The Facts About Metal Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Natives of Dragon is an intelligent person with a fiery personality. They are determined and active, making every effort to be thorough in all contact with others. Metal Dragon zodiac can be rather frank and direct at times, and they will never hesitate to say what is on their mind. If people disagree with them or refuse to cooperate, Metal Dragons are more than glad to accomplish things independently. Metal Dragon Chinese zodiacs usually have high moral ideals and rely on their friends and families to enhance their egos.

Year Of The Metal Dragon

According to the Chinese Five Elements, Dragon is the Chinese zodiac sign for 2000, and Water is its element. Therefore, natives who were born in the year 2000 are part of the Metal Dragon. Because the Chinese Zodiac is based on the lunar calendar, individuals born between February 5, 2000, and January 23, 2001, are Metal Dragons, while those born between January 1 and February 4, 2000, are Earth Rabbits.

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The Characteristics Of Metal Dragon

  • Dragon natives are strong-willed individuals with passionate personality.
  • Metal Dragon zodiac are determined and active and will make every effort to be comprehensive in all contacts with others.
  • They can be quite frank and direct at times, and they will never hesitate to say what is on their mind.
  • If people disagree with them or refuse to cooperate, Metal Dragons are more than glad to do things independently.
  • They usually have high moral values and depend on their friends and families to support their egos.
  • The Dragon is a proud and active individual who conveys an endless source of self-assurance.
  • They are extremely intelligent and are always quick to take any opportunity.
  • They are motivated and obsessive in their excellence in whatever pursuit they undertake, which usually comes naturally.
  • They are perfectionists who will always continue to attain the high standards they set for themselves.
  • The Metal Dragon Chinese zodiac will be quick to chastise anyone who tries to make them look foolish.
  • They can come out as harsh and direct, and they are not polite or delicate.
  • They are gullible and would often believe what others say to them.

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Compatibility Of Metal Dragon

Individuals born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon are usually passive, as they will not actively seek others. However, they are kind, personality, and truthful, which helps them win people’s hearts. They are unconcerned about love affairs since they prefer to develop connections naturally. They are used to giving but not demanding, and they are romantic idealists.

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If they fail in love, they will spend a long time in the past. Therefore, most of them marry later in life and frequently have a happy and peaceful marriage. Thus, metal dragon love fortune is relatively favourable in their lives. They always get a response from the people they like. They will dedicate all of their energy to maintaining the love relationship once it has been confirmed. They may, however, have disagreements with their wives after marriage. They should learn to tolerate their partner to make their lives easier.

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Things To Remember For Metal Dragon

Individuals born in the year 2000 under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon may have career setbacks. Their professional lives may dramatically change. They should be able to resist the pressures of work and work hard to reach their goals, it is urged. Furthermore, Metal Dragons born in the year 2000 like to work alone, but they must collaborate with others.

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Metal Dragon Chinese zodiac will lay a firm basis for their future profession in this manner. Therefore, they are better suited to starting their firm. Because, in the views of others, the Dragon people are similar to a monarch who has his own distinct beliefs and does not want to adopt that of others. They are more likely to break up with their spouse if they establish a business with someone else because of different views, even if it is a small concern.


Dragons are likely to have an excellent career fortune in 2021, which is a fantastic year for business development.

What they most need this year from Dragons who are entrepreneurs is for them to have their distinct perspectives on the market competition rather than following the crowd.

Otherwise, they would become complacent, making it impossible for the company to grow.

It is vital to be down-to-earth and maintain pleasant interpersonal relationships with colleagues who are still at the company’s grassroots.

Horoscope For Metal Dragon

  • Individuals of metal dragon who are new to the workforce may confront numerous challenges.
  • Metal Dragon Chinese zodiac will certainly feel a great deal of strain because they are unfamiliar with the work.
  • They may even be expected to work overtime to complete the day’s job, contributing to their psychological and physical strain.
  • They are determined to make a difference, although they have only been working for a short period.
  • However, such a feat cannot accomplish simply by thinking about it.
  • They must deal with solid interpersonal relationships in addition to learning work skills daily.
  • Their fame might help their future job progress.
  • Their economic status is also unstable in 2021.
  • They might need to spend a lot of money this year, and many of those purchases are important, so saving money is impossible.
  • If they can maintain a balance of payments, they’re doing fairly well.
  • Because they have only recently begun working, their earnings are low.
  • It is recommended that organizations consume appropriately by their financial resources.
  • Loans via the internet and gambling are not advised.
  • According to Dragon fortune predictions for 2021, Dragon people’s love relationships are not going well.
  • They would be troubled by emotional issues in 2021 and maybe isolated from their partners due to employment.
  • In this condition, they must frequently interact with their partners and date their loved ones on weekends or holidays.
  • This year, single Dragons may identify the right person.

Final Words

The Metal Dragon always trust their judgment and might be rather dismissive of other people’s ideas because they believe in themselves. They enjoy feeling self-sufficient, and many Dragons value their independence so highly that they prefer to remain alone for the rest of their lives. Many people will admire the Dragon during their lifetime because of its colorful attitude and stunning appearance.