Zodiac Flowers

Zodiac Flowers

We all love flowers and usually like to see them every morning when we start our day. Flowers are like a blessing from God to mankind. Do you know these flowers symbolise some characteristics which are common in humans too? Their colours, fragrance and their presence make the atmosphere much more pleasant.

These flowers are also associated with each zodiac sign with respect to their specific attributes; each Zodiac sign has a set of zodiac flowers attached to it and these flowers deeply symbolise and portray the characteristics of their respective zodiacs signs. However, today I am going to tell you about the association between zodiac signs and flowers. You are going to know about flowers and astrology in detail.

So let us see which flower are you based on?

Aries -(from 21st March to 20th April) - Honeysuckle

The first zodiac sign, Aries, is the symbol of inventions, a sign of creativity and a new start. Just like how the Honeysuckle blooms in early spring and portrays a new and fresh beginning. Aries and honeysuckle are the perfect combinations and share the same attributes.

Taurus (21st April to 21st May)- Poppy

Taureans are strong, compassionate, and grounded, and so is a poppy flower. The Taurus Zodiac flower is rooted well and discharges beauty and positivity around it. The poppy flower gives extreme pleasure to Tauruses and has a sweet connection with the Taurus zodiac sign.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June) - Lavender

The lovely flower Lavender is unanimously accepted and desired as a gift. The perfect match of a social and unique flower which is also a thing with the people born in the month of May and July, i.e. the Geminis. Geminis have a unique love for life. They enjoy being in a group and love their friend circle. Likewise, Lavendar is a flower that is usually found in a cluster, thus making it the Gemini Zodiac Flower.

Cancer (from June 22 to July 22)- White Rose

Cancerians are imaginative, soft-hearted and delicate. They love to be adored and admired. The most beautiful thing about them is that they are honest and innocent. They are ruled by the Moon and that is why White Rose is the best-suited zodiac flower for them due to its softness and white moonlight colour.

Leo (from July 23 to August 22) - Sunflower, Marigold

Leo is the symbol of brightness and confidence. Leo is the second next zodiac sign after Gemini, which is social, and they enjoy the company of like-minded people. The Sunflower is a bold and happy flower and hence beautifully resembles Leo. Marigold is associated with creativity, passion and a bit of jealousy. The Zodiac sign Leo reflects creativity and Jealousy, which is symbolised by its zodiac flower, Marigold..

Virgo (from August 23 to September 23) Chrysanthemums, Buttercup

Chrysanthemums bloom in winter and bring joy and happiness. Virgos are perfectionists, and so they have a close eye for every person in their surroundings. Chrysanthemums have a small and detailed look and thus are the best suited to their personalities.

Buttercups are pretty, small, cute flowers. They seem shy and sweet, just like Virgos. Besides their shy personality, they are the reason for joy and pleasure for their friends and partners. Buttercup symbolises the feeling of love and affection that is deeply filled in a Virgo and attracts you with its aura. Taking these flowers for the Virgo in your life would brighten their face and bring them great joy.

Libra (from September 24 to October 23) - Rose

For centuries, we all have known that the Rose is the flower of love. It builds a special bond between you and the person you gift it to. However, it has many spiritual values as well. It has its own significance for happy and sad occasions and is like a balance between two opposing circumstances. People born under the Zodiac sign Libra also depict this innate sense of balance that keeps them calm in all situations. That is how the zodiac flower Rose symbolises the qualities of a libra. So if you are Libra or any of your friends is a Libran, a bouquet of Roses will be a perfect gift for them.

Scorpio (from October 24 to November 22) Geranium

The Geranium flower has many folds of petals in it, and so does Scorpio. It is the perfect Scorpio Zodiac flower. Scorpions are very difficult to predict. They have another side of their personality that nobody knows, depicting the various folds of the petals in a Geranium flower.

Sagittarius (From November 23 to December 21) - Carnation

The Sagittarians are strong intense lovers. The perfect Zodiac flower for Sagittarius is Carnation. Sagittarians are known for their attachment to love, and Carnation is believed to emerge from the tears of the Virgin Mother Mary, which is why it is associated with a Mother’s eternal love.

Capricorn (from 22 December to 21st January) - Pansy

The Pansy flower is the symbol of love, loyalty and affection. It is widely used worldwide for weddings, farewell parties, funerals and many other ceremonies. People born under the Zodiac sign Capricon are kind-hearted, caring, loyal, charming and affectionate. Therefore, the most appropriate Zodiac flower for Capricorns is Pansy. There is one more resemblance, Capricorn gets better with age, and so does Pansy when bloomed.

Aquarius (January 22 to February 21) - Orchid

Orchid is the true match with Aquarians as Orchids are known for their soft petals, beauty and strength. An Aquarian is assumed to be the social ones; though they seem to have several friends, they do not let people into their lives very often. They are sweet and strong, and that is why the orchid is their zodiac flower.

Pisces (February 22 to March 20) - Lily

Lilies have a wonderful fragrance; this represents truthfulness and purity, a perfect gift of love. Hence Lilly deserves to be Pisces zodiac sign flower. The symbol of the Zodiac sign Pisces is fish which is a water animal, and the lily is a water flower. Pisces are the most beautiful souls you’ll ever meet, and that is why their Zodiac flower has to be Lily.


Here we read about the zodiac sign flowers and how they symbolise their respective zodiac signs. So now that you know the perfect flowers for every sign, it is time to gift them to your loved ones based on their zodiac