The Protective Shell of Cancers: Big Softies on the Inside

MyPandit July 20, 2023
The Protective Shell of Cancers: Big Softies on the Inside

When you encounter a Cancer, you might be initially met with a tough exterior, guarded by their protective shell. However, underneath that armour lies a heart of gold. Cancers, born between June 21 and July 22, are represented by the crab in the zodiac, and like their crustacean counterpart, they carry their home with them wherever they go. This article delves into the intriguing world of Cancers, exploring their emotional depth and understanding why they are often considered big softies on the inside.

Empathy as Their Superpower

Cancers possess a unique ability to empathise deeply with others. They have a keen intuition that allows them to pick up on emotions and energies in their surroundings. This emotional intelligence often leads them to be incredibly sensitive and caring individuals. Whether it’s a friend’s heartbreak or a family member’s joy, a Cancer will be there, ready to share in the experience and offer support.

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The Art of Nurturing

Just like the nurturing mother archetype, Cancers have an innate desire to care for those they love. They are often the first to offer a shoulder to cry on or lend a listening ear. Their nurturing nature extends to their relationships, making them incredibly loyal and devoted partners. Once you find a place in a Cancer’s heart, they will fiercely protect and cherish you.

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Sentimental Souls

Cancers are known for cherishing memories and holding sentimental value in high regard. They may keep old letters, photographs, and keepsakes, each carrying a special meaning. These sentimental attachments can also extend to their relationships, making every anniversary, birthday, and special occasion a moment to be cherished and celebrated.

Vulnerability Under the Surface

Despite their tough exterior, Cancers can be surprisingly vulnerable. Their emotional depth can sometimes lead them to withdraw into their shells, seeking a safe space to process their feelings. This can be misinterpreted as moodiness or unpredictability, but in reality, it’s a way for them to recharge and protect themselves from emotional overwhelm.

Romantic Dreamers

Cancers are incurable romantics. They yearn for genuine connections and envision a world full of love and happiness. This romantic spirit fuels their passion and devotion in relationships. From grand gestures to the little things that matter, a Cancer will go above and beyond to make their loved ones feel cherished and adored.

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Trust is Earned

While Cancers are compassionate and caring, they are cautious when it comes to trusting others. Their protective shell is, in part, a defence mechanism that helps them navigate the world without getting hurt easily. To truly earn a Cancer’s trust, one must show consistent loyalty, honesty, and emotional support.

Family Comes First

Family is the cornerstone of a Cancer’s life. They prioritise their loved ones above all else and find immense joy in spending quality time with family members. Building a close-knit circle is essential to their emotional well-being, and they find comfort in knowing they can always rely on their loved ones.

Cancers may wear a tough exterior as a shield against the challenges of the world, but underneath, they are gentle, compassionate, and emotionally profound individuals. Their empathetic nature, nurturing tendencies, and sentimental hearts make them big softies on the inside. Understanding and appreciating the depths of a Cancer’s emotions is the key to forming a meaningful and lasting connection with these incredible souls. So, the next time you encounter a Cancer, remember to handle their protective shell with care, and you might just discover the beauty of their big, warm heart waiting to welcome you in. Download the app

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