Virgo Flowers and How They Symbolise The Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo is the one zodiac I can easily call the most caring of all the others. They are commonly referred to as the mothers of the zodiac signs. The people born between August 23rd and September 22nd have the Zodiac sign, Virgo. They are extremely hard-working, reliable, and high-achieving individuals that deeply care for everyone around them throughout their lives.

Virgo sign is mostly introverted and not very attention-seeking, though they love going out, they’d much rather be alone than in a group. However, today we are going to talk about the Virgo Birth flowers, these are flowers that are closely associated with the zodiac sign Virgo both spiritually and symbolically. Let’s find out what they are and how these Virgo Birth Flowers define the sign’s characteristics.

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Because of its beautiful red color which is the color of love and compassion is the flower that completely defines Virgos. It is the flower of the Virgo Zodiac sign and the flower of the month of August. Just like poppies, Virgo zodiac signs are mostly calm and silent observers. They generally don’t like to be involved in anything happening around them. However, they are the most rational and reasonable bunch of people you’ll ever meet. They like to put forward their point logically and like to have debates on intellectual ideas peacefully. But in case the argument starts heating up, they like to stay calm and let things go.

However, just like the nature of poppy Virgos are often perceived as calm and poise, but the truth is, Virgos aren’t always calm and peaceful, they’re just really selective when it comes to showing their true self.


Virgos can be also be defined by the flower of September, the Aster. Aster is another Virgo birth flower. It has a beautiful light purple and yellow colour. Did you know? There is a tale that’s being told for generations the says the Aster flowers are nothing but the tears of Goddess Astrea. You see, Goddess Astrea was disappointed with mankind and was shedding tears, and thus an Aster Flower grew each time her tears touched the ground.

Later, they say she left Planet Earth and acquired a beautiful place among the stars in the constellation Virgo. And that is one of the reasons Aster is classified into the Virgo Birth Flowers. Aster flower’s beautiful colour, just like a Virgo, is the symbol of wisdom and wit. Virgo’s are great managers due to their determination and will to excel in things.

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This beautiful flower is less desired generally but Virgos know how to arrange them from a bouquet to an organized piece of decoration. Virgos are said to be Perfectionists and love to be organized, which is one of their qualities that contributes to their brilliant management abilities. You see Virgos usually blend into the background just like a buttercup flower would if it were at your house. Buttercups contain clean and delicate petals with a sober colour and look quite elegant.

Virgos natives are naturally drawn to buttercups, and though they’re mostly to themselves once you get to know them they are beautiful and committed personalities. Believe me, Some of my closest friends are Virgos and I’d probably never let go of them.


Yeah, I know; I hear what it sounds like. But don’t worry, though; this is one of the Virgo birth flowers; it doesn’t mean you are narcissistic. The flower just has a bad reputation because of its name and the Greek Mythology featuring Narcissus. However, in reality, this flower is the symbol of growth and reincarnation, which is also associated with Virgo moon signs. You see though there are several stories revolving around it, I am going to tell you my favorite one. So, what happened was that Narcissus, the son of mortal gods, fell in love with his own beauty and died staring at his reflection in a pool of water. After death, he transformed into the beautiful flower we now call Narcissus. The thing that connects them so closely to Virgos is the fact that they pride themselves on their organized nature, which also drives them towards success, growth, and fortune.

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This Virgo birth flower is the symbol of loyalty, honesty, and friendship. You see, loyalty is something that is consistent in all the Earth Signs. And because Virgo is an earth sign, it’s natural that they would have high morals, loyalty, and honour. Virgos are extremely loyal to their friends and partners. The most beautiful thing about them is that if anyone hurts them or breaks their heart, they would rather choose to forgive them than get revenge.

Chrysanthemums are available in a wide range and colours, which marvellously symbolises the different personalities of a Virgo based on the people they are with; however, though you might think they aren’t someone who likes to get acquainted with people a lot, once you get close to them that will always be there for you.

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A Glimpse into the Virgo Birthstones

The best Virgo Birthstone is the blue Sapphire. However, Zircon, peridot, carnelian, and sardonyx also go pretty well with the Virgo Zodiac. The sapphire is said to convey the energies of planet Mercury which is also the ruling planet of Virgo. The common properties of sapphire and Virgo are truthfulness, clarity, and faithfulness. The sapphire is one of the most beautiful gifts for a Virgo. This Virgo birthstone also possesses healing powers and can truly do wonders for the Virgo Zodiac sign. The Blue Sapphire is symbolic of the color of Planet Earth when viewed from space, which is also the element of Virgo. Virgos have several rational qualities that make them one of the most reasonable, understanding, and kind people. The beauty of the blue sapphire resembles the beauty of the spirit in a Virgo. You can also check out our wide range of gemstones which are attuned by experienced pandit. You can surely find gemstones according to your sun sign.


We read about the Virgo Birth Flowers and how they affect and symbolize the Virgo Zodiac Sign. These are the best flowers for a Virgo to have in their home. They are also great to gift them. They would truly bring joy and happiness to a Virgo and help them gain growth and peace in life. I hope you found the answer you were looking for and use it for the best.

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