All About The Chinese Zodiac Sign Dog Characteristics & Personality

All About The Chinese Zodiac Sign Dog Characteristics & Personality

Chinese Zodiac Signs are both interesting and fascinating. There are overall twelve Zodiac Signs. Each one with its unique characteristics and attributes and is represented by an animal. So if you are born in a particular month you would be represented by one of the animals. In this blog, we will discuss the unique personality and characteristics of the Dog Zodiac Sign as per Chinese Astrology and Predictions.

An individual born under the Dog month is a symbol of frankness, loyalty and honesty. These individuals are known to have genuine, righteous character. They are industrious beings. They are popular with people and are very straightforward in all of their dealings. Dogs are blessed with a very good sense of humour. They are very smooth talkers. The Dog Characteristics might get well defined as we move ahead with the article.

Dog Zodiac Personality - Strengths

Dogs are very simple and amiable individuals. They are friendly, very modest, quite upright and would go to lengths to make others feel quite safe and reliable.

These individuals value justice and morality and they are quite compassionate. They might as well suffer losses rather than bother other people. The Dog Characteristics are quite atypical.
Dogs can go all out to help people in need. These individuals understand and can differentiate between black and white. They can speak out when needed and can be just. They are daring individuals.
The natives of Dog Zodiac know very well how to keep the scales even. They are not the ones who would leave the side of the truth. They would never ever violate the laws of morality for their own personal interest. The Dog Characteristics can get more pronounced.

These natives own a very high level of intuition. They have a pretty strong ability of judgement and predictions
Dogs are very quick-witted, clever, dedicated and very diligent, very loyal and ambitious.

The personality of the people who belong to the dog family is kind-hearted. They are quite prestigious people. They own marvellous leadership ability. The Dog Characteristics might add up to something more than what is visible of them.

Dog Zodiac Personality - Weaknesses

The natives of the Dog descent are short-tempered. They might get emotional and go through emotional ups and downs quite often.
These natives can get stubborn at certain times and they would enjoy displaying their bravery.

They might indulge in criticism of the self and others. They could get quite theory-oriented in certain situations and lack judgement and action when need be. Dog Characteristics might not be as difficult to be understood.

They are quite argumentative. They are selective and picky. Their nature might become suspicious sometimes.

The natives of the Dog descent can rely on someone too much. They might also suffer their imagination and imaginary fears. The Dog Characteristucs can be understood in the totality of their personality

Dogs Born during Different Period of the Day

Are you aware that the Dogs born during different times of the day might have different personalities and traits?

Dogs born in the morning

The people who are born in the morning are quite weak in their character and pretty conservative. They might be afraid of all the difficulties that they might have to face while starting with any work. They can also get worried about their personal gains and losses. When these people meet very powerful individuals they might become quite cowardly and terrified! They might lack initiative and might be considered good for nothing if they have ordinary jobs! The Man Dog born during this time of the day might be controlled by his wife completely! The Female Dog Characteristics come across as quite strong.

Dogs born in the noon

The natives of Dog descent who are born during the noontime are very ambitious and they have very sharp eyes and observation powers. They have very good business acumen. It is very easy for them to identify business opportunities and achieve their goal. These natives are quite occupied with their career and business hence they spend less amount of time at home. However, this does not mean in any way that they would ignore their family. The man would be very fond of his wife and would shower her with all his attention. The lady Dog Characteristics make them quite charming. The lady is also someone who would give a lot of attention to her work rather than being at home.

Dogs born in the evening

The Dog natives who are born during the evening time are quite loyal and honest towards their bosses, family members, relatives, friends, elders, teachers etc. Once they become friends with anyone or be in a committed relationship, the Dogs will remain committed and loyal throughout their lives. The male Dog is quite even-tempered and very faithful towards his family. He will give more attention to his family than money. He can be very caring and affectionate towards his wife and children. The Lady Dog characteristics might be an example of sophistication.

Dog Personality Overview

The Dog descents are quite keen and very sharp when it comes to olfactory or visual apparatus! They have keen ears and sharp eyesight. The Dogs are very good with predictions. If what they predict becomes true do not be surprised because they have very intuitive abilities and they are born with the ability to predict and foresee events.

One of the strengths of the natives of the Dog descent is that they have very bright eyes and they are very observant by nature. The Dogs can gauge people and their characteristics with their sharp vision and keen observation. They can understand people from their words or deeds. They could even sense people and their abilities through their dressing and their eye contact. However, the Dogs might not judge anyone very randomly. They are afraid of hurting people.

The individuals who are born under the Dog month come with a very strong sense of justice. The Dog Characteristics are not the ones to remain in the shadows. They can very well take the tit for tat approach. The natives of the Dog Zodiac might rank the people they met in their lives in two categories- friend or opponent. They can figure out the types once they meet these people. The natives who belong to the Dog family will not believe in the way of the medium and would very rarely change their minds once they have made it up. If they have formed opinions and views on someone they are likely to stick with it. Hence the first impression is very crucial for the Dogs. If you want to impress someone who belongs to the Dog Zodiac you might have to be proper in the very first impression! The Dog Characteristics might demand attention.

Dogs can keep their promises and how! With a very strong sense of loyalty especially towards their near and dear ones, the natives of Dog Zodiac can go all out to finish what they had begun as promised! At the same time, they are very loyal, prudent, reliable, quite compassionate and readily available to help others. They often take part in charitable activities and hence they are very popular in their circle. Dogs are quite compassionate.

They have very keen intuition. They can readily boast the fact! They have the ability to suggest and provide valuable guidance. In the matter of leadership, these natives are all out and witty! They can provide valuable suggestions to a leader’s decision and might not shy away from providing some useful and professional advice even though they might hold the position of responsibility. The natives who belong to the Dog Zodiac can sufficiently have a fair understanding of the art of staffing. They are responsible for appointing the right talent and placing them in their line of duty in which they could enhance and add more value to their skill sets. These individuals put a lot of importance on their work and they believe that work should be approached and completed with whole and sole commitment. The natives are quite fearless and very practical. They believe in hard work and practice. They are also quite straightforward and make an accurate judgement about people. The natives of Dog descent are very suitable for the activities pertaining to Human Resources. You better not doubt their professional efficacy because nobody can actually be as good as them in their domain! They have a strong intuition for evaluating and employing the right talent.

These individuals are quite lively and enthusiastic beings as per the Chinese Zodiac. However, within themselves, they are quite pessimistic and deep. They overthink! They can imagine all the crises that can unfold in the world. A lot of the time their predictions might come true.

The pessimistic nature of the natives of Dog descent might make others dislike them. They are not talkative ones. They would not like to talk when they are with their friends or family. This can lead to very awkward silence which can make others ignore their presence. The natives who belong to Dog Zodiac are overtly righteous and hence they will not be able to fake the conversation! These individuals are less likely to share their inhibitions and worries with others and they would keep them buried inside. The Dogs would have two faces and hence they would be disliked by their friends. Nevertheless, the dogs are very faithful to their friends however their friends won’t be able to stand them!
The natives are quite emotional and they can get quite dependent on others. They might also seek help and support from others even when they are capable of solving the problems on their own.

Dog Personality Traits Male

The Dogs who are of male descent are quite practical in their day to day lives. They are not known for their bad habits. These natives are quite good at listening and sharing the unhappiness of other individuals. They can enjoy very good popularity for the same. The male individuals who are born under the Dog sign in the particular boast of a very happy and strong family. For them family is everything and it is the family which can make them forget their worries and unhappiness.

As far as love and relationships are concerned, the natives who belong to the Dog Zodiac are not likely to fall for someone as crazy as a Horse or Tiger might! The Dogs would care genuinely for the ones they love and show their concern by being beside them all the time. The Dog Characteristics say that they maintain very vibrant attitude.

When it comes to a career the men are quite picky however very hard working. They are very practical and very good at management. These individuals are good working partners who are loyal and committed towards their families.


Straightforward: The male Dog is a straightforward individual. They are also lively, active and quite unmannered. They enjoy upholding justice and making the wrongs right. These natives are very well favoured by the women. They look quite passionate however they are very sentimental inside.

Honest: The natives of the Dog descent are quite honest and very helpful and kind beings. They are not the ones to pretend. These natives would always defend the ones who are weak and listen to the worries and pains of the others. They can share the pain and low points of others. The Dogs very well know how to come to the aid of somebody. If you are in any trouble your male Dog friend will come to your aid any time of the day or night! They will never hesitate to help someone.


Indecisive: the male dog might come across as somebody who is quite indecisive. This is their biggest and most obvious flaw. Their minds might work only on one- track and they might get blind at times. The Dogs are not the ones to use sugared words or please women with flattery. They might get clumsy and dull and are only able to offer such words to their ladies.

Stubborn: Dogs are blamed for getting very stubborn in certain situations. They also hold very traditional views of life. The upright dogs can get unbearably traditional in certain instances. They are very less receptive to newness. They do not have a very overdone lifestyle. People might get a little bored around the Dogs.

Dog Personality Traits Female

The Dogs who are ladies are not the ones to hide under layers and layers of makeup. They are quite conservative and traditional. They might not feel insecure around ladies who are gorgeously dressed. They are not the ones who would like to dress up or wear jewellery. They might be considered less charming however they are an absolute good luck for their husbands. The lady dogs who are born during the evening time are quite brave, very charming, positive and outgoing.

In everyday lives the ladies who are born under the Dog Zodiac are quite plainly dressed and they enjoy fluffy and messy hairstyles that can make them look more charming. When these ladies become angry they might be furious but on most occasions these ladies are very impartial, cooperative and considerate. The ladies are very fond of outdoor activities like dancing, playing tennis, and swimming. They are good friends with their husbands and children.

When it comes to matters of the heart the lady dogs can become squeamish and they might take a lot of time to build a very intimate relationship with the others. Whenever they fall for someone they might not say it directly but would prefer to express it in a very reserved manner. They might feel very lonely in love relationships. Because these natives are very introverted and lonely most of their love relationships might not get as romantic as they might have expected. Even if they begin a relationship in full glory they might not be able to maintain it and it might not last very long. Though the Dog ladies are not very on point girlfriends however they are very good partners in marriage as they are quite loyal and very single-minded. It will be a very wise decision to have a Dog lady as your life partner.

When it comes to career and goals these ladies would not prefer to have a very high bound or skyrocketing career but would move towards their goal step by step. When they choose an occupation they would give full preference to the sense of security and a very stable income every month. The lady dogs could become very successful businesswomen. Once they are determined they could surely touch the heights of success.


Independent: These ladies are quite independent and very responsible at the same time. Even if they get married to somebody who would not be very family-oriented these ladies will not have a dash of disappointment in them. The Dog ladies always have their own space and freedom. They can very well entertain themselves without any doubt. These ladies are not very fashionable and they like to dress up plainly.

Friendly: The ladies of this particular Zodiac sign are quite friendly by nature. They are simple and honest. These ladies are not known to cheat on their friends or family and they could be very sincere towards their friends or family. They are quite sincere. They might suffer losses rather than harming others. They will never go against morality and ethics. They would not put their personal interest ahead of the common welfare.


Simple Minded: Not a weakness per se but the ladies of Dog descent are very simple-minded. They are the typical kind of people who would like to ponder over superficial matters rather than deep matters. At times being overly simple might lead to the omission of some aspects. Generally, the young girls of the Dog Zodiac are too simple-minded and the ones who are very close to them might not be able to bear their simplicity.

Inflexible: The ladies are very quiet and taciturn. This might lead to them being quite eloquent and inflexible. This can be the flaw mostly ignored. However, these ladies are very loyal but they do not know how to say kind words tactfully. They lack a lot of tact. This might land them in a lot of trouble in practical life. They might have trouble properly revealing their thoughts.

Ending Note

No doubt that the Dogs are very loyal individuals they are also quite simple and plain minded. Nevertheless, they are loved by their circle of people. They are genuine and caring and they lack tact and deceitful ways. However, they are a gem of a person. The Dog Characteristics might have come across clearly through the article. Hope you enjoyed reading about them & even learnt something from it.

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