Bhai Dooj/Yam Dwitiya: Tilak brings in Yam’s Blessings

Bhai Dooj/Yam Dwitiya: Tilak brings in Yam’s Blessings

Following Diwali, Bhai Dooj is celebrated and in the year 2021, it is on Nov 6. Applying tilak on your brother’s forehead on Yam Dwitiya, and lovingly offering him food is said to bring Yam’s blessings to him. Bhai Dooj signifies the responsibility of brother to protect his sister, as well as; sister’s blessings for her brother. 

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Significance of Bhai Dooj/ Yam Dwitiya

As per mythology, on this day Yamraj visited his sister at her house. She served food to him with great love and affection. As blessings, he gave a boon to his sister that any brother who bathes in holy water and eats at his sister’s house on this day will never go to Yamlok.

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Muhurta for Bhai Dooj in 2022

This year Bhai Dooj is on Oct 26 and the Shubh-Muhurat is:

Bhain Dooj MuhuratDate & Time
Time01:47 PM to 04:04 PM
Total Duration2 hours 17 minutes
Dwitiya Tithi StartsOct 26, 2022 from 02:42 PM
Dwitiya Tithi EndsOct 27, 2022 till 12:45 PM
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