Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

As we know, there are nine planets in Vedic astrology. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. All year-round, these planets travel through the 12 zodiac signs.

When a planet completes its journey in one sign and moves to another, it is called a transit. The seven planets that we can see (except Rahu and Ketu), move through a particular motion. Whereas Rahu and Ketu transit in the opposite direction.

Whenever a transit occurs, i.e. a planet moves from one sign to another, it affects the natives of each sign differently.

The placement of every planet at the time of an individual’s birth is considered to be an important factor. On the basis of that, an individual’s kundali is prepared using Vedic astrology interpretations. Different natives have different kundalis depending upon the positions of the planets. And this is because of planets, which continuously continue to travel at their own pace. These movements of the planets are referred to as ‘transits of planets’. This planetary transition further aids astrologers to get predictions about the individual’s life.

Vedic astrology is considered a tool that can analyse the impact of these planetary transits. Moreover, it can be utilised to offset any detrimental impact of these transits on life. Some of the cosmic changes may even shake up a native’s life. The result of transits depends on the characteristics of the planet. Benefic planets may help you achieve your life goals, while malefic planets may create hurdles and disturbances in your life. Furthermore, the placement of planets in the houses and signs are also identified to foresee the life events of natives.

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How do Planetary Transits Work in Vedic Astrology?

How these transits interact with the planets in your birth chart helps an astrologer to predict future events. The effects can be major or minor, based on their characteristics, but they sure help in shaping your life with its astrological implications.

Some planets change signs quickly, and therefore they have short-term effects on your life. Similarly, the planets that move slowly will have long-term effects. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus are called fast-moving and inner planets. Their transits will have short-term effects. On the other hand, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are slow-moving ‘outer planets’.

But which planet affects your life in which way, and for how long? Let’s find out.

Transit of Planets in 2023

Sun Transit 2023

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

2023 Astrological Transits: Complete List of Transits of All Planets

Sun is the self, sun is the core. Sun represents our soul and who we are. Therefore, when the Sun changes signs, it affects us all. Considered a benefic planet, usually, Sun brings favourable changes. It stays in one sign for 28 to 30 days.

The pride, desires, health, vitality all depend on the Sun. It can also make stress go away from your life. In short, the Sun is here to help us. Be it with yourself, your health, finances, or even the matters of the law.

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Moon Transit 2023

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

Moon, being the closest to us out of all, stays in one sign for the shortest time. The moon will be in one sign for 2.5 days and that means it will go through all the signs in one month.

Moon in Vedic astrology is considered to be the planet of the mind. Moon controls your psychology and emotions. Your empathy and imagination comes from the planet. A weak Moon, therefore, can make you paranoid or restless.

The moon, when placed in the right position, can also inspire your creative side. You are also likely to be kinder with your behaviour with the moon on your side.

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Mercury Transit 2023

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

Mercury is the planet of knowledge and communication. Based on its motion, it can stay in one sign for 14 to 30 days and therefore can go through all the signs in one year.

Mercury, along with being the planet of intelligence, is also a planet of mischief. It blesses you with that mischievous nature and extrovert characteristics. But with Mercury, you will only be chatty with the people you are comfortable with.

The planet can also make you stand out of the crowd with independent thoughts and logics. When it retrogrades, the effects are a little different, though.

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Venus Transit 2023

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

Normally considered a planet of feminine character, Venus bestows you with beauty and all things related to fame. It’s the planet of luxury, wealth, pleasure, love, and romance.

It is also responsible for our relationships and children. When Venus transits, these are the things that will be affected the most for the natives.

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Venus stays in one sign for 23 days to 2 months. Fun fact, Venus is never more than two signs away from the Sun at any given time in the year! And just like the Sun, it also holds an immense importance on our lives.

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Mars Transit 2023

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

The fiery red planet is related to ambition. If Venus was about femininity, Mars is about masculinity. Good leadership qualities are also related to the planet.

Depending on the motion, Mars stays in a sign for about 1.5 months and takes around 1.5 to 2 years to go through all the signs. Mars transit impacts the natives based on the house it occurs in for the particular signs.

Mars can also help you make quick decisions, be adventurous and take risks. The planet is also responsible for making you successful in your respective field.

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Jupiter Transit 2023

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

Known as the ‘Guru’ or teacher among all the planets, Jupiter is the preacher. If you choose the path of righteousness, be assured that Jupiter will be on your side always.

Jupiter stays in one sign for one year, and takes 12 years to transit through all 12 zodiac signs. The best thing about transit? It is rarely known to show any negative effects.

The planet is representative of wealth, spirituality, knowledge, and education. It can also help you put your thoughts into your speech properly.

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Saturn Transit 2023:

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

Saturn is the slowest moving planet among all. It stays in one sign for almost two and a half years. That means it will take approximately 29.5 years to go through all zodiac signs.

Now, since the planet moves this slowly, the effects stay longer. Saturn also brings high-intensity influences. Known as the planet of ‘Karma’, Saturn dictates how you do things in your life. Like a strict teacher, Saturn may be intimidating, but it helps you in being responsible, making the right decisions, and gives you the strength to do what’s right.

The planet, however, can also bring accidents, sudden changes, adversities at times. Even Though it is considered a malefic planet, the effects are not always negative for Saturn Transits.

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Rahu Transit 2023:

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

Rahu is a nodal planet in the Vedic astrology. It does not have a physical form like other planets, but it is denoted by the point where the Sun and Moon’s path intersect. Because of this, it is also called a shadow planet.

Rahu is infamous for leading people to false visions and untrue hopes. It is also related to all the speculative activities. In short, Rahu can take you away from the practical reality.

On the other hand, it is also responsible for revolutions and innovations. It provokes you to think a little differently from the others. Rahu has a different direction of motion from all the other planets.

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Ketu Transit 2023

Astrological Transits 2023: Complete List of Transits of all Planets

The southern node of the Moon, Ketu, is the other point where the Sun and Moon’s paths intersect. Rahu is the dragon’s head, and Ketu is the tail. Depending on the transit, Ketu can bring both good and bad times.

The planet is also known to bring emotional and mental ups and downs in one’s life. Ketu can make you narcissist by blessing you with material wealth. Like Rahu, it can also mislead you at times.

Rahu and Ketu both stay in a sign for one and a half years as they are slow moving planets. Just like Rahu, Ketu can also help you think out of the box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Transit and Vision?

Transit denotes the motion of the planet, progressive or retrograde. On the other hand, aspects are the angles that planets form with their placements with other planets.

Why is the Transit of Planets Important?

How the motions of the planets interact with the planets in your chart or with your zodiac sign helps a lot in predicting future events. Some fast moving planets are neglected however, since they move too fast from one sign to another.

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