Lucky Weekly Horoscope for These Five Zodiac Signs

Lucky Weekly Horoscope for These Five Zodiac Signs

The period from Dec 5 to Dec 12, 2021, is very noteworthy. Five planets will meet in the same zodiac sign, Scorpio, on Sunday. Mars will likewise leave its current zodiac to join Ketu and the Sun. Continue reading weekly horoscope to find out which five zodiac signs will have the best outcome this week. 

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Mars will provide blessings to Aries. Worshiping Hanumanji may help you succeed in work. You could be successful in your current job and receive recognition for it.

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Not only this week but the entire month might be lucky for Leos. Goddess Lakshmi appears to be happy with you and may bestow financial gains on you. Obstacles in business may get resolved.

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The transit of Mars may become auspicious for Gemini. They may get success in everything as luck is on their side this week.

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As the transit of Mars happens, Pisces may benefit financially. There is a chance of profit, whether you are a business owner or an employee. It’s possible that your earnings may rise as well.


This week, Virgos may see an unexpected gain in their earnings. You may be successful at the professional front as well as new business opportunities may open up.

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