Mars Anger Management: A Guide to Deal with Your Emotion

Mars Anger Management: A Guide to Deal with Your Emotion

Anger is an emotion. Sometimes getting angry is good. Do you know the reason why you are getting mad now and then? It’s because of the presence of planetary positions in the 2nd or 12 house. If you are emotionally hurt and distressed, it is quite obvious that you might get violent.

There are some planets that are dominant by nature. Hence a person may get belligerent when these planets are located in the horoscope. The Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are known as the cruel planets. While Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo are equally important for creating rudeness in a person. The planet Mars is responsible for showing signs of anger.

Though unnecessary anger may cause stress and other mental problems. Family members and friends dislike people with an aggressive nature. According to Mars anger management for different zodiac signs, astrology has come up with Mantras as a remedy for controlling anger.

Apart from reciting Mantras, you can also wear a gemstone in the form of rings, bracelet and pendant to lessen the ill-effect of inauspicious planets that trigger anger in you. Recitation of Mantra like “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ is also helpful in controlling your anger. Recitation of the holy Hanuman Chalisa is also beneficial. It will keep you calm and content.
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Which Zodiac Sign gets Angry Easily?

We all know that anger is an emotion. Showing and expressing anger is the best way to venting out all your stress and other problems. However, excessive anger can harm your relationships. Some people can get easily upset and irritated over petty issues. In contrast, some people are least bothered and do not get angry now and then.

Some people lose their temper even if situations are a bit inconvenient. People who ticked off over small things cannot control their anger. They have a habit of losing control over their words and behaviour.

According to Mars Anger Management for Different Zodiac Signs, people who have bad temper should not be incited every now and then. Sometimes getting angry makes the situation unpleasant. Here is the list of 5 zodiac signs who have a tendency of getting irritated easily and have anger problems.

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Aries are kind of explosive in nature. They cannot deal with their emotions and thus get distressed and annoyed easily when something or someone displeases them. Their anger can shoot-up if you do such things which they dislike. By nature, Aries are very obsessive. The best thing about Aries is that their anger cools down in a minute. They forgive and forget quickly. But it is not simple for others to forget and forgive easily.


Taureans are just the opposite of Aries. They are tenacious and bellicose. Their words get louder when they are angry. They are passive-aggressive and dislike conflicts. They are patient and calm by nature. Their anger takes lots of time in souring up. But once they are angry, it becomes difficult to cool them down.


Virgins are kind of perfectionists. They are calm by nature. Virgos expect a lot from people. If their expectations are not fulfilled, they can get annoyed and irritated. Even they do not hesitate while using hard and ill words against others when they are angry. Though a Virgo takes time in expressing his/her anger. This dislikes creating scenes and keeping their emotion inside them. Conversely, if they get angry, be ready to face them. They will forgive you only when you are really precious to them.


According to Mars Anger Management for Different Zodiac Signs Astrology, Leos are one of the fiercest zodiac signs and are more splayed than Aries. Leos are intolerant and are of dictating nature. They can get loud, pitch wrong words, can call you by bad names and even create scenes to attract others. They always try to win arguments. Sometimes their harsh behaviour might spoil relationships.


Scorpions are ferocious, strong and tough by nature. They know exactly what they want and how to achieve them. Generally, they do not express their anger but if you do something wrong, then be prepared to face the bad version. They do not reunite easily if they are angry. Once their temper gets cool down, they will come to you. They just want the time and space to heal their inner self.

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Which Zodiac Sign is Angriest of all The Signs?

Everybody has their own way of dealing with anger management. Some of us burst easily like volcanoes, while others remain calm until something mischievous is done to them. We all know someone who easily gets triggered over petty issues. We just wonder which Zodiac sign do they belong to?

We also get upset and aggressive for no reason. Anger is painful and difficult to control. Lots of patience and mental strength is required to master the art of anger management. Every zodiac sign has distinct characteristics and behaviour. After lots of research, you can find out the real characteristics of each zodiac sign.

As per astrology experts, there are three zodiac personalities who are considered as the angriest zodiac personalities in the astrologic world. Aries, Scorpio and Aquarius are known for their explosive behaviour. Let’s discuss below about these above zodiac signs and some remedies to calm their anger.


Aries is among one of the angriest zodiac signs in the astrological world. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and is always responsible for the actions done by Aries. This zodiac sign often does unintellectual things and dislikes lazing around without doing anything. Aries are very obsessive, impatient, and easily get irked at small problems.
As per Mars Anger Management for different zodiac signs, Aries is considered as one of the angriest and frazzled zodiac signs. To calm down the effects of stress and anger, Aries should take part in activities such as running, jogging, walking and lifting weight. These athletic activities will let them unwind and cool down their arrogant behaviour.


Another zodiac sign which is quite uncontrollable is Scorpio. The ruling planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. Scorpio’s are impetuous and harsh. This zodiac sign is an expert in eliminating its enemies. Generally, they do not express their emotions. But if you hurt them, they can be the most dangerous personality for you. Even if you try to reconnect with them, they will associate back only when they want to. Practising martial arts, yoga, and meditation is the best way to channelize their energy.


Aquarius personalities are a bit different from Aries and Scorpio’s. You can never visualize their behaviour. No one can predict what made an Aquarius angry. This sign dislikes conflicts and pointless arguments. If they are angry or mad at anyone, they will just disconnect with that person for no reason. They do not bother what people do think about them. Meditation and travelling is the best way; an Aquarian can opt to divert his/her mind.

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Which Planet is Responsible for Anger?

We all experience different emotions every day, and anger is one such emotion that we face daily. Most often, we cannot express our emotions. Some express their emotions in a very fierce manner, and some control their anger to some extent. According to experts, each zodiac sign has its own way of expressing this complex and fickle emotion. In this article, we will discuss how different zodiac personalities deal with this fickle emotion.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Aries

People with Mars in Aries are very energetic and prone to anger. Though they calm down soon. The best part of the zodiac sign is that they never hold grudge or bitterness against anyone. Aries is believed to be quick decision-makers. According to mars anger management for different zodiac signs by date, Aries can easily deal with their anger and face it directly.

They easily forgive and forget things, but they never realize that their harsh words can create differences in their relationships. Mars in Aries people are intuitive and work hard to achieve their goals. This zodiac personality is impulsive, simple, and transformative. They are always ready to face challenges.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Taurus

People with Mars in Taurus are just the opposite of an Aries personality. Taurus are impassively aggressive. They hate arguments and clashes and will show your aggressive nature if they get burst. In general, Taurus are cool and calm by nature, and they don’t get irritated easily. However, they express their emotions in a more elusive manner. Mars in Taurus have a tendency of possessing things. They work hard to achieve their desired goals.
As prescribed in Mars anger management for different zodiac signs astrology, people born with march are very sensible. You cannot provoke them easily. But once they get angry, they are unstoppable.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Gemini

If your personality is also like Gemini, then you must have a tendency of losing your focus. People with Mars in Gemini are slow goers, and they easily get bored by doing nothing. The Gemini sign is called the powerhouse of energies. The Gemini doesn’t get angry easily. When they are angry, they cannot hide their emotions. They use words to express their emotions.
Do not get distressed if they are angry. They may use satirical expressions to express their feelings when someone hurts them. They are talkative by nature and are fascinated by new and exhilarating things. Gemini people excel in communication and love to debate.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer are somewhat passive and aggressive by nature. They want a balance in their life without any change. Also, they dislike problems and arguments. They are protective about themselves. Most often, they seem very complex or subtle when they compel themselves to perform better.
At times, they use culpability or diplomatic traits to accomplish what they want. Sometimes they behave abruptly and become defensive if they feel like they are trapped.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Leo

Leos are very ambitious and always try to do things differently. People with Mars in Leo are very passionate and have a strong desire to achieve their desires. Mars Leo loves to take risks. Leos are one of the fiercest signs and are more flaring personalities than Aries.
They do not hide their emotions. They become loud, fiery and throw tantrums at times. Most often, people get hurt with the behaviour of Leo, but Leo’s do not mean to hurt what they pitch to others when they are angry. Their anger calms down as soon as it flickers up.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Virgo

The Mars in Virgo are not actually hostile. Though they are critical but persistent by nature. They do not show their anger easily. If they are angry, then be prepared to face their fiery actions.
At times they become too sensitive and are prone to anxiety and uneasiness. Also, at times, they act stubborn while doing things as per their choice. The best part of Virgo is that they are highly energetic and quite fortitude.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Libra

People with Mars in Libra are quite matured and avoid fights. They hate arguments. Generally, they are peace-loving by nature and do not show their anger easily. If they are angry with someone, they avoid talking to them.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Scorpio

People born with Mars in Scorpio are highly ambitious and keep on trying until they succeed in their goal. They are highly focused and determined and can go to any extent to achieve their target. Scorpios are tough by nature and do not express their emotions, especially anger.
They can be your rival if you hurt them. You never know they might opt for revenge. Scorpios avoid people who hurt them. So if you know someone who is Scorpio, then get ready to burn the phase.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are known for their sarcasm characteristic. Also, Sagittarius have a fiery characteristic. Their anger can be easily triggered up. Hence they try to avoid clashes. They try to escape as they are impatient by nature.
If someone broke their trust, they may cause damage. Unlike other zodiac signs, Sagittarius may use hurtful words. They take time to get over their anger.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Capricorn

Capricorns are quite mature. They have too much self-control over their emotions. They generally keep a tab at times when you hurt them and show their antagonism and irritation at times. Capricorns do not let go of things easily.
They take ample time to come back to their normal self. People born with Mars in Capricorn are wholly dedicated towards their aim. Their self-control and strong will-power help them in controlling their anger. Though they are acquisitive by nature, they do not believe in show off.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Aquarius

People born with Mars in Aquarius are quite emotional and cannot hide their anger. They avoid confrontations. They are prone to self-protection and simply disconnect themselves if they are angry with you. Aquarians hate being pushed by others. It might trigger their anger as they need a lot of space.
They are very sensitive by nature. They like surprises and fun. However, they are self-dependent and have great respect for the independence of others. To know more, you can ask our Experts. They will guide you on the topic of Mars anger management for different zodiac signs by date of birth.

Anger and Behavioural Qualities for Mars in Pisces

People born with Mars in Pisces are gentle, emotional, and self-assured by nature. They have a tendency of blaming themselves if anything goes wrong or against them in life. Too much frustration and anger lead them to release their anger or they might hold the grudge for others. Most often Pisces cannot express their anger. they may end up with a feeling of guilt and depression inside them. they have the nature of forgiving and forgetting things.

In the above article we have discussed anger management of different zodiac signs. If you are also curious to know in detail about the Mars Anger Management for Different Zodiac Signs, Talk to experts. They are experienced and will provide you with remedies on how to deal with anger management.