Do You Belong to the List of Most Evil Zodiac Sign? Find it Yourself!

Do You Belong to the List of Most Evil Zodiac Sign? Find it Yourself!

Each one of you, who is reading this article, is pretty sure that we all are possessors of some good qualities and ample of bad ones, isn’t it? But which is that trait of ours that makes people believe that we belong to an evil zodiac sign? Do you have any idea? If your answer is “NO”, then you surely need to read this article till the end because you will find the answer to your query here. You will know which zodiac sign is the evilest and why certain signs are considered the evilest star sign.

Vedic astrology has successfully been able to identify certain most evil star signs. The article will take you on a tour and help you decide on the most to least evil zodiac signs. The main motive of astrology is not to bring your evil horoscope into the light and attention of others but to make you aware and help you work over your negative traits and strengthen your positive ones. Once you know that you belong to resident evil zodiac signs, you can put conscious efforts to improvise yourself, which will help you grow as a better human. So, without any hesitation and apprehensions, just read the article and know the evilest zodiac sign.

Knowing the Evil Star Signs – The Top Five Most Evil Zodiac Signs

Being aware of our weaknesses is one of our greatest achievements. And trying to overcome those evil traits is a huge task. So, here we are, giving you the details of the evil signs of the zodiac.

Many people feel that natives belonging to certain zodiac signs are very selfish and evil, while there would be people who would totally disagree with this notion. But at times it all depends on what experience you have had with any of those zodiac natives who are considered evil. So, your experience is also important. But still, as per the astrology and general conclusion, we have got this list of zodiac evils.

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Are Scorpios Evil?:

On the top of the list of most evil zodiac signs is the Scorpio zodiac sign. The Scorpions, born between 23rd October to 22nd November, are considered as the one which is the evilest zodiac sign because they can get super stingy, just like their zodiac symbol. They are extremely secretive, and this makes it difficult to understand what’s on their mind. They are always ready to bite you with their selfish and cunning behavior.

The resident evil characters of the Scorpio zodiac sign are that they have immoral desires and don’t shy away from being disastrous in taking or snatching what they want. Once decided over a thing or a wish, Scorpio natives won’t rest till they get it, even at the cost of their loved ones. They have an immense talent for hiding their dark side beneath their hard skin, making it difficult to peel and understand their real evil face.

The Dark Side of Gemini:

Next on the list of the evilest astrological signs comes Gemini, born between 21st May and 20th June. No explanation is needed to tag Gemini as the most demonic zodiac sign. It is the only sign that can at times even beat the Scorpio in the competition of being the evilest zodiac sign. And believe us, this is not an exaggeration. Gemini’s zodiac symbol says all about the evil characteristics of the zodiac sign, having a dual face. They can easily hide their liar face behind the innocent one they make in public.

Though they are quite social, they are often known to be selfish and use their social power to fulfil their selfish aspirations. They never step back on breaking someone’s heart and play smart to escape, easily trapping others in their selfish world. For some, it’s difficult to trace if the Gemini is lying or being true, which is the resident evil character of the zodiac sign.

Aries Evil Horoscope Signs:

The Aries natives born between 19th March to 20th April are the third on the list of evil horoscope signs. The fiery zodiac is one of the evilest zodiac signs. The greatest evil characteristic of Aries zodiac is its defensive approach. The Aries natives are hot-tempered and egoistic people, and if you try to cross the line, they will attack very heartlessly. They are never ready to take failures and would not accept any mistakes.

The Aries natives are masterminds and expert manipulators. They are also considered the evilest zodiac sign because of their scornful attitude. They are always ready to take up a fight with anyone over the most trivial issues. They can go up to any extent to turn victorious, even if it means turning into the meanest person.

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Virgo - Least Evil Zodiac Signs:

Next on the list of the most to least evil zodiac signs comes the Virgo. Born between 23rd August to 22nd September, the Virgo zodiac is considered an evil star sign because of its dominating behaviour. They are so critical and judgemental that they literally push people into a negative pool and make them suffer from inferiority complex.

Their perfection habit suffocates others as they get too demanding and make people work till their last breath to make things perfect. They are cold towards others’ emotions and pain. Ruthless and heartless can be good words to describe their resident evil characteristics of Virgo zodiac signs.

Pisces Dark Side: Bad & Negative Traits

On the fifth position, we can have two zodiac evils – Leo and Pisces. The Pisces sign, born between 19th February to 20th March, often wear a fake face over the real one. They are self-obsessed. They are the last ones to remember all the help that you extended when they were in need. They are not at all thankful or grateful for all the support anyone had ever rendered. They are too mean and leave you once their purpose is solved. They very well know whom to get in touch with and what would be their weakest point to attack. They are artists who have the talent to scrape every bit of your potential and then leave you to suffer all alone.

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The Dark Side of the Astrological Sign Leo:

The Leo natives, born between 23rd July and 22nd August, are also evil signs. They are also the most dangerous sign as they are lovers of hot-spot or fame. They can easily defame anyone who comes in their path of success or fame. They are dangerous because they can take away all the credit that you own.

They are intelligent workers, not hard workers. They don’t leave any instance to insult people in public, with or without reason. They make your work as per their wish and dominate you in every possible way. Know your signs evil scale.

Evil Zodiac Signs: Are the Other Signs Not Zodiac Evil?

It’s not that other signs don’t show any resident evil zodiac characteristics. But they are certainly not the evilest zodiac signs. They are not present on the list of evil zodiac signs because their positive traits are stronger and are used better than those present on the list of the evilest zodiac. But on this not-so-evil zodiac sign list, certain evil horoscopes are more negative than others.

The first on this list is the Cancer sign. These are over-possessive about their loved ones and their work and always need love. This Cancer evil makes people suffocate with a never-ending demand of care and attention. However, they may deceive you in exchange for all the love that you would shower over them. The next would be the evil Taurus. The evil Taurus in history has proven that they should not be disturbed or angered; otherwise, you would be responsible for all the rage and agony. Stay away from the evil Taurus, especially if they are angry. In case you need any expert guidance, talk to the expert astrologers.

The Capricorn’s evil are also the ones you should be afraid of. Not for their temper but for their strategic mind. They are sharp enough to snatch away your job, position and even bank balance. The evil Capricorns in history have made people cry for respect and post. The evil Sagittarius are not evil. They cannot just perceive things and notions, keeping others in mind. The Libra sign is full of goodness, and that makes Libra evil. Too much for justice and fair approach makes evil Libra. Trying to balance every aspect is good, but that’s the only Libra evil point.

Last Thoughts on Evil Zodiac Signs

All the traits mentioned above are just to categorize the natives into the most evil zodiac signs or some less evil star signs. It’s not a problem to be on the top of the list, but it will certainly become a problem if you actually stay there for a long time holding the trophy for the most evil zodiac. It’s time to wake up, learn and grow.