Explore All About The Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Explore All About The Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The symbols attributed to the Dragon are strength and power. The Dragon people are exotic, mainly among the women, in particular, who exudes sexual charm. Indeed, whether the dragons are male or female, they are liberal and an instant hit with the opposite sex. Water Dragons can dedicate themselves to a great cause or work, and if they do, they may see it until the end. This talent is applicable in both good and bad ways. Water Dragons could not help but win!

The Water Dragon is often outstanding and attracts great attention and publicity. Dragons enjoy being the focus and will face problems well if they face them. The Dragon can be described as a performer. Water Dragon’s views are highly appreciated because they are usually interested in expressing their views. They are very vigorous and often prepared to work long hours to achieve what they want. Sometimes they are quite impulsive and do not always take into account the consequences. They tend to live in the present without thinking much about the future.

Types of Dragons and their Characteristics

Chinese Zodiac Cycle Dragon’s years: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024
In the Chinese zodiac, 1952 was the year of the Chinese zodiac dragon, and the year 1983 was the year of the water element based on the Chinese five elements. Thus, the people who are born in 1952 are known as the Water Dragon. There is 12 Chinese animal Zodiac. The Dragon is in 5th position. Chinese astrology is linked annually to a 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac animals. The next Dragon Year is 2024.

Types of Dragons, year, and their Characteristics

  1. Fire Dragon [1916, 1976]: Smart, unreliable, and easy going
  2. Earth Dragon [1928, 1988]: Smart, ambitious, and hardworking
  3. Gold Dragon [1940, 2000]: Natural and straightforward, unpredictable with continually changing emotions.
  4. Water Dragon [1952, 2012]: Persevering, farsighted, and vigorous
  5. Wood Dragon [1964, 2024]: Introvert, less enthusiastic

Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac: Dragon represents Strength and Power to the Chinese

In the most desirable year, the Dragon was born. The versatile Dragon, possessing magical power, is able to climb to the highest heavens or dive into the sea. The Dragon is shrewd and healthy. Dragon natives have a mystical, intuitive, artistic, and unusually lucky side. Dragons can nevertheless plunge rather low, become irritable, stubborn, and ruthless. The mystical attraction of the Dragon may become a bit too different worldly, making it difficult to approach them.

Dragon Chinese zodiac are flexible and accommodating, but only as long as it suits them. They adjust to everything around them.

That is because they are autonomous types and do not accept that others dominate them.

  1. While courteous and pleasant, they may be just as ferocious and dangerous as the mythical beast on which the sign rests.
  2. Water Dragon Zodiac encourages optimal expansion and growth, which can set its ego apart for the greater good.
  3. Natives may be democratic and liberal but not conciliatory, and without bitterness, water Dragon can accept defeat or rejection.
  4. Water dragon knows how to act wisely and what is important for them to go ahead. As negotiators, they know when, where, and how to use force.
  5. They are quick, reliable, and likely to succeed.

Chinese Astrology Water Dragon: Characteristics

Water Dragon Chinese Zodiacs are smart, friendly, and relaxed people. They seldom let a chance be missed. The difference between the water dragon and the other types is that they are glad to expect results patiently instead of seeing results immediately.

  1. Water Dragon Zodiacs are very intelligent and always ready to share their thoughts and to work with others.
  2. Their main failure is to jump from one activity to another instead of focusing on one activity. Dragons are good speakers and have a great sense of humour.
  3. The Water Dragon Zodiac is a proud and energetic person who has a constant provision of trust.
  4. They are highly intellectual and always take advantage of every opportunity spontaneously.
  5. Water Dragons are strong-minded and determined to do well in whatever they try, which comes to them quite naturally.
  6. They are a little perfectionist and will always try to maintain their high standards.
  7. The Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac is going to criticize anyone who tries to make a fool of them extremely quickly.
  8. Sometimes, they can be considered blunt and direct, and they are certainly not diplomatic or sensitive.
  9. Water Dragon may be pretty insane and often believe what people say. Water Dragon cannot take insult lightly.
  10. Water Dragon may take a long time to learn to trust you again if they have already been insulted or badly hurt once because they have a hard time forgetting things.

Water Dragon Horoscope For Love And Relationship

In a stable relationship, men who were born in the year of Dragon are rather nervous and anxious because they fear being mistaken. Water Dragon is caring and considerate, and because of their sensitivity, they might become disgusted. Sometimes they may not distinguish between lover and mother. Their self-esteem is high, and they do not want to hurt the feelings of others. They may emotionally react if they meet any setbacks in a relationship. They appear to be more isolated after marriage, but they are exceptionally responsible husbands.

  1. In a love relationship, women born in the year of Dragon are the ones who, if they are in love with someone, will dress to impress.
  2. They are fully dedicated to a relationship and ardently display their feelings. They may take a long time to know their partners and decide whether these men maybe their real love for the rest of their lives.
  3. Their relationship may always go far because of their careful selection. Female natives are willing to play the role of hardworking homemakers after marriage.
  4. The Water Dragon always relies on his own opinion and can mock the advice of other people. Many people in their lives will adore the Dragon as many are attracted by their flamboyant personality.
  5. They like to feel self-sustaining, and many dragons value their independence to the point where they prefer to live alone.
  6. If water dragon marries, they are usually married young and compatible with Rats, Snakes, Monkeys, and Roosters.

Water Dragon Horoscope Compatibility

Dragon Chinese zodiac people are usually in a passive situation, because they are not actively pursuing others. They are generous, independent, and honest, helping them to conquer other people’s hearts. They are rarely disturbed by love affairs because they want to develop natural relationships. In general, according to the Chinese zodiac compatibility rules, people who were born in the Dragon Year would be well placed with people like Rooster, Rat, and Monkey; it would probably be a happy married life. However, when choosing a life partner people with Ox, Sheep, or Dog should be avoided.

Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac: Career Aspect

Often, the Water Dragon goes very far in his career because they have self-confidence and a great desire to succeed. They have important management qualities and may put their ideas into practice very well. In politics, they usually succeed, and they may get the position of a manager in their jobs, show business, and anything that connects them with the media.

The Water Dragon is fairly fortunate in their career. They may easily get well with colleagues due to their good social skills. They often provide their company with great help with their creative thinking. They are therefore easily promoted.

Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac: Health Aspect

In general, the Water Dragons live a healthy life. Natives do not have to worry about their condition too much. They may recover soon, even if they suffer from some diseases such as cold and fever. To maintain good health, they have to develop a habit of regular exercise. Just try to avoid working overtime often.

The Dragons should eat healthier and more nutritious food rather than over-eating, especially for girls. Try to go to bed and get up early in terms of work and rest. Do not stay on the cell phone or watch television late at night. Regular physical exams are required if they have recurrent disease.

Hints for Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The life of the Water Dragons may not be very smooth in 2023. In 2023, there will inevitably be some minor diseases, and there may be a high probability of certain accidents. They are also prone to physical conflicts with others that lead to physical injury or discomfort. It is recommended that they control their temper. Also, do not go alone to places such as pools and reservoirs.

That’s it from our end, hope you understood about Water Dragon Chinese Zodiac. Thank you!