Why is Naseeruddin Shah surrounded by controversies?

Why is Naseeruddin Shah surrounded by controversies?

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah has opposed the anti-blasphemy law demand. This was enough to lead him into controversies. Shah said that there cannot be a law based on blasphemy in any secular state. Joining him is lyricist Javed Akhtar. They were both trolled as soon as they went against the formation of law. Planets’ analysis explains why Naseeruddin Shah often lands in controversies.

The Conjunction Of Moon-Ketu-Mars

Naseeruddin Shah’s kundali indicates that Moon, Ketu and Mars are under the same roof. This conjunction of one benefic and two malefic planets keep him amid controversies when he gives statements in public.

In the coming days, transiting Jupiter will be passing over the natal Jupiter. This transit of benevolent Jupiter may bring changes in the actor’s professional life. Therefore, astrologers foresee that Naseeruddin Shah could be a part of the online controversy.

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There are ill-placed planets in his kundali which negatively influence the actor when he expresses his views in public.