Benefits of White Sapphire

Benefits of White Sapphire

What is the White Sapphire?

White Sapphire is also known as colourless Sapphires. It resembles a diamond in the structure and it has been said that white Sapphire has planet Venus’ energy within it. The other common names of white Sapphires are Safed Pushkaraj and Safed Pukhraj. White Sapphires are quite beautiful and the most demanded one due to their beauty.

The planet Venus is regarded as the one that brings you wisdom, good luck and happiness throughout. White Sapphires are worn to gain the immense benefits of planet Venus. White sapphires have been originated from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, Burma, Madagascar and Tanzania. In the astrological aspect, wearing a white sapphire gives you lots of opportunities to attract wealth and happiness.

Major benefits of white sapphire you get by making it a part of yours

White Sapphire And Its Astrological Advantages

White Sapphire stone benefits are unending. When you wear this gemstone, your happiness increases double fold along with wealth and health. The relationship with your loved ones strengthens and you will never face any downtime. If you are working in hospitality, tourism or travel or art, white Sapphire is apt for you.

Get Personal Benefits Of White Sapphire

You may have some enemies who do black magic against you or have evil eyes, or evil spirits. What would you do about this? Do not worry, just wear white Sapphire and see the miraculous benefits in your life.

    1. You feel enthusiastic to set life goals by wearing white sapphire
    2. It makes you happy, and calm always
    3. This gemstone helps you improve the relationship as the stone has the strength of planet Venus
    4. Wear white sapphire and see the changes in your artistic abilities
    5. Using it wisely will give you immense wealth
    6. If you want an appealing personality in front of others, wearing white sapphire is all you need to do
    7. You start feeling joy in your relationship once you wear this gemstone
    8. The benefits of wearing white sapphire on the middle finger are that it helps you get rid of nightmares and provides you with a good peaceful sleep during the nights

Who Should Wear White Sapphire?

If your career comes under fashion, entertainment, saloon, jewellery, photography, film, cosmetics, hotel and hospitality industries, you are the one who should wear white sapphire to gain its ultimate benefits.

The list doesn’t end here. Artists, creative individuals, event management employees can also wear this gemstone for the huge benefits.

White sapphire stone benefits can be gained if you are a celebrity. Yes, you get wealth, fame and name for sure.

Wear this white stone and start a business of white products or resolve issues in business, you are on the right path of making huge benefits.

Know White Sapphire Healing Properties

Do you know that white sapphire has healing power for various diseases? It helps you cure gynaecological issues, diabetes, urinary infections, gastric issues, infertility, etc.
White Sapphire astrology is true and has a crown chakra according to the astrologers. This gemstone is powerful in healing thyroid problems, nervous system functioning by strengthening blood vessels. As told earlier, white sapphire improved relationships by removing the trauma that happened earlier. If you are fed up with repeated migraine or depression, try wearing white sapphire and you will see miraculous benefits.

Do you want to know if you can wear white sapphire? Talk to Astrologer Now

Wear White Sapphire If You Are These Zodiac Signs

Each gemstone must be worn by each zodiac individual. You shouldn’t wear a gemstone if it is not your birthstone. White sapphire is the birthstone of Libra, Taurus and Gemini. When these individuals wear it, they get luxury status in life with pure marital bliss. Some of the other zodiac people who can wear white sapphire are Capricorn, Virgo and Aquarius.

Taurus ascendants who wear white sapphire prove to gain luck and prosperity. This gemstone gives you a sound life status, career, health, wealth and all types of success in life.

If you are a Gemini, do not wait to wear white sapphire. The planet Venus rules Gemini people as it is placed in the 5th and 12th house. According to astrology, Venus gives you brilliance, knowledge and children. So, pleasing Venus is quite important. Get successful days ahead by wearing a white sapphire on your finger.

Planet Venus rules in the second and ninth house of the Virgo natives. Wearing white sapphire would be good for your whole life by wiping out all the negativities from life.

Libra people get good benefits from white sapphire. If you wear this gemstone, then you are likely to get a sound health, career, marital relationship, art etc. White sapphire eliminates all the negativities from your life.

Capricorns! Wear white sapphire and get great luck ahead. For Capricorns, Venus gives you a good career as it is a yog karak planet and wearing white sapphire imparts you the best of everything.

Do Not Wear White Sapphire If You Are These Zodiac Signs

Are you an Aries individual? If yes, do not wear white sapphire as Venus planet is regarded as a maraka planet for Aries. Maraka means, to destroy. So wearing white sapphire will be harmful to your health itself. But, if you are going through Venus Mahadasha, you can try wearing this gemstone.

Do you want to know if you are in Venus mahadasha? Talk to Astrologer

White sapphire is not a good gemstone for Cancer people. Astrologers say Cancer people have Venus planet in their fourth and eleventh house. So, like Aries, you can wear white sapphire only if you are going through venue mahadasha.

Since Venus owns the tenth house of Leo people in their birth charts, wearing white sapphire will not be beneficial. Scorpio and Sagittarius ascendants shouldn’t wear white sapphire as venus is a malefic planet for you people. The same is in the case of Pisces people, where they can wear this gemstone only if they are undergoing venus mahadasha.

Do you want to know if Venus planet is beneficial or malefic or marak for you in the horoscope? It is advisable to get a Janampatri to know the complete in and out of the planetary positions in the horoscope.

Best Results Of White Sapphire From Malefic Planets And Mahadasha

Some individuals may be under the control of Venus mahadasha and Venus Antardasha. If you are one among them, it is advisable to wear white sapphire on your finger.


What Type of White Sapphire Should You Wear?

It is important to know that you should wear white Sapphire for the first time on any Friday. Do a routine puja at home before wearing this gemstone. You can also buy white sapphire on Fridays to get maximum benefits.
Next thing to note that the stone you choose must be 5 carats and must be made in white gold or silver.

How To Wear White Sapphire In A Right Way?

Here is the proper way to wear white sapphire for the first time. Dip the ring in cow milk, light incense sticks and start chanting Om Shum Shukraya Namaha 16 times. Then wear it in your middle or small finger.

White Sapphire and Its Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, the good and bad effects are based on the position of Venus in your birth chart. If venus is in the malefic position, then wearing this gemstone increases bad results and brings many problems in your life.

You should not buy gemstones without consulting an astrologer. As this may bring only negativities in your life. Only buy gemstones after thorough consultation and recommendation from your astrologer.