Saturn Sade Sati for Scorpio: Unravel What’s In-Store?

We look up at the beautiful sky to admire the shining moon and stars. But, for stargazers who follow Vedic astrology, these celestial bodies are a source of energy that has the potential to build or destroy our lives. Astro experts believe that planets keep moving from one zodiac sign to another, regardless of what happens in our life. Astrology believers say whether we are happy, healthy, or having a dry spell in life, is all related to the strength and placement of these planets.

If a benefic planet is posited at a favorable place in Kundli, it may yield positive outcomes. The native may move on to possess immense wealth and success in their professional and personal life. But, things may turn upside down if any malefic planet takes a seat at an unfavorable place. It may take away all that we have and leave us poverty-stricken, unhealthy, and unsuccessful. But in exceptional cases, the malefic planets can also be a blessing. This could be true if a malefic planet is affiliated with friendly planets or it is placed in its own sign.

In this article, we will learn about one such malefic planet and its transit into a Scorpio sign. We will understand what happens when Saturn transits into the Scorpio sign. Continue to read how it will begin and when sade sati will end for Scorpio. Now, before we see sade sati effects, let’s understand some basics about Saturn and Scorpio before that. Adding that, get the remedies for Shani sade sati Scorpio.

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A Taskmaster Saturn

Saturn is a well-known planet in Vedic astrology due to its characteristics. Those who have debilitated Saturn in their Kundali are advised to perform pujas. Of course, you should take guidance from experts as it may not be easy to appease Saturn. The ringed planet Saturn is considered to bring pain and misery in life. It is the slowest moving planet, which has influence for a longer period.

The unfavorable placement of Saturn in Kundli means you may end up on the losing side. Even you may resort to beggary in the worst case. Saturn may pose various challenges and obstacles in the path of natives, which needs great courage and patience. The person has to work harder than ever to taste success.

So, it’s not always right to blame Saturn for bad times. One should look at the positive side of Saturn as it teaches you life lessons. Saturn punishes those who have bad karma so that he or they may learn to stay good to others. In short, it is the judge who keeps an eye on your activities. And on the basis of that, it provides the outcomes.

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Characteristics Of Scorpio Born Natives

The 8th zodiac sign Scorpio is ruled by the red planet Mars. Hence, Mars in Scorpios is blessed with high energy levels and passionate hearts. They are brave, smart, and very manipulative individuals. They are ready to fight against dishonesty and are leaders in this aspect. People born under the Scorpio sign are usually good at studying and analyzing things, people and situations. Regarding their professional life, these people are very dedicated to their work.

Many of them have a great talent for keeping secrets. No matter what, they do not give up easily. In spite of having so many qualities, others feel that Scorpios are cunning and may not let others be part of their life. Scorpio natives have a protective layer, which could be passed by only their close ones.

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The Formation Of Saturn Sade Sati for Scorpio

Sade sati is formed when Saturn transits pass over the natal Moon. This challenging phase takes more than seven years to end. This phase of Saturn can be divided into three phases, where each consisting of two and a half years. It is one of the slow-moving planets, which takes around 30 years to complete one cycle of the entire zodiac belt. So, on average, every person will undergo Shani sade sati at least twice. This phase of sade sati would be all about suffering. Hence, you may have to face hardships and challenges throughout the period.

Saturn sade sati for Scorpio moon sign takes place when the planet Saturn transits into the Scorpio rashi, through the three phases, beginning with the 12th house of Libra, then 1st house Scorpio and at last, the 2nd house the Sagittarius.

The first phase, when Saturn transits into the Libra house, is called the Rising phase. During this sade sati period for Scorpio, Saturn may bring fair results to its natives as it will be residing within its friend (Venus)’s house. During the Scorpio sade sati in the first phase, natives may experience improvement in their health and financial matters. They might also get placed at some desirable workplace. The family life would be satisfactory and average with no major problems. But the natives might have to travel a lot, and this would be stressful. With a new job and work, the native may undergo an extremely difficult phase to prove his potential.

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The second phase of Shani sade sati Scorpio begins when Saturn moves into the native’s Moon sign, Scorpio. Saturn and Mars shares unfriendly relations with each other. Saturn is the airy sign, and Scorpio represents the water sign. So, the air is likely to create waves in water during this sade sati period for Scorpio. Being in the enemy sign, the sade sati for Scorpio in its Peak phase may trouble natives in all possible ways. Your professional life may become shaky. This may turn the native into an aggressive and violent person. Those who are serving the Sade sati phase should refrain from starting new things in life. Sade sati effect on Scorpio may reach its highest level during this period. There would be a feeling of discontent and unfulfilled desires.

The last phase of sade sati for Scorpio is a setting phase, where Saturn knocks on the door of the Sagittarius sign. Jupiter-bound Sagittarius may give you respire because the hefty Jupiter shares friendly relations with the ringed planet. Hence, the duo of two gas balls may bring minimum challenges for Scorpions. However, as far as health is concerned, you are likely to feel more stress in your mind. Financially, you may lose grip on your money-saving goals. Eventually, life would get steady and stable once Sade sati will end for Scorpio.

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Remedies for Sade Sati for Scorpio Sign

The first and last phases of sade sati for Scorpio are not so bad, but the peak phase of sade sati for Scorpio would be a difficult one. To have some respite, one should follow the below expert-written remedies.

  • Dress up in black or dark blue clothes every Saturday.
  • Donate black seeds, edibles, and buffalo
  • Visit Shani Dev temple and keep a fast on Saturday.
  • Chant Shani mantra and Mahamritunjaya mantra to get rid of the malefic effects of the Shani
  • Performing Shani puja may bring you respite in your hectic work life.

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Ending Note

On a concluding note, now we know that Sade sati for Scorpio individuals would be no less than walking into the fire. The next phase of Sade Sati for Scorpio is expected to begin from Jan 2041 till Dec 2049. Astrologers consider that once sade sati concludes, natives may have great relief. You would be enriched and enlightened with spiritual zeal.

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