Eoin Morgan: Will the Success Momentum Continue?

Eoin Morgan: Will the Success Momentum Continue?

The 38th match of IPL between CSK and KKR is going to be held in Abu Dhabi. KKR has won both matches so far. The team captain, Eoin Morgan is further preparing for a hat-trick. It seems that KKR’s players have quite a golden luck in this IPL as a few days ago Dinesh Kartik has also set the record of taking the highest number of catches as a wicketkeeper. 

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Eoin Morgan’s Horoscope

We have analysed  Morgan’s astrological prediction from his sun chart as there is no time of birth available. In such a situation, Eoin Morgan is Taurus moon in Krittika Nakshatra. His overall performance is good. At the same time, the moon is orbiting over the moon in his chart. Rahu and Ketu are also placed with the Moon which may lead him to lose the opportunity in the upcoming match. 

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Performance So far

Born on Sept 10, 1986, in Dublin (Ireland), Eoin Morgan has a long association with cricket. So far his performance in the IPL has been good. Morgan, an established captain of Kolkata Knight Riders in 2008, is all set to shine in today’s match.