Why Jacqueline Fernandez Is Losing Race Against Planets?

Why Jacqueline Fernandez Is Losing Race Against Planets?

Since making her debut in 2009, Jacqueline Fernandez has received praise from the audience. But in recent times, she is believed to be involved in the money laundering case. As per ED, the actress is in connection with the main accused Sukesh. So, there would be tough times for the Srilanka born actress. Let’s shed more light on her horoscope.

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Transiting Rahu Over Moon May Bring Unfavorable Time

Exploring her kundali, Bollywood’s popular actress Jacqueline would undergo a challenging phase as there will be Rahu transit over the natal Moon. Jacqueline Fernandez has exalted Saturn in her kundali.

Moreover, there is another sign of worry as the Karmic planet Saturn is forming in conjunction with Ketu. Hence, it symbolises that the actress is associated with Shrapit Dosh.

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Moving on, Jacqueline Fernandez is likely to be on the losing side, suggest the combination of malefic planets. She may again get summoned by ED, where she may land in trouble.

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