Thursday Remedies and its Astrological Importance

Lord Shiva’s blessings on Thursday Fast

The planet Jupiter must be in a favorable place in the birth chart of every native. If this is not the case, the native may experience difficulties in life. In this case, the Thursday Fast, also known as the Guruwar Vrat, is thought to be very successful in strengthening Jupiter and gaining Lord Vishnu’s blessings. Brihaspati Dev/Jupiter, as we all know, is also regarded as the Guru of the Gods, and according to Vedic astrology, Brihaspati Dev can easily solve any problem in existence.

The Importance of Jupiter in the Thursday Fast

Jupiter is thought to be a signifier of one’s marital status, wisdom, and fate, among other things. As a result, if a Thursday fast and some special steps are taken for good luck on Thursday, one can be freed from life’s difficulties. Let us now learn about the Guruwar Vrat Vidhi (Thursday Fast Vidhi) and the special steps to be taken on this day.

Jupiter is the significator of the state of one’s married life, wisdom, destiny, and more, according to astrology. As a result, conducting these Thursday remedies on the occasion of Guruwar Vrat will assist us in overcoming our problems.

Guru Dosha may have an effect on a person’s personal life if it is present in their birth map. As a result, marriage delays are likely, as are difficulties in the lives of married natives. On that note, today, we’ll talk about how to get rid of Guru Dosha from your Kundli and have a positive outlook on life during these trying times.

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Fasting on Thursday: Rituals to Follow

On Thursday, take a bath early in the morning and, if possible, wear yellow clothing. On this day, worship at the Vishnu temple with yellow flowers, yellow sweets, turmeric, and other offerings. Worship the banana tree and give pulses to the banana tree’s root during this fast. After that, light a candle and pay homage to the banana tree. Sit by the banana tree if possible and recite the Vrat Katha. After the evening, Aarti avoids using salt and eats only yellow dishes if possible.

Thursday Fasting: Astrological remedies for Thursday

If Jupiter is in a favourable place in a person’s horoscope, it increases the person’s intelligence, brings happiness to the child, creates marriage opportunities from time to time, and luck appears to favour you. On the other hand, if Jupiter’s place in a person’s horoscope is weak, it may cause delays in the person’s marriage, difficulties in having children, and problems in other areas of life. Hence, Thursday remedies for Marriage seems a bit impossible. On Thursday, you will use these treatments to stop Jupiter Dev’s negative effects.

The negative effects of Guru/Jupiter can be avoided during the Guruwar Vrat/Thursday fast by donating insightful books written by scholars.
To get rid of Guru Dosha, apply a pinch of turmeric to your bath water and bathe while fasting on Thursday. In addition, chant the mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” when bathing and apply saffron Tilak to the forehead.
Hold the Thursday fast (Guruwar Vrat) and, if possible, worship a banana plant with water. This will put an end to the marriage’s interruptions.
Pray to Lord Vishnu (Bhagwan Vishnu) on Thursday, particularly after getting up and bathing before sunrise, and recite the Vishnu Sahasranama stotram.
On Thursday, take extra caution when lending to someone to improve the Guru’s place in the horoscope. Jupiter is poor and may face financial difficulties as a result of money transactions. Thursday upay for money said!
If you fast on Thursdays, you can certainly listen to Satyanarayana’s Vrat Katha on this day.
To obtain Brihaspati Dev’s special blessings, mount the idol of Brihaspati Dev on yellow cloth with proper rituals on this day, and worship him with sandalwood and yellow flowers. In the Prasad, include gramme dal and jaggery.

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Things to Remember During the Thursday Fast

In addition to all of this, it’s important to note that in Hindu culture, washing or shaving your hair, as well as using soap, shampoo, or surf, are all prohibited on Thursday. According to Jyotish Shastra, cutting one’s hair on this day weakens one’s economic chances and makes childbirth more difficult. Washing one’s hair on this day is considered unlucky and is said to cause marriage delays. Furthermore, married women washing their hair on this day can cause problems in their marriage. Having one’s hair or beard cut on a Thursday is said to shorten one’s lifespan, particularly for men.

Thursday Mantras to Overcome Major Financial Issues

On Thursday, one may recite the following mantras nineteen thousand times to remove Lord Jupiter’s negative effects and receive his blessings. This not only fixes our financial problems, but also makes it much easier to deal with other pending issues in existence. On Thursday, one should certainly recite the following mantras:

ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नमः। / oṃ bṛṃ bṛhaspataye namaḥ
ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरवे नम:। / oṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ sa: gurave namah:
ॐ ऐं श्रीं बृहस्पतये नम:। / oṃ aiṃ śrīṃ bṛhaspataye namah
ॐ गुं गुरवे नम:। / oṃ guṃ gurave namah
ॐ क्लीं बृहस्पतये नम:। / oṃ klīṃ bṛhaspataye namah