The Year of the Dragon and The Traits of the Dragon Zodiac

Dragon is known as the symbol of power, success, good luck, fortune, and kindness. There was a Chinese legend when the Jade Emperor asked all the animals to come for the race, everyone expected the Dragon to be in the first place, but he came late. When the Emperor asked him the reason he said that on the way, he came across a village suffering from drought, and when he saw the villagers a deep sense of pity coursed through his mind and he stopped by to make it rain on the village and help them. The Jade Emperor was very happy and gave him the fifth position. The Emperor is said to be a reincarnation of the Dragon. Dragon is the most respectable, lovable, and affectionate animal. In Chinese astrology, Dragon is the fifth Zodiac animal, and the years of the Dragon zodiac are said to be 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and the next upcoming Chinese year of the Dragon would be 2024. Each Chinese year of the dragon follows a 12-year cycle to repeat itself, and the Dragon years are associated with the Earthly branch, Chen.
Every Chinese year of the Dragon has one of five elements associated with it. Here is the chart which will guide you about the years of the Dragon and its associated element.

Chinese Dragon Zodiac Calendar Element Associated

  • 1940: February 8, 1940, to January 26, 1941 Metal
  • 1952: January 27, 1952, to February 13, 1953 Water
  • 1964: February 13, 1964, to February 1, 1965 Wood
  • 1976: January 31, 1976, to February 17, 1977 Fire
  • 1988: February 17, 1988, to February 5, 1989, Earth
  • 2000: February 5, 2000, to January 23, 2001 Metal
  • 2012: January 23, 2012, to February 9, 2013 Water
  • 2024: February 10, 2024, to January 28, 2025 Wood

Thus, every Dragon is classified as Dragon Metal,

Dragon Water, Dragon wood, Dragon Fire, and Dragon Earth. Each combination influences the personality traits of the people born in it. However, no two people born in different dragon zodiac years would have the same personality traits because a different element would influence them. To find out the  Chinese year of the Dragon you were born in, you have to check the year, the month, the hour, and lastly, the associated element with your birth year. The people born with a Dragon Zodiac are already so fortunate that they may not need any other lucky charm to fulfil their desires.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore more & find Chinese zodiac dragon meaning.

What Does Dragon Mean in the Chinese Zodiac?

There are many Chinese legends about the Dragon. As per the Chinese Dragon zodiac tales, the Dragon is the only imaginary animal. The Dragon is assumed to be the most auspicious of all animals. They conquer their enemies and spit fire when they get angry. Chinese natives are said to be the descendants of the Dragon. The Dragon is said to have combined features of other animals too. The people born under this Zodiac sign are hot-tempered, mysterious, and noble. People with the Dragon zodiac sign are born with leadership qualities. They can get all work done easily. They know the path to success. Most of the time, they are the centre of attraction wherever they are.

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Is April Month A Dragon Zodiac?

Based on the calculations made by the school of feng shui, Each Zodiac animal is assigned a year corresponding to its rank. Like this 12 years cycle, every month is also associated with one of the Chinese Zodiac signs. As the Dragon possesses the 5th rank, its corresponding month is from April 6 to May 5. So, this way, each year will be a combination of the zodiac year and zodiac month. For example, 2024 is the year of the dragon, and subsequently, each month is associated with a zodiac animal starting from Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, etc.

Chinese Astrology For people Born In The Dragon Year

The people born in the Dragon year are considered the most eligible, fortunate, and noble. They are born with good luck and are assumed to be the luckiest among other zodiac animals. This is the only imaginary zodiac among all the other 12 zodiac signs. However, there are some other facts about their health, wealth, and fortune that we will now talk about. They live a wealthy life and never need to worry about their financial matters. They may have some stomach ailments and some travel-related dangers, which need to be taken care of. They should not ignore their health. Also, they should keep a sharp eye on their travel plans. They can choose any career they feel keen on as they follow their desires. They can be artists, writers, actors, doctors, leaders, and business people.

Year of the Golden Dragon

The year 1940 and 2000 are known as the Golden Years of the Dragon, the 4697th Chinese Dragon Zodiac year (60-year cycle * 17 stem branch, i.e. 60*78+ 17 = 4697). The Golden Dragon zodiac year is the year of prosperity and wealth. The famous fighter and actor Bruce Lee was born in the Golden dragon year. His date of birth was 27th November 1940; another celebrity born in the Golden Dragon zodiac year was John Lennon on 9th October 1940.

Year of the Dragon: Dragon Lucky Numbers

Zodiac sign Dragon’s lucky numbers are 1, 6, and 7, while the numbers 3 and 8 are considered unlucky. 1st and 16th days of any lunar calendar are supposed to be lucky days for them.

Are Dragon Years Lucky in Chinese Astrology?

Yes, in Chinese astrology, Dragon years are supposed to be the luckiest years for a person to be born. That is why sometimes the people of China seek and adjust their newborn babies’ birth dates if medically possible as per the year of the dragon. Dragon children are most sought after in Chinese culture. There is one more myth that when the year of your birth sign comes around (after a 12-year cycle), it seems bad luck for them.

The next year of the dragon is 2024. People born with the Dragon zodiac symbol have to be more cautious about their health, career, and relationship. Several examples of greatness in the dragon zodiac signs like Charles Darwin, born on 12th February 1809, who was an Earth Dragon and Russian President Vladimir Putin, born on 7th October 1952, is a Water-Dragon.

Last Thoughts on Year of the Dragon

We would like to urge you to be glad of your zodiac sign and embrace it for life. We wish you all the luck and hope you are fortunate enough to live a healthy, wealthy, and complete life. We hope you find happiness through our articles and have a great day.

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