Is this the reason behind Kamal Haasan’s Bad Health?

Is this the reason behind Kamal Haasan’s Bad Health?

The well-known actor Kamal Haasan is not only loved in India but has a fan following in many foreign countries. Ahead of its new film ‘Vikram’ launch, the Tamil actor is again in the limelight as he gets contracted with coronavirus.

Malefic Conjunction Gives Unfavourable Results

Kamal Haasans kundali gives an insight on his health. The 67-year-old actor is serving the challenging phase until Dec 5, 2021 in terms of his health. He has exalted Mars and Jupiter, which have aspects on each other. So, he is expected to get well soon.

Moving on, Kamal Haasan’s new film may perform well, but it may not meet the expectations. Haasan’s kundali suggests that he is associated with the inauspicious dosha of Sun and Saturn. Therefore, he may fall into controversy, probably due to his speech related to politics.

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Padma Bhushan recipient is believed to have contracted the virus when he was returning from the USA. His planetary position symbolises that he may spend more days in the hospital in order to recover.

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