Mars Transit 2022: Mars in Aries Effects on all Moon Signs

Mars Transit 2022: Mars in Aries Effects on all Moon Signs

Mars is considered the red planet, and the most masculine. Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio signifying energy and Virgo. The Mars transit 2022 dates from the 17th May 2022 to the 27th June 2022 in the Aries sign and then moves to the Taurus sign respectively.

As per Vedic astrology, the planet Mars is considered to be a significator of land, energy, army, might, and much more. It is the leader of all Zodiac planets and causes adverse effects in areas like accidents, delays in marriage, and issues in marriage. However, on the other hand, positive effects make a person brave, bold, energetic, and independent. Mars represents two signs, Aries and Scorpio. Mars gets exalted in Capricorn and Debilitated in Cancer Sign.

As such the transit of Mars in Aries may give both good and bad effects on people’s lives. The dates of the transit are 17th May 2022 to 27th June 2022. Post which it will move to the Taurus sign respectively. Let us see here in detail the impact of the transit of Mars on all 12 zodiac Moon signs.

Effect of Mars transit in Aries for Aries Moon Sign

Mars would bring positive and favourable incidences in life for Arians. You would feel more energetic and may finish your responsibility with ease and on time. The natives may succeed if planning to start a new venture or some creative thing for their career. They would find positivity in their endeavours, and their efforts would give the desired result.
As an employee, you may be appreciated and applauded at work. It may be better to take an expert’s opinion before starting a new unit or venture.
Arian’s family life may remain average, but are suggested to control their anger by doing meditation, or other breathing exercises.

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Effects of Mars Transit For Taurus Moon Sign :-

You need to bring specific changes in your behaviour or attitude. Try to accept mistakes when you are wrong to end misunderstandings and keep relationships intact. Professional and business people may have to remain cautious about the losses to be incurred.

Businessmen could expect foreign profits, and also a favourable period for students who wish to go abroad for higher studies, as you may get a chance now. Although this native may face obstacles and problems in executing their efforts, as time passes by, positive changes may continue to prevail.

Professionals and business people may need to trade very carefully because their competitors or opponents can scheme and plot against them which may affect them adversely. You are advised to keep your anger under control and avoid reacting to a situation to have balance in life. Yoga and meditation would help to remain fresh and cool.

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Effects of Mars Transit For Gemini Moon Sign

Mars is an aggressive planet, and this may bring certain aggressive bitterness to your speech, hence try to be calm and patient while communicating. There are higher opportunities for natives who wish to join the army and can make efforts in this direction as success can be foreseen.
You may make an effective and positive business that may be beneficial for your future. New businesses may see a ray of hope right now.

There may be a beneficial environment for working professionals at their workplace and can expect an increase in their salary as well. Natives should refrain from taking any loans during this time. However, they may be in a sound position to pay EMIs regularly against old debts. You are advised only to focus and keep working towards your goals and forget about the outcomes for the time being.

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Effect of Mars Transit on Cancer Moon Sign :-

During this phase, most of your desires may be fulfilled. Cancerians working in the army, police, air force, etc can expect promotion during this transit period. Simultaneously, sportspeople of any game can also look forward to positive results. Cancerians can find an increase in their working speed and also may learn to live in the present.

As for the married natives, you can receive some happy tidings from your children’s side. This may not be a much favourable time in terms of your health as you may need to avoid overindulging in food or sleep.

You would like to initiate and implement any unique idea that enters your mind. There may be an increase in workload, and you may be in a better position to show your productivity to seniors and impress them as well.

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Effect of Mars Transit on Leo Moon Sign :-

You may prefer to get associated with spiritual activities or reading spiritual books to have peace of mind. You may even participate in yoga to bring positive changes in your personality.
2020 Mars Transit may have significant benefits for Leos if they take any trips during this time. This planetary transit may prove to be fortunate and favorable for you. You may be able to maintain balance in your family life, and many of you may even benefit or profit from your father.
Matters related to the property are likely to bring beneficial results. It may be better to complete the assignment on hand and only then move on to the next one. You would need to be careful with respect to your health.

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Effect of Mars Transit on Virgo Moon Sign

Your effort and support would be expected and needed by your siblings during this period. Virgo Moon Sign may incline towards sports and games because of the Mars transit in 8th house. This period would be favorable for the people associated with the research work or involved in learning occult. Your mystical knowledge may give you a source of additional income.

Some natives may lean toward meditation to attain mental peace to have positive changes in the personality. These natives would have to concentrate on tasks in hand, and continue moving forward the goal or assigned responsibilities instead of thinking negatively as there is success ahead waiting for these natives.

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Effect of Mars Transit on Libra Moon Sign

Librans can look forward to favorable results in the field of education. Your sincere and active participation in sports would bring a significant accomplishment for you. It may be a favourable period to start new business ventures with your spouse. Your attention may be to keep an eye on your partner’s health.

These natives may have favorable results in their family life. Any disputes, arguments, or misunderstandings that may have been ongoing in your family may now come to an end. This planetary transit may make you angry sometimes, and may even affect your efficiency of work and personality. It may be better to adapt to the situation instead of controlling a circumstance as that may cause more problems for you.

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Effect of Mars Transit On Scorpio Moon Sign

The verdict of pending court cases may be in your favor. You may easily be able to win over your enemies during this duration. Students preparing for competitive exams would succeed. There are possibilities of an accident while driving either scooter or any vehicle, hence be careful.
It may be better if businessmen avoid taking the risk of expanding the business at this time. Scorpios should avoid getting into any disputes because of the Mars transit. Your mental and physical abilities may improve a lot. You may be able to accomplish creatively with projects in hand. Your immunity system may be quite strong at this time. Hence you may be able to recover from some old illness that has been troubling you.

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Effect of Mars transit on Sagittarius Moon Sign

Professionals working in multinational companies are likely to attain benefits during transit. Businessmen can look forward to profits through their foreign contacts as well. Single Sags may meet up with someone special during this time, and the ones in a relationship are likely to grow closer to their beloved. There may be ample opportunities to go on vacation with them.
This transit of Mars may affect your temperament. Hence, it is advised that you try to maintain flexibility in your behaviour at this time.

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Effect of Mars transit on Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn natives could benefit with respect to selling or buying property. Extra attention should be paid to your mother’s health. Hence, consult a doctor from time to time. You can join a swimming pool or yoga classes to keep yourself fit.
Married natives may face some issues or problems with their spouses during this duration. Hence, try to take things easy. Business people may have to observe caution in terms of financial matters. A rise in the current salary of working professionals can be expected. Work performance may improve. There are chances that you may receive the expected support of your colleagues and your seniors may remain impressed with your pace of work.

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Effect of Mars transit on Aquarius Moon Sign

This planetary movement is likely to bring boldness, power, or strength to win over your opponents. But, you are advised to keep the ego in check. Natives associated with sports would find this period favourable by getting expected results during this transit period.

The influence of Mars on your sign is also likely to bring a rise in your leadership qualities. This transit may be especially favourable for Aquarius natives associated with sales, touring, marketing, and management. Those posted in the police, army, or government sector are also likely to incur benefits.

The concentration power of Aquarius students would be higher. Those who are appearing in competitive exams would have success. You would need to be more attentive and keep an eye on the health of your siblings.

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Effect of Mars Transit on Pisces Moon Sign

This period would be lucky for you, and any task you take may be successful. With respect to your health, remain cautious in consuming food, as such avoid anything too spicy, junk, and fried food. You may suffer from stomach-related diseases during this time. The motion of Mars is likely to bring problems related to the eyes and teeth.

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This transit of Mars may bring an increase in your current salary and income through several other sources that can be foreseen. The important tasks undertaken by you may be successful. Becoming adamant or harsh can cause people to pull away from you, therefore, ensure that you do not remain obstinate about anything.

These are the effects of Mars transit according to Zodiac signs, but how would it affect you personally according to your birth chart? Get Personalized Astrological Advice anytime!