It is often very difficult to bid goodbyes, but this doesn’t imply the year 2022. We have been eagerly waiting for the year 2023, and it looks like the world of astrology has been too. 2023 seems to be hosting a party of many eclipses and conjunction. Infact, on the 5th of January it started by hosting the powerful trio of Jupiter-Mercury and Saturn conjunction and then the entry of king of all planets, Sun in Capricorn pave a way for many significant changes with powerful Stellium of Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury-Sun in Capricorn.

Well, it definitely looks like a party of all the big shots around and a sight for sore eyes, isn’t it?

With all the astrological happenings right from the start of 2023, it only enforces us that we should begin the wondrous new year by believing and taking the leap of faith in our Universe.

Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun: FRIENDS OR FOES?

Each of the conjunction had an impact on various associations and happenings around the world, e.g. the Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury-Sun conjunction, signalled towards natural calamities and major setbacks.

Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction in Capricorn taking place from 28th January to 12th February 2023 shows an impact on India’s ever so changing dynamics with the neighbouring countries.

The conjunction shows that there may not be an end to the border end disputes. The friendship with neighbouring countries may be demarcated, creating more problems from the boundaries (sarhad).

However, the cloud to this silver lining is that India may become more strong and powerful than ever!

Also, India may take several important decisions to improve economic growth. We may see several changes in the current government too.

ABC of Stellium in Capricorn (Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket)

ABC cannot be taken out from an Indian! Do you agree?

2020 saw Bollywood go downhill like never before. There were movies that had been stalled, washing off dirty laundry in public, scandals, gossip and all the dirty secrets. This went for an entire year and to top it all, OTT platforms were a hanging sword around the neck of Bollywood. Even after this conjunction, Bollywood may not be able to overcome the damage caused as the period still continues to be an unfavourable time for Bollywood.

Coming to Cricket, or the sports world, we may get a glimpse of the rising fame for the upcoming famous sportsman!

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Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction in Capricorn Effects: Farmers Protest 

Even if someone is living under a rock, they would be aware of farmer’s agitation and protest due to several changes in India’s agricultural system. However, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel as the government may come up with new laws. In 2023, the Indian government may introduce new laws or policies to improve professional development. The government may amend the rules to improve the industrial development of the country.

From 28th January to 12th February 2022, we may see new laws or change in the existing laws of the country, which may help the nation to form ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’.

Along with these major changes, we may also see a JOB Revolution, as per the new norms, more jobs may be generated leading to reduce the poverty rate. We may also see some revolutionary changes in the agriculture field.

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Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Capricorn conjunction For Aries: A Shift May Occur

Change is the only constant thing in life, and that may prove true for Aries pals as they may see some changes in their work.

  • As per Vedic Astrology, this stellium in Capricorn will influence your 10th house. Aries folks who are handling business may need to go ahead and work on their planning and strategies as the phase may not be a good time for business.
  • However, don’t be disappointed as life is about good phase and bad phase, make the best of the good ones and never lose hope during the bad times.
  • In terms of finances, you may spend more money during this time. Hence, you may need to plan your finances accordingly and try to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • The conjunction period may also cause family issues, and hence, handle the issues with utmost care.
  • Regarding your health, you face a urinary problem in the coming days. So, try to make sure you do not overlook any of the symptoms at the inception phase.

Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Conjunction in Capricorn For Taurus: Some Face To Face Talks

The zodiac sign Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, one of the planets forming a powerful stellium in Capricorn sign. It is the combination of Taurus and Venus that Taurus pals are usually attracted to the opulent lifestyle, material comforts.

  • Venus in Taurus makes them affectionate and intensely loyal. You can also know about the traits of Taurus Here!
  • Well, coming over to the impact of Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction on Taurus natives, the influence will be on the 9th house. Taurus pals may find themselves getting in and out of the law firms during this transit phase. This could be related to any of the pending cases or new issues.
  • At work, you may have a confrontation session with your seniors, try to have extra cups of coffee as confrontation may not be a thing for the Taurus pals.
  • You are also advised to refrain from making money investments as this period is not favourable for investments.

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Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction in Capricorn For Gemini: Fun With Family

We always hear that family is everything and that it is nature’s masterpiece. This is always true, and Geminis are blessed by the Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction in Capricorn. Yaas, the stellium foresees that they may enjoy a peaceful time with their family. Hence, make the most of it and make this time count.

  • Try to arrange family get-togethers, picnics, or do fun activities together.
  • Along with all the fun activities, also make sure that you keep a tab on your family’s health as well as there are chances of your family member’s facing some health issues.
  • Hence, make sure that your regular health check-ups are not missed, and you do not miss out on any of the health-related symptoms.
  • Finances may see a rise, this definitely shows that even the finance department favours for more family time.
  • Married folks may see some issues within their marriage life. Hence, it is advisable to handle marital matters with care.

Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Conjunction in Capricorn For Cancer: Stress May Haunt You

The fourth zodiac sign, Cancer folks are often referred to as coconut. They are hard on the outside but are also soft on the inside. Also, these natives weigh family and comfort of the home above anything and everything in life. Above all, they are loyal, loving, caring, and sensitive.

  • The conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun may make them feel extremely stressed. Hence, it is highly advisable that you do yoga and some meditation exercises. Along with stress, you may face chest or heart- related issues in this period.
  • So, kindly try not to miss any of your health checkups. It is really important that you keep a thorough check on your health. Maintain a plan to eat nutritious food and take your medicines on time. It would be best for you to include yoga and meditation as a religious chore in your daily activities. Also, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • During this period, Cancer individuals are likely to make some bold decisions in their life.
    The transit favours the job switch at this time. Hence, make the most of it. In case you were looking to switch your job, BINGO!
  • If there is any ongoing property-related work, then it may get resolved, or you may find the solution to get the issues resolved.

2023 has just started, and you can make this year count by getting successful.

Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction in Capricorn For Leo: Lot Of Events In Store

Leo is a natural leader, they are represented by the King of the Jungle, Lion, which screams regarding their leadership quality.

  • But your leadership quality can be put to work during the transitory motion of foursome in Capricorn. As the rare stellium brings a favourable time to start a new business.
  • This could be related to taking over the family business or partnership business, or even going ahead and starting a new venture. We would love to take up this opportunity and wish them all the best in their new venture.
  • While talking about work or professional life, Leo who is employed may find changes in their workplace or may shift their office to a new place. You are likely to spend more money during this phase. Make sure you make a plan to handle finances carefully. You may go on small trips or office tours.

Also, you may have leg pain or skin-related problems. Hence, look out for the symptoms.

Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Conjunction For Virgo: Troublesome Time Ahead

Perfection is Virgo’s middle name, and that is a known fact, and for the folks who did not know it. Well, it is a fact!

  • They are organized, prudent, and want everything to be in its place, which may also mean putting anybody in their place.
  • The impact of Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction in Capricorn may make the Virgo individuals face more trouble regarding property-related matters. Hence, take care and make sure that you thoroughly check all the documents. Also, take necessary actions wherever required.
  • You are likely to have arguments or small fights with your buddies.
  • Unexpected expenditures can be foreseen during this phase.
  • Also, maintain strong communication with your bf/gf as there are chances of misunderstandings, and you definitely don’t want to spend a zillion hours over the telephone solving them.
  • Try to be very careful while travelling as there is a chance of accidents. Your pending government issues may be resolved.

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Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Conjunction in Capricorn For Libra: Peace For You

We should all be a tad bit jealous of Libra peeps as they are blessed by the impact of Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction in Capricorn. The attribute they are blessed by is none other than “DRUM ROLLS” please, mental peace!

Yes, during this phase, Libra natives may feel calm, at ease, and easy flowing.

  • Profits also seem to be following, other good news is that you may make a profit from your parental property. A hearty congratulations on that one!
  • You are advised against arguing with your friends as you don’t want to mess up with the Zen that you are just recently handed over.
  • In terms of property, you may face difficulties in your husband/wife’s properties.
  • Also, you should be careful about your business partnerships.
  • While travelling, you may spend more money, but it may be worth spending. The influence of Stellium in the 4th house will let you enjoy every penny that is spent upon. All hail the travel pics, as your Instagram profile may look quite colourful and bright already!
  • You may face problems related to shoulders, hands, or eyes.

Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Conjunction in Capricorn For Scorpio: Road Bumps For Relationships

The second zodiac sign related to water! The Vedic astrology prediction of this stellium is for none other than the straight-forward sign, Scorpio.

  • If you have to say something to Scorpio, try to be straight-forward as much as possible. Also, be quick as they don’t like sugar-coated words, and neither do they like beating around the Bush.
  • As the impact of Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction in Capricorn, Scorpio peeps may go on a small trip with their family. So, which locations are saved by you for the trip?
  • They may face some relationship issues with their partner. Hence, try to handle relationship issues with caution and care. In case of any issues related to professional money, you may be able to solve them.
  • Scorpio pals may not get the desired results in their business partnership. Also, try to avoid starting new work or business during this period. You may earn profit through a commission-based business.

Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Conjunction in Capricorn For Sagittarius: More In The Family Front

Globe trotters who seek adventure in everything! It could be anything, they would see adventure in all of them. They are like anything, but BORING!

  • Sagittarius seek adventure even in their job too. If it is not adventurous, scary, or exhilarating, then that they may never take that cue.
  • Probably even the upcoming planetary transit is very well aware of this as the influence of stellium in the 2nd house may help to find a suitable job offer. We can just wonder how adventurous and exonerating that could be. Beyond all wonders!
  • There may be the desired changes at your office that you were longing to see or looking forward to.
  • Sagittarius may even get to spend a great time with their family.
  • Your family members definitely may be looking up to these opportunities to unveil their inner wildness. Sags may also have misunderstandings with their mother during this time. Also, you are likely to earn a profit with a commission-based business. You may get approved for your bank loan as well.

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Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Conjunction in Capricorn For Capricorn: Some Good Some Bad

Capricorn natives are confident, soft-hearted, and hard working. They are one of the zodiac signs, who represent the most working side of the zodiac sign.

The hard-working zodiac signs may indulge in arguments with your family elders. Hence, try to do things easy, be patient, and try to handle issues with caution.

  • Capricorn peeps who are looking to get married; may find a suitable partner for marriage. Wishing you both all the heavenly blessings.
  • BTW, it is not a good time for investments. If you were planning to do so, then wait a little longer for making a long-time investment.
  • You should be careful while making important decisions related to your business as well. Hence, try to analyze the situation before coming to any important decision.
  • Lastly, this would not be one of the most ideal times for travel or anything related to travel as you may have to wait for trying out new things or adventure.

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Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Conjunction in Capricorn For Aquarius: Mixed Bag Of Time

Aquarius natives have an objective state of mind, instead of having an emotional state of mind.

Along with being adventurous like the Sagittarius zodiac sign, they are also very visionary. A thing that makes them stand out of all the other 12 zodiac signs. Aquarius natives may make quite a progress in their careers. Hence, make the most of this time and take the right steps.

  • You may get back the money that you had lent before. You may find a relative change in your work or business.
  • Also, those who are involved in business partnerships or commission-based businesses should be more careful about their work.
  • You may get jealous of your relatives, this could be because of many spheres in your life.
  • You may have a good connection with your partner/spouse, and you may also find a solution to your spouse’s pending-property issues.

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Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun Conjunction in Capricorn For Pisces: Positivity All Around

Coming on to the last zodiac sign Pisces, just like fish, they are known to comfortably swim through the tides. They are known to be calm and composed and prefer peace and harmony over everything. George Washington, Mirra Alfassa.

During the period of Jupiter-Saturn-Venus-Sun conjunction in Capricorn just like the Librans, Pisces natives may be blessed with mental peace.

  • This may be a good time for you to start your new work or business. Hence, try to implement all the ideas that you were thinking about in terms of business.
  • You may earn profit from the stock market. Also, this will be a good phase to make new money investments. This may be a favourable time for Pisces natives, who want to start their new professional works as well.
  • You should also avoid getting into arguments with your friends and may also spend a good time at your office.