Astrology and Gemstones

Talking about Vedic Astrology, it lays significant value in using gemstones as realistic treatments or solutions that can prevent or mitigate unfavourable planetary influences while strengthening or enhancing favourable or suitable planetary influences in natives’ birth chart. Wanna explore more about it? Let us gain some knowledge about gemstones in astrology.

Significance of Gemstones

Every planet is linked with a specific Gemstone based on its color, wavelength, available tints, mineral composition, luster, transparency, and other properties. Similarly, according to Astrology, a total of 27 Constellations or Nakshatras are there. Every Constellation corresponds to one specific Planet, as a result of which a different Gemstone for each Nakshatra is assigned Astrologically.

After having a perfect solution, it might be recommended to discontinue wearing the Gemstone, so there are some Gemstones that should be worn permanently and some Gemstone which should be worn as a temporary solution until some solid solution is achieved. This is decided on the basis of your birth chart or horoscope.

That is why it is extremely important that the expert that you are taking consultation of should be well experienced and skilled enough to be able to handle any adversities in a horoscope because if the expert’s calculations are not accurate, there are some Gemstones that may backfire. Hence, keep your eyes and sense of Wisdom open!

Compatibility Of Gemstones And Metal

Also, the fact that a particular metal or the colour of the metal is believed to be related to different Planets. These metals can be gold, silver, copper, alloys (PanchDhatu), and brass, so these metals also have their compatibility with the planets, and the combination of a metal and a Gemstone is done by the Astrologers. If this combination is accurate and works out, it might significantly increase the power of a given Planet in the Natal Map and thereby bringing in the desired result that the native was seeking.

Metals that are incompatible with or unsuitable for a particular gemstone may also cause premature deterioration of the gemstone. An incompatible metal might also neutralize/nullify the effect of the Gemstone. There are norms established for compatibility between metal, Gemstone, and Planet. This should be followed strictly. Like a Pearl Gemstone should never be placed in a gold or yellow metal ring, or a Yellow Sapphire Gemstone should always be worn in Yellow metal.

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Scientific Application of Astrology and Gemstones

To understand how Gemstones work, we have to understand two aspects of Gemstones, namely Color, Composition, and Weight.

  • Colors
    VIBGYOR, as we all are the subcategory of Sunlight. The sunlight also has two invisible rays, which are called infrared and ultraviolet or in other words, we can say there are two invisible colors.

According to Astrology, there are seven planets and two shadow planets, namely Rahu and Ketu, so that makes a total number of planets 9. The same is with the colors. There are seven colors and two invisible ones, totaling 9 colors. These 9 colors represent the 9 planets, each with different characteristics, attributes, abilities, and weaknesses. This Cosmic network of 9 colors is the foundation of the science of Gemology to a large degree.

The wavelengths of colored light emanating from the Planet have to match the wavelengths of colored light emanating from the stone. On the basis of this, each planet is assigned each gemstone.

In the event that a native has a deficiency of certain vibration or energy, a Gemstone can be used to compensate for the deficiency helping humans to live a fulfilling and productive life. A high understanding of the natural energy systems was at the roots in developing this ancient science. Hence using Gemstones is in sync with the natural energy system. Astronomy gained huge popularity in ancient India and gained the status of a supreme art form.

Astrologers are respected figures in Indian society, no less than a doctor, even now. The Astrologers use this understanding to enhance the planetary effects and suggest related Gemstones.

  • Composition

In most cases, the Gemstones are made up of a complex mix of different types of minerals. The minerals are associated with the planets, depending on Astrology, and therefore correspond to different traits and attributes. When a stone is constantly in touch with your skin, it is likely that the minerals are absorbed in your system. It could be worn as a ring or a pendant. This absorption of minerals is said to improve the overall system, enhancing positive energy flow and decreasing negative energy flow.

  • Weight

Depending on the intensity of the planetary effect, the weight of the stone is also determined by the Astrologers. This may not be applicable to all Gemstones, but to some Gemstones, this calculation has to be precise.

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An Overview Of Gemology

The thumb rule is that females wear Gemstones in the left hand, and males wear Gemstones in the right hand.

  • Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj: Index finger, planet Jupiter (Guru), wear on Thursday
  • Blue Sapphire/Neelam: Middle finger, planet Saturn (Shani), wear on Saturday
  • Hessonite/Gomed: Middle finger, planet Rahu (Dragon Head), wear on Saturday
  • Cat’s Eye/Lehsunia: Middle finger, planet Ketu (Dragon Tail), wear on Saturday
  • Diamond/Heera: Middle finger, planet Venus (Shukra), wear on Friday
  • Red Coral/Moonga: Ring finger, planet Mars (Mangal), wear on Tuesday
  • Ruby/Manik: Ring finger, planet Sun (Surya), wear on Sunday
  • Emerald/Panna: Little finger, planet Mercury (Budh), wear on Wednesday
  • Pearl/Moti: Little finger, planet Moon ( Chandrama), wear on Monday.

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Final Thoughts

An experienced and professional Astrologer will weigh these variables, in retrospect to your current issue or life condition, to draw a complete analysis and select the most appropriate Gemstone for you.

As the Gemstones are also said to have healing therapy, which is similar to colour therapy, gemstones can also be used to cure specific diseases or solve specific life conditions. This is the main reason why a specific Gemstone is suggested for you. The Astrologers customize the weight, finger position depending on the negative effects faced by the natives.

Hello reader, how does that feel when you absorb the knowledge and information that you were looking for? No need to thank us will keep on guiding you for the betterment of your future only. So, this was the Vedic astrology gemstones quick digest for you. Keep learning, keep growing!