Cancer Nature : Strengths, Weaknesses, Characteristics and more.

Cancer Nature

If you call yourself a mixed personality, then no doubt you are a Cancer. The Cancer zodiac sign is known for being one of the most emotionally intelligent, kindest, loyal, protective and caring beings on this planet. Still, they are also crabby, overly sensitive, vindictive and very moody at times.

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Who is a Cancer?

If your birthday is anytime between June 21 and July 22, your sun sign is Cancer, and it appears as a Crab associated with the water, emotions, and the Moon. It is not first but stands fourth in the family of sun signs. The nature of Cancer zodiac members is extremely nurturing, caring, highly intuitive, very sensitive, and unbelievably insecure at times. The Cancer zodiac element is water – so now all of the emotional depths associated with Cancer start to make sense!

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What is the Personality of a Cancer?

Cancer natives are highly emotional, but they are incredibly nurturing and caring as individuals. Also, they empathize very strongly and can make a set of great friends. They are amazing secret keepers and even more amazing listeners. Cancer individuals are very sentimental and can’t take hurtful comments too casually. Whenever they feel hurt, they will use the hibernation weapon and will disappear for some time. They are a little preserved and take some time to open up to new people that they meet.

Yes, Cancers, you are frank around people you feel are close to you, and feeling confident around these people is your thing. But when it comes to new people, you are very shy at first. You can literally do anything and everything for people you are close to. You can sacrifice your benefits for them. Being high on the most sought-for intelligence–emotional intelligence–is your thing. You have strong psychic and intuitive powers, which lets you completely understand other people and also helps you to judge them well.

You have the power to understand everyone, even without any direct conversation with them. You are the kings and queens of imagination and are people who are the craziest dreamers. You have unbelievable retentive capacities and a great memory, which helps you recall things very long ago. You might not remember much of chronological information, but the basic information related to anything hardly blots out from your memory. You experience life and its lessons and never forget these.

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Ruling Planet of Cancer: Moon

The planet that rules the Cancer sun sign is the Moon. The Moon stands for a couple of control strings over emotions oneself and dominion over them. It makes Cancer seem a bit mysterious. The planet possesses the power to control human emotions and can cure mood swings. Cancer experiences many feelings in a single life experience. They have an in-depth sense of feeling about everything. It might be because the strings of emotion control of the members of this zodiac sign rest with the planet Moon and may also get affected by it. You hold yourself responsible for things you must do and are a pro at prioritizing your emotions, or more specifically, your feelings. You often put your close ones on a pedestal and are very loyal to them.

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The Fourth House and Cancer

The fourth house rules security, which explains the tendency of a Cancer to seek comfort continuously. The house represents something that gives comfort, and it might be some of your childhood memories, home, family, and even your ancestors. You will have a desperate need for security all your life. You love to be in your self-constructed shell-your comfort zone- because you feel very safe there. You feel unparalleled security in that zone.

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The Habits of Cancer Natives

As you enjoy being in your comfort zone, you will have various TV shows, and web series binge-watching to do. Because of your constricted nature, you might miss out on some great adventures. You are someone who holds grudges for very long and finds it difficult to let them go. It leads them to experience overthinking and, at some level, some negative thinking. You are also quite fussy about that. Many of the emotions associated with your zodiac sign might stress you out. Therefore pacifying these intense emotions seems to be very important for you. You retreat in case something hurts you.

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What is the Element of the Cancer zodiac?

Cancer reflects deep feelings and emotions as it is a water sign zodiac. You are highly capable of connecting your feelings to people around you. You are a genius when it comes to making other people sense security. You can make out the needs of your friends around you. Conflict and an imbalance in your life can be significant issues, and you often prioritize their resolution. You need a decent amount of time to process thoughts and ideas that you may have. They can often turn out to be a little slow and thus may end up recognizing their feelings a little late.

Cancer Zodiac Strength

The zodiac sign of Cancer offers a nature that has a few weaknesses but a set of strengths that are double the weaknesses! Cancer is a person who loves deeply. They are some of the most nurturing people around you. Therefore, they make the most devoted parents. The feeling of security makes you feel happy and thus pushes you to take all your relationships very seriously.

If the ‘C’ in Cancer does not stand for compassion, it cannot stand for anything else. A Cancer is a very compassionate lover and loves to give time to anything that he/she loves.

Talking about Cancer strengths, they are exceptionally loyal towards the people they love, and their generous nature makes them feel the happiest when they serve people, nurture people around them, or share their possessions or a piece or two of their advice.

You don’t like to be in difficult situations and have humour as your oldest friend. You try to bring humour into even the most difficult situations and want to have a chill pill. The song” Lean on” was sung just for you, and you seem to have subscribed to it!

You have a personality that pleases your friends and ears that are even more pleasing. You are an excellent listener and do not mind listening to the problems faced by people. Your good listening skills help you to understand their issues and grief. A Cancer is generally unbelievably generous, exceptionally trustworthy and is a person that still feels that “honesty is the best policy”.

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Cancer Zodiac Weakness

You are a person who craves security. You do extra for your closed ones, maybe in fear that they will leave you. You are affectionate and also crave affection in return. You hold grudges for a very long time, and the events from your past are not forgotten easily by you if those events were associated with some hurt.

Emotional and sentimental nature can turn to a weakness for Cancer zodiac natives and prove them wrong, at times. Even if you forget the pain, you do not forgive the person who had hurt you. You almost have an everlasting scar that you keep going back to from time to time and thus keep remembering hurtful events from your life.

You push yourself in your shell when you face sufferings, painful and embarrassing situations. You are exceptionally moody but never really let your true feelings come out.

And That’s it for Cancer

A Cancer is friendly, intelligent, and can empathise with others around them. They always look for ways to serve others and are the most generous people present on the land. They desperately want to be protected. Mood swings are common with Cancer natives, mostly when they are experiencing jealousy. Some of their actions might have no relation to logic and might seem illogical when they are moody. They are also highly nostalgic by nature. As they are exceptionally sentimental, they may break out into tears without any genuine reason, at times. They don’t mind trips and actually enjoy it, but start craving their home very soon.

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