Read About Monkey Chinese Zodiac Personality, Compatibility & Much More

The Monkeys are smart, funny and witty. The natives who are born in the Monkey Year as per Chinese Astrology could be brilliant people. The Monkey Zodiac rightly indicates perseverance and brilliance. The people who are the descendants of Monkey Zodiac Sign are active and agile beings. As per Chinese Zodiac Analysis, these natives have very adaptable qualities and abilities. They are flexible and cunning! Read along with us to know about monkey chinese zodiac personality

Monkey Zodiac Eminent Personalities

The natives who are born under the Monkey year as per Chinese Zodiac and Personality are cheerful people. They might even possess enviable abilities and these natives are quite wise. The skills, abilities and smart ideas of these natives are quite visible from a very young age. They have very sharp perspectives. This leads to their overall development in every aspect of their lives. The other individuals often get amused at their ability to be so on the point and intelligent! They have acute predictive powers and they are quite intuitive people. These natives have strong goals in their lives. They can apply all of their might and act in the direction to achieve each and every of their dreams. The Monkeys are quite curious people. Their curiosity leads them towards achieving each and all of their goals. They would also enjoy trying everything that’s new without hesitation. The Monkeys are brave people. These natives do not believe in an “All Bark and No Action” lifestyle! It is not for them. Along with the monkeys are very kind at heart. They can easily win a lot of people in their favour through their amicable and kind nature. These natives are always looking at ways and means to help anyone they meet in their everyday lives. They keep a very upbeat attitude. This is very influential for them as well as others around them. The Monkeys are very cordial, optimistic and honest people.

Monkey Characteristics

Chinese zodiac monkey traits are that they get easily frustrated. These natives are quite sprightly and active which might lead them to get irritated in a slow paced environment. They might get impatient. When things do not work as per their plan or in an unexpected manner these natives might get fussy, upset and irascible. At times the natives might get quite stubborn and refrain from listening to others opinions and ideas. Such a stubborn attitude might come in the way of their original judgement and decision. They might lack prudence in the face of failures. These natives might get highly satisfied in small successes. Hence at times they might not aim strongly for the larger goal. Because they do not hold a long term view and do not plan for a longer duration they might often fall back from the path of their success.

Monkey Zodiac: Career Prospects

The Monkeys hold very strong adaptability to their environment. Hence these natives can be quite competent in any jobs that they take up as per Chinese Zodiac and Compatibility. These people are natural persuaders. The Monkeys hold very strong communication abilities, very strong and uptight logical disposition and efficient and workable plans . These natives are likely to get a lot of appreciation from their colleagues and team mates. Also the Monkeys believe in the pleasure of some life experience. Fun and enjoyment is more important for them than anything else. Hence they might at times compromise on their steady jobs to seek pleasures of life. Everything new, fresh ideas and novel work gets their attention. The Monkeys are curious people . Hence their enthusiasm and curiosity will always push them towards completing their tasks with the best quality.

Because the monkeys have lively personalities hence the jobs that would need a lot of social interaction will be best for them. The jobs that entail a complex brain work can be their preference. In a group they have the potential and the dedication to become the leaders.
Monkeys could be Writers, Diplomats, Entertainers or Journalists.

Monkey Zodiac : Love and Compatibility

The individuals under the Zodiac of Moneys are very easy to approach when in romantic relationships. They are very amicable partners. They are known to get attracted to individuals who are easy-going, kind-hearted and approachable. Simplicity can catch their eyes easily. In romantic involvements, before they commit to long term stability they are known to consider all the angles like future of married lives, family condition and children. They might at times go overboard with excess consideration. However, once they make up their mind they will be faithful partners They could be very attentive to their mates’ likes and dislikes and habits they strive to become better and better by the day for the sake of their partners. They expect their partners to be wholly committed and responsible.

Year Of The Monkey Personality Traits

As per Chinese Astrology, the individuals of the Monkey Zodiac Sign are quite eloquent, intelligent, adaptable and flexible. This Zodiac stands for brilliance and Perseverance. The individuals born under the Monkey Zodiac carry themselves with smartness and agility. They are quite active individuals. They are blessed with very flexible and adaptable abilities.

Now let us dig a little deeper and understand how Female and Male monkeys are similar or different in their personality and attributes.

The Male Monkey always prepared for what life has to offer to him. Plus it is impossible to get bored when he is around you! He is at ease and at peace with his surroundings. The Monkey man has this feeling that he could achieve anything and everything that he desires. This is because he is intelligent, committed, quite determined, innovative, very clever and at the same time good with communication. He has the ability to see through people and situations very clearly. His mind is his asset. On the flip side, he might become very self-centred when he thinks too much of himself.

A lot of his friends would rely on a monkey man because of his ability to see through things very clearly. He can offer functional solutions to all the problems and could find an innovative way out that others won’t be able to see. People would like to talk about their secrets with him because he is a trustworthy confidant.
However, the Monkey man lacks discipline and believes in leading his life as per his moods. However, at all times he remains generous around people and would love to entertain them . He could also be seen by some of the people as very selfish and superficial. He might have very few close friends who would share a more meaningful and deep relationship with him.

At the same time it is quite impossible to understand his psychological make up because he is super unpredictive . He has many faces and many battles going on within him all thanks to his contradictory nature.

The Female Monkey is charming without any doubt. However she is very unpredictable and outspoken. She could do with gaining more life experiences to build confidence in herself. She is one of the very flexible female’s out of all the Chinese Zodiac Signs. She could easily charm the crowd with her wit and the unique entertaining traits that she possesses. She is undoubtedly a genius and can come up with very unique ideas even if they are mischievous. She is a fast thinker and she is full of wits. This trait of a Monkey Woman helps her to make all the right decisions in life because she could clearly see and understand the situation at hand. One can be assured that she would be keeping certain things closed up in her mind and would not hesitate to bring them up in a conversation.

The Monkey Female is kind at heart and she is a reliable confidant. She could keep your secrets safe! She is very honest and a great problem solver. She is always ready to give her helping hand to whoever asks for no matter where or how.

She is also one of the most unpredictable women out of all others as per Chinese Zodiac Signs. She can literally confuse people around her because of her moody nature. However whenever she is entertained and is happy she is the most charming lady around!
On the flip side Monkey woman would demand a lot of attention from the people around her. However all of sudden she would also want to be in solitude and reflect back on her life. She is nothing less of a rebel! She will completely go against the standards set by the society. She has a strong sense of self and she believes in herself earnestly. She feels that her life will be what she builds off and nobody else or nothing else can influence her thinking. She would expect the same from the other people in her life.

Elements and Fortunes

As per Chinese Elements Theory each of the Zodiac signs is associated with one of the five elements ; Earth, Gold(Metal), Water, Wood or Fire. Which would mean that a Wood Monkey might come once in the sixty years cycle.. We know that an individual’s characteristics are decided by their birth year and their zodiac sign and also through one of the elements. Hence there are five kinds of Monkeys as per elemental theory. Let us decipher each one of them below:

Wood Monkey: The Wood Monkeys are quite energetic natives. However at times they might lack confidence.These native enjoy helping their friends. They also crave for positive encouragement in life. The Wood Monkeys are workaholics. Hence no matter how stressful be their work they are able to get past it because of their ability to give their best and be full of energy until they are able to finish what they began! These Monkey are financially very successful. But at times they might not take good care of their health .

Fire Monkey : The Fire Monkeys hold a very business oriented approach in life. They have enormous and big dreams. They also come from a very loving and caring family. Hence they enjoy a happy family life. However these natives are always looking for more and more adventure in their lives. Because they are basically not satisfied with the reality! These Monkeys could get quite hot headed at times. However their lives are quite smooth going with progressive achievements.

Metal Monkey : The natives of the element of metal and especially the Monkeys are quite good public speakers. They are bright people. These natives enjoy entertaining people and hence you might find them cracking jokes more than often! They are also big time pranksters. However certain people might dislike them for their nature and they might not be able to advance in their careers. The Metal Monkeys are recommended to get married late in their lives. These Monkeys are over and above successful people. However they might not be very popular.

Water Monkey : The Water Monkeys enjoy basking in attention ! These natives are quite smart. The Monkeys are born leaders. However they might become arrogant which might come in between them and the success that they could attain. Education and a higher level of emotional quotient are necessary to be successful. These native smight also come across a great fortune in their lives. However they should know how to retain it long term.

Earth Monkey: The native sof Earth elements, especially Monkeys might not get a lot of support but then they are not the ones who could mind ! They can go on and about their own lives.They are not afraid of changes and difficulties. The natives are cheerful and hold positive views of life. They put in a lot of efforts in their lives to taste success early on. They could be good entrepreneurs. They work hard early in their lives so that they can enjoy a satisfying and content life later on .

Ending Note

The Monkeys are considered to be the ninth of the Chinese Zodiac Signs.These natives are light hearted and enjoy pulling off pranks with great success! They also hold the ability to achieve all of their dreams.They are intelligent and very good listeners. If you want to understand you very unique personality and traits you can consult an Astrologer