Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

Vedic astrology identifies nine planets, as far as we know. The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mercury. These planets circle the 12 signs of the zodiac year-round.

A transit occurs when a planet finishes its path in one sign and moves into another. All seven of the visible planets—aside from Rahu and Ketu—move in a specific way. On the other hand, Ketu and Rahu travel in the opposite direction.

The natives of each sign are affected differently whenever a transit, or the movement of a planet from one sign to another, takes place.

Every planet’s position at the moment of a person’s birth is thought to be significant. Based on that, Vedic astrology interpretations are used to prepare a person’s kundali. Depending on the planet’s positions, different natives have distinct kundalis. And the reason for this is that planets keep on moving at their own speed. “Transits of planets” is the term used to describe these planetary movements. Astrologers can make more accurate life predictions thanks to this planetary shift.

The analysis of the effects of these planetary transits is thought to be possible with the help of Vedic astrology. Additionally, it can be used to counteract any negative effects these transits may have on life. A native’s life might even be shaken up by some of the cosmic changes. Transit outcomes are determined by the planet’s properties. Malefic planets can cause obstacles and disruptions in your life, while benefic planets could assist you in achieving your objectives. In addition, the natives’ life events are predicted by the positions of the planets in their signs and houses.

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How do Planetary Transits Work in Vedic Astrology?

Astrologers use the interaction between these transits and the planets in your birth chart to forecast future events. Depending on their qualities, the effects can range from significant to negligible, but their astrological implications undoubtedly contribute to the shaping of your life.

Certain planets have short-term impacts on your life because they change signs quickly. In a similar vein, slow-moving planets will have lasting consequences. The inner planets—Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon—are referred to as moving quickly. The effects of their transits will be immediate. Conversely, the “outer planets”—Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu—move slowly.

2024 Astrological Transit (January 2024 to December 2024)

Astrological Event From Date To Date Timeline Days
Venus and Mars conjunction in Sagittarius 19 Jan 2024 05 Feb 2024 18 days
Sun and Mars conjunction in Capricorn 06 Feb 2024 13 Feb 2024 18 days
Venus and Mars conjunction in Capricorn 12 Feb 2024 06 March 2024 07 days
Sun and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius 14 Feb 2024 14 March 2024 24 days
Sun and Rahu conjunction in Pisces 15 March 2024 13 April 2024 30 days
Mars and Venus conjunction in Aquarius 16 March 2024 31 March 2024 30 days
Mars and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius 16 March 2024 22 April 2024 16 days
Venus and Rahu conjunction in Pisces 01 April 2024 24 April 2024 38 days
Sun and Jupiter conjunction in Aries 14 April 2024 01 May 2024 24 days
Mars and Rahu conjunction in Pisces 23 April 2024 01 June 2024 39 days
Sun and Jupiter conjunction in Taurus 15 May 2024 14 June 2024 30 days
Marsh and Jupiter Conjunction in Taurus 13 July 2024 26 August 2024 45 days
Venus and Ketu Conjunction in VIrgo 25 August 2024 18 Sep 2024 25 days
Sun and Ketu conjunction in VIrgo 17 Sep 2024 17 October 2024 31 days

However, which planet, and for how long, has what effects on your life? Let’s investigate.

Transit of Planets in 2024

Astrological Sun Transit 2024

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

Sunlight is the essence, the self. The sun is a symbol of our identity and soul. We are all impacted, therefore, when the Sun changes signs. The Sun is generally seen as a benefic planet, bringing about positive changes. It spends 28 to 30 days in a single sign.

The Sun determines one’s self-worth, desires, health, and vitality. It can also help you live a life free of stress. Put simply, the Sun exists to assist us. whether it has to do with you, your well-being, your money, or even legal issues.

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Astrological Moon Transit 2024

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

Out of all of them, the moon that is closest to us spends the least amount of time in one sign. The moon will travel through every sign in a month, spending 2.5 days in each sign.

According to Vedic astrology, the moon is the planet of the mind. The moon governs your emotions and psychology. Your creativity and empathy originate from the earth. Thus, a weak Moon can cause restlessness or paranoia.

When the moon is in the right place, it can also stimulate your creative side. Additionally, when the moon is in your favour, you are probably going to behave more kindly.

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Astrological Mercury Transit 2024

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

Mercury is the planet of communication and knowledge. It can spend 14 to 30 days in a sign depending on its motion, meaning it can pass through all of the signs in a year.

Mercury is a mischievous planet in addition to being the planet of intelligence. It bestows upon you that naughty disposition and extrovert traits. However, Mercury will only make you talkative around those who make you feel at ease.

Your unique ideas and logic can help you stand out from the crowd, which is another benefit of the planet. However, the consequences are slightly different when it retrogrades.

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Astrological Venus Transit 2024

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

Venus, who is typically thought of as a feminine planet, bestows upon you beauty and everything associated with celebrity. It is the planet of extravagance, prosperity, pleasure, romance, and love.

It is also in charge of our kids and relationships. These are the things that the locals will be most impacted by when Venus transits.

Venus spends 23 days to 2 months in a single sign. Fun fact: At any given time of year, Venus is never farther from the Sun than two signs! It also has a huge impact on our lives, much like the Sun.

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Astrological Mars Transit 2024

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

The fiery red planet is related to ambition. If Venus was about femininity, Mars is about masculinity. Good leadership qualities are also related to the planet.

Depending on the motion, Mars stays in a sign for about 1.5 months and takes around 1.5 to 2 years to go through all the signs. Mars transit impacts the natives based on the house it occurs in for the particular signs.

Mars can also help you make quick decisions, be adventurous and take risks. The planet is also responsible for making you successful in your respective field.

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Astrological Jupiter Transit 2024

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

Jupiter is the preacher and is referred to as the “Guru,” or teacher, among all the planets. You can count on Jupiter to always be on your side if you choose the right path.

Jupiter takes 12 years to travel through all 12 signs of the zodiac. It spends a year on each sign. What makes transit the best? It is not often known to have any bad effects.

The planet stands for wealth, knowledge, spirituality, and education. It can also assist you in appropriately organising your ideas for your speech.

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Astrological Saturn Transit 2024

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

The planet with the slowest velocity among all is Saturn. For nearly two and a half years, it remains in one sign. Thus, it will take about 29.5 years to complete the Zodiac Signs.

Now that the planet is moving so slowly, the effects last longer. High-intensity influences are also brought by Saturn. Saturn, also referred to as the planet of “Karma,” determines how you live your life. Saturn is similar to a strict teacher in that it can be intimidating, but it also provides you with the strength to act morally and responsibly, as well as the ability to make responsible decisions.

On the other hand, the planet can occasionally bring mishaps, abrupt changes, and difficulties. Saturn is regarded as a malefic planet, but transits through it don’t always have bad outcomes.

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Astrological Rahu Transit 2024

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is a nodal planet. Unlike other planets, it is not physically formed; instead, it is identified by the intersection of the paths of the Sun and Moon. It is also referred to as a shadow planet as a result.

Rahu has a reputation for giving false hope and visions to people. It is connected to all of the speculative endeavours as well. Rahu, in summary, has the ability to distract you from the material world.

However, it is also in charge of inventions and revolutions. It causes you to consider things a little differently than other people. Rahu moves in a distinct direction in relation to the other planets.

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Astrological Ketu Transit 2024

Planetary Transits 2024: Detailed List of All Planets' Transits

The other location where the paths of the Sun and Moon converge is at Ketu, the Moon’s south node. Ketu is the tail of the dragon, and Rahu is its head. Ketu can bring both positive and negative times, depending on the transit.

The planet is also recognised for causing ups and downs in a person’s mental and emotional well-being. Ketu can turn you into a narcissist by bestowing material wealth upon you. It can occasionally deceive you, just like Rahu.

Due to their slow velocities, Rahu and Ketu each spend 1.5 years in a sign. Ketu can assist you with unconventional thinking, much like Rahu.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Transit and Vision Differ From Each Other?

Transit is the term used to describe a planet’s motion, either forward or backward. Conversely, aspects are the angles that planets make when they are positioned in relation to one another.

Why Is Planetary Transit Important?

Future events can be greatly predicted by observing how the planets’ motions interact with the planets in your chart or with your zodiac sign. However, because they shift too quickly between signs, some fast-moving planets are overlooked.