh.

These are not only the signs of the spring season. These are also the traits of the Aries zodiac sign. Like spring is the first season of the year, the Aries is the first zodiac in the horoscope wheel. And since it is the first of all zodiacs, the natives born under the Aries sign are leaders who are born with leadership traits. They are the initiators of anything. They are fierce and believe in getting what they want. But they are not always ready to battle, they are good at heart and very loyal partners and friends.

The Aries natives are dependable and always defend their friends and close people. They are sweet people with courage in their heart. So, the birth flower of Aries would also be sweet yet thorny.

Let’s find out more about Honeysuckle and other birth flowers of Aries. We shall also discuss the birthstone and birth plant of Aries in brief in the following sections.

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A Little Sweet! A Little Spicy! The Aries Birth Flower

People born between the 20th of March and the 19th of April fall under the Aries zodiac sign. There are two official birth flowers for Aries. One birth flower represents the sweet and calm Aries and the second birth flower represents the aggressive and fierce Aries. Both of them bloom in the spring season, which marks the beginning of a new cycle, just like the Aries that marks the beginning of the zodiac wheel. There are some other birth flowers and lucky flowers for Aries. Let’s discuss all of them in brief below.

 Honeysuckle –

The official Aries birth flower is honeysuckle. Just like bees get attracted to the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle, people get attracted to the charming and dynamic Aries natives. The magnetic personality, that Aries have, acts like the honeysuckle flower, which is the first flower to bloom in the spring season. The Aries birth flower Honeysuckle symbolises the determination and the leadership qualities that the natives possess. The Aries flower sign is symbolic of rebirth and reincarnation, new hope and new energy. The honeysuckle also symbolises happiness and an eternal bond.

 Daffodil –

Daffodil is the birth flower of Aries born in March. These flowers also bloom first along with the honeysuckle. They also mark the new beginning. The daffodil symbolises self-admiration and self-love. The name daffodil has Greek mythology behind it. The mythology believes that there was a man Narcissus, who was so engrossed in vanity that he got drowned in a river while admiring his own reflection in the river. Since then, Aries are compared with Narcissus’s vanity, as they are also self-obsessed. Hence, the daffodils are the perfect birth flower of Aries.

In Chinese culture, daffodils are symbolic of prosperity while in Wales they represent the quality of loyalty because they bloom every year at the same time of the year. And this is quite relatable with Aries as they are very loyal people.

 Daisy –

Daisy is the birth flower of Aries born in the month of April. It symbolises purity. It also symbolises innocence. Daisy is a perfect birth flower of Aries in the sense that though they are intense, they always try to look at the positive side of any picture. There are certain stories behind daisy being associated with innocence.

According to one Celtic mythology, it is believed that whenever an infant passes away, God himself put some daisies over the dead baby’s body. It heals the grieving parents of the innocent infant. According to another Norse mythology, the daisy is the sacred flower of Freya. And Freya is considered to be the Goddess of innocence, beauty, fertility and love.

 Thistle –

This is also an official birth flower of the Aries sign other than honeysuckle. While honeysuckle is about all sweetness, the thistle is about prickles. The thorns in the Thistles symbolise the protective nature of the Aries. It also symbolises the competitiveness in the Aries. Thistle is also associated with the crown chakra of the human body. The crown chakra symbolises the leadership traits and the Aries natives are natural leaders.

The rose flower is the favourite and the lucky flower of the Aries and especially the Aries woman.

Every zodiac sign has its associated birth flower as per flower astrology. So, for Aries, the Honeysuckle and Thistle are the two most appropriate birth flowers which have a healing influence over the native. other than these two, the daffodil and daisy are also considered the Aries birth flower since they bloom in the spring season.

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Aries Plant and Birth Stone – Let’s Brush up Our Knowledge

According to flower astrology, there are birth flowers for Aries. Similarly, there are birth plants too for Aries. The Aries zodiac is ruled by Mars, which makes the native fierce and active. And it belongs to the fire sign, which again adds to the competitive attitude of the Aries. They are sharp and always ready to learn new things and work hard to initiate and achieve what they want. Because of these traits, the lucky plants for Aries are Calendula, Coriander, Cayenne, Red Clover and Sarsaparilla.

These plants are spicy and red in colour with some thorny structures. The Chinese cabbage, Onion, Mustard, Red Pepper and Garlic are also some of the lucky plants of the Aries sign. Apart from the Aries zodiac flower, Poppies, Tulip, Tiger Lily and Hollyhock are some of the lucky flowers for Aries. Call us to know your lucky plant.

Coming to the Aries birthstone, the Bloodstone is the best choice for the natives of this zodiac. The birthstone of Aries born in March is also known as Heliotrope and has the base colour green with some red spots over it. The Aries birth stone enhances the stamina and physical endurance of the wearer. It also aids in instilling courage.

The birthstone for Aries born in April is considered to be the Diamond. It makes the wearer victorious in all battles of life. The diamond also brings good luck to the Aries native. Jasper is another birthstone associated with Aries, but because it is ruled by Mars. It is used to maintain the balance between the negative and the positive energy in Aries. Many consider Topaz also as the birthstone of the Aries.

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Winding it Up!

The birth flower, birth plant, and birthstone all act as triggers to enhance the growth of the natives towards the positive direction. The only purpose of all these is to develop Aries into a good human who leads a purposeful life with all the innate qualities associated with the zodiac.

The honeysuckle, thistles, red rose, tiger lily, bloodstone and other names mentioned in the article, which are the Aries birth flower or birth plant or the birthstone, should be brought into the lives after consulting an expert Astrologer and after purifying all of them following the rituals given by the expert. This will help the Aries lead a happy and successful life, and they will be the winner always.

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