Overview of Krittika Nakshatra Characteristics and Padas

Overview of Krittika Nakshatra Characteristics and  Padas

Overview of Krittika Nakshatra in Astrology

Krittika Nakshatra is popular for having two symbolic meanings. First, Krittika means something sharp that cuts. That is why its symbol is a knife. By the way, cutting sharp is not literally chopping something off. In contrast, it means a sharp mind or intellect. Also, natives with a sharp tongue or have a nature that invites war, battle, or dispute. Secondly, the word ‘Krittika’ also comes from the six mothers who nurtured the young Kartikay (Shiva’s elder son). Hence, nurturing is also one of the significant traits of Krittika nakshatra natives.

Planets fulfil the promises of the Nakshatra lord they are sitting in. The lord of Krittika Nakshatra is the Sun, which gives outshining to the natives. The process of cutting, dividing, tearing or all the sharp objects such as knives, scissors, swords, etc., comes under this Nakshatra. The Krittika natives are very courageous, strong willpower and solidarity.

One of the primary purposes of this Nakshatra is to purify the soul and liberate it from earthly impurities. However, monumental deeds and feats are achieved in this Nakshatra. So, the natives become great achievers. They are involved with the purification of the planet’s influences. They are considered to have ‘Dahana Shakti’, which can burn and purify. Moreover, this is needed for the necessary transformation to happen. The fiery nature of this Nakshatra allows this.

The Moon is exalted in Krittika. That is why Vimshottari Dasha starts from this Nakshatra. As you know, the Moon means mind. So, the natives under this Nakshatra become critical thinkers. Krittika Nakshatra natives are very sharp, active or extremely sensitive and soft. So, they are highly worked up, resulting in suffering from insomnia. 

Krittika natives association is with Agni, who is a master of virtues. Agni is very active on all physical, mental and spiritual planes. According to Hindu mythology, Agni represents two heads and seven tongues. One head is said to be focused on the earth plane, and the other is facing towards heaven.

The symbolic animal is a Goat, Ram, or Sheep. Goats are quite agile and can climb steep trees or mountains. Similarly, Krittika people can go to great heights in any kind of career pursuit. They have a good balance, and they are good at finding loopholes.

In the zodiac wheel, Krittika Nakshatra is connected to the Aries & Taurus signs.

Krittika Nakshatra Facts:

Zodiac Sign:Aries and Taurus
Degree range:Aries 26.40’ to Taurus 10
Krittika Nakshatra Lord:Sun
Symbol:Knife, axe
Animal:Female sheep, goat, ram
Tree:Cluster fig

Characteristics of Krittika Nakshatra Male

Krittika men usually have a large aura emanating out of their bodies, demanding a lot of attention. They are confident beings and sometimes can become quite boastful. Let’s look at some of the characteristics of Krittika Nakshatra for Male:

  • They are very direct in their actions and words. Krittika was also called ‘Ayushmat’, which means longevity, vital power and health. Hence, Krittika men are bestowed with such blessings. 
  • Sometimes they take too much on their plate regarding knowledge and activities. They are brilliant at multitasking too. 
  • They are very witty and quite moody, but that always has an element of sarcasm. This nakshatra also has a flavour of spirituality, resulting in purification and transformation.
  • They have a warm heart behind those hard exteriors. They have spectacular relationships if they share similar visions with their partner. They usually have their father’s support, who help them through their struggling period.
  • These people are quite skilful while handling sharp objects and also like cooking. 
  • Being food connoisseurs, they tend to ignore their health; hence they are prone to various minor and significant digestion-related diseases.

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Characteristics of Krittika Female

Krittika females largely share the same traits as Krittika men. So let’s dive into the characteristics of Krittika Nakshatra for females:

  • They are witty, intelligent, quite assertive and straightforward and don’t give up in difficult situations. They are sensitive and are more creative than men. However, they are very fond of career pursuit, be it in the education field or artistic one.
  • They are short-tempered and very courageous. Sometimes they are too blunt for other people to digest their truth. They have the challenge to learn how to be more inclusive of others and be tactful.
  • They do not get swayed away with sugar-coated words. In fact, it makes them more suspicious. They balance both responsibilities with utmost dedication. They care about their parents and guide their siblings as needed.
  • Krittika females are quite observant and want to explore the world. They are interested in multiple topics. They have excellent cooking skills, and many female chefs and restaurant owners have this Nakshatra in their chart. 
  • They have an amicable relationship with their partner unless he steps in her shoes. Krittika females do not shy away from addressing any wrongdoings. They are bread earners as well as homemakers. 
  • Krittika females may face mental stress, insomnia, high blood pressure, arthritis and digestion-related issues.

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Krittika Nakshatra Padas

1SagittariusJupiterCourage, will power, social, achiever
2CapricornSaturnMaterial pursuits, ethics, discipline, committed
3AquariusSaturnknowledge seeker
4PiscesJupiterCompassionate, knowledge seeker, accepting

Krittika Nakshatra 1st Pada

People born under the 1st pada of Krittika Nakshatra are honest, spiritually intelligent, trustworthy, and kind. These natives have strong willpower and are very intelligent. These individuals possess a high power and stay in the family as well as in social groups. It is tough to win over them. Planets provide them with a lot of courage, stamina, and strength. The Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Ketu are all quite powerful here. It is advisable for Krittika Nakshatra natives to have control over their anger.

Krittika Nakshatra 2nd Pada

Saturn rules the 2nd pada, which falls on the Capricorn Navamsa. People born under Krittika Nakshatra are calm, disciplined, and organised, and they have a balanced mind and logical thinking. The natives of this pada have a somewhat darker complexion. Normally, their eyes look different, especially when they are conversing. 

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Krittika Nakshatra 3rd Pada

The Krittika Nakshatra 3rd pada is governed by Saturn and is placed in the Aquarius Navamsa. Natives born under the 3rd pada of Krittika Nakshatra are curious, well-educated, and interested in spiritual learnings such as astrology, numerology and tarot card reading. They are more active in their work and are interested in social networking, science & technology and engineering.

Krittika Nakshatra 4th Pada

The 4th pada is ruled by Jupiter and is placed in the Pisces Navamsa. Natives born under the 4th pada of Krittika Nakshatra are very smart, well-educated and eager to learn about their religious texts. They are mostly travellers who like seeing the world, learning about different cultures, and developing new hobbies. Peaceful surroundings, nature, serenity, and spending quality time with themselves are some of the activities they enjoy the most.

Krittika Nakshatra Compatibility in Astrology

Krittika and Shatabhisha Nakshatra: There might be something about Shatabhisha natives that you may not be aware of. Shatabhisha natives are mysterious and difficult to believe. They may rebuff you with their emotions, but you are likely to recognise their weakness. As a result of this, you become too possessive for them. You begin to notice them in a different way. A warm and loving connection develops. You and Shatabhisha Nakshatra natives are 75% compatible. 

Krittika and Dhanishta Nakshatra: Dhanishta natives are loving and very compassionate by nature which is great for you because you are shy about exposing your emotions. They believe in equality and are excellent companions. This is a good connection in which desire and love are likely to grow. You and Dhanishta Nakshatra natives are 70% compatible. 

Krittika and Jyeshta Nakshatra: You and Jyeshta Nakshatra natives are the most cherished connection. You and Jyeshta Nakshatra natives are 76% compatible. Jyeshta is likely to motivate you and bring joy into your life. They are more knowledgeable, so they force you to come out of your shell. You are pleased to meet their expectations, and they appreciate it. The keys to the success of this connection are love, respect and happiness. 

Krittika and Chitra Nakshatra: Chitra natives, who are self-assured, constantly make an effort to draw you out of yourself. You are likely to appreciate and respect them. The love between you and Chitra natives is intense and fascinating. It is advisable that you do not try to test their loyalty too much. You and Chitra Nakshatra natives are only 61% compatible.

Krittika and Mula Nakshatra:  You may not trust one another. But as you get to know them better, you may notice great features in Mula natives, such as their intellectual personality, bravery, and free-wheeling approach. You assist Mula Nakshatra natives in being rooted. They are likely to return your affection in their own unique way. You and Mula Nakshatra natives are only 65% compatible.

Krittika Nakshatra Strength

Krittika natives have leadership qualities because the sun is their planetary ruler. You are strong individuals whose personality, enthusiasm, and perseverance is likely to drive you forward in life. You are drawn to fight for causes that are related to social or spiritual matters.

Your cheerful and friendly nature is quite good. You are a caring individual who frequently shows parental features. You’re not only attractive, but you’re also appealing from the outside.

Krittika Nakshatra Weakness:

It’s tough for Krittika natives to consider things thoroughly before acting because of their restless personalities. It is advisable to avoid being overly enthusiastic and reckless and learn to control your enthusiasm. 

It might be difficult for them to restrain themselves when they want something, even if it isn’t beneficial for them. This desire might lead to an improper relationship. It can also make them more likely to engage in unhealthy dietary behaviours.

Krittika Nakshatra Professions

Lawyers, jewellers, motivational trainers, spiritual teachers, technical professionals, police, rehabilitation specialists are some of the professions for Krittika Nakshatra. 

Krittika Nakshatra Famous Krittikas

Activities requiring courage, beginning education, breaking old habits, military tactics, initiative or honesty are just a few favourite activities for Bharani Nakshatra.

Krittika Nakshatra Unfavourable Activities

Some of the unfavourable activities for Krittika Nakshatra are social activities, relaxation or activities involving water, diplomacy.

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