Dog and Ox Compatibility: Characteristics and Astrological Match

If you are interested in Astrology you surely would find Chinese Astrology quite fascinating as well. Chinese Astrology has been in practice for the last 2000 years. It is very much a part of their culture and their everyday lives. There are twelve Zodiac Signs in Chinese Astrological Predictions. Each of these twelve Zodiac Signs is represented by an animal. If you are born in a particular month you would be represented by an animal who is symbolic of that particular birth month. Fascinating? right? Let us explore more in the blog below.
In this blog, we will explore Ox and Dog Compatibility.

Characteristics Of Dog Zodiac Sign

These individuals of the Dog Zodiac Sign are very quick-witted, quite loyal and very allegiant. They are also very unpredictable and candid beings. We know that a Dog is quite faithful under any given circumstances and with any kind of people. Similarly, these individuals of Dog Zodiac are extremely loyal and very frank and straightforward people.

They are also very industrious and have genuine characteristics. They are righteous by nature. They can make the crowd go mad with laughter with their sense of humour. Dogs are also very resourceful individuals. They have the ability to befriend any number of people with their smooth talks and positive approach.

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How does Dog behave in Love?

As per Chinese Zodiac and Compatibility the natives of Dog Zodiac are very loyal so much so that they do not know how to flatter their own partners! Jokes apart, these folks are excellent partners in a love relationship. They are very clever and absolutely reliable in a relationship.

They have a lot of attractive qualities that might be loved by their partners. They are very kind-hearted quite responsible and very committed beings. They can provide their partners with a lasting sense of security.
However, they themselves are quite sensitive. Especially in romantic relationships, they might get hurt easily by their partners. The mates of the individuals of Dog descent should not try to lie to them or hide anything from them. If they do they might lose their faithful dog once and for all. Dogs are looking for a happy and simple life. They are inclined towards charity and social work #GoodLife.

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Characteristics Of Ox Zodiac Sign

An Ox is a very faithful and honest Individual as per the Chinese Zodiac and compatibility. They are tough people and outrightly honest individuals. However, they are a traditionalist and may have conservative thought processes. They are liked by the people around them because of their qualities of diligence and endurance. Overall, they are impressive personalities. They are strong people.

An Ox is never a fearful individual No difficulty is big enough for them they could easily manage any uncomfortable situation. They are also very persistent beings. Individual of Ox descent has the tendency to get quite stubborn at times. It is not very good for them. They might look flexible however they are quite passionate beings. They might get moody and short-tempered in certain situations.

How Does Ox Behave In love?

The individuals of Ox descent are quite loyal in relationships as per Chinese Zodiac and compatibility. They are faithful and committed partners. These people are very caring towards their soulmates. They are considerate and cautious.
However, they are also very awkward individuals. Especially in a romantic situation. On the outside, they might appear as someone very cool and flexible. They have a defined set of principles on which they would like to move. They might get awkward in their words or actions in certain situation.
Also, they have the tendency to become very stubborn. Hence, in those times, it might be very challenging for their partners to understand them.

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Dog wife and Ox Husband

As per Chinese Astrology and Compatibility, the Ox as an individual is guided by status and money and would not like to be dependent on anything else. On the other hand, the Dog wife is very benevolent with a very straight and uncluttered mind. She is a very devoted companion. However, the Ox husband could get very harsh and arrogant and would scheme to subjugate his open-minded and friendly wife.

The Dog wife will not take this bullshit at all. She has the tendency to get violent in her reaction if she is pushed too far in the corner by her Ox husband. The Ox husband is prone to remain very detached and quite opinionated. He may not like his Dog Wife’s cold, logical and lucid questioning. This apart they also find it easy to remain happy in each other’s company. Yes, this is how Ox and Dog compatibility rolls!

Ox Wife and Dog Husband

Both the Ox wife and Dog husband are very faithful in relationships. If they get married they have the ability to conduct their marital responsibilities with utmost dedication. However, the Ox wife could get overbearing and rigid. Her nature might pose threats to their relationship. The Dog husband highly values his freedom of speech and he believes in equality. He will find it difficult to convince his narrow-minded Ox Wife. He might not be able to bear her tantrums for a very long time.

The Ox Wife on the other side is not very fond of his husband’s straightforward nature. She might not bear his outspoken ways. She is someone who could build grudges and hold them for way too long. Both these husband and wife Dog and Ox will not refrain from criticising each other’s unfairness and trivialities. However, both of them remain guilty of the same at some point in their relationships. The relationship of Ox and Dog will demand a lot of understanding and adjustments from both parties to make their union work.
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Ending Note

That’s it for today, ending this ox dog compatibility. In the end, what matters is how much is your partner willing to understand you and put efforts into the relationship to make it work. This and all the other attributes that you would like to see in your partner can be analysed once you understand your unique personality traits. So that we could match them with the other Zodiac signs and understand who would be your ideal compatible match!