Overview of Moola Nakshatra Characteristics and Padas

Overview of Moola Nakshatra Characteristics and Padas

Overview of Moola Nakshatra in Astrology

Moola Nakshatra is the 19th of 27 Nakshatras, ranging from 0 degree to 13 degrees and 20 minutes in Sagittarius. It has 4 padas as follows:

Moola Nakshatra Padas:

1AriesMarsMaterial possessions, optimistic, egotism, self centeredness
2TaurusVenusOccult, material implications, hard work, creativity
3GeminiMercuryCommunication, relationships, financial issues, spiritual pursuit
4CancerMoonEmotional, pain, dependency, attachment

Moola Nakshatra’s deity is ‘Niritti’, who is the goddess of destruction, calamity, death, corruption, and dissolution. ‘Nir’ means ‘to be deprived of or dissolved’. ‘Ritti’ means ‘natural order or right’. Hence, Niritti implies deprivation of natural order or right action.

The Niritti Shakti empowers the natives to break away from all the material shackles and illusions. The symbolism for this nakshatra is ‘tangled roots’. By the way, ‘Moola’ itself means roots which signifies everything in its basic nature. Lord Ganesha is the lord of Ketu, and he plays an important role in Moola Nakshatra. However, ‘Ravana’ was born under this nakshatra.

This is the first nakshatra from where one starts a spiritual journey. Moola Nakshatra can be understood by Muladhara Chakra, which is the base chakra where the root of latent and karmic energy (Prarabdha) resides. The blessings and curses both are seated in this chakra. Every action is a seed that is planted in Muladhara across lifetimes.

Muladhara Chakra is your sixth house which is Upachay. It is also the centre of all the ‘Vasanas’ (desires). Ketu governs Vasanas, and Lord Ganesha balances the uncontrollable desires. This is where Moola Nakshatra comes into the picture. Since it is the root Nakshatra, the ‘tangled roots’ itself implies the ties of Vasanas. These Vasanas are about karmic patterns, where the native has to go beyond them towards Moksha.

Moola is about being tied to material responsibilities or possessions. Muladhara chakra is represented by four petals meaning Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. So, Muladhara is the residence of these four karmic patterns. Lord Ganesh is the remedy for overcoming all the Vasanas and directing the native in the right direction. The natives have to unlock this entanglement. They can enjoy the possessions but should not get attached.

If the basic tendencies of this nakshatra play without any consciousness, then the native becomes aggressive, egoistic, selfish, extremely materialistic and only wants pleasures in life. The native is required to balance Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

Moola is all about going to your roots. Many Moola natives are engaged in agricultural work, or they live in forest areas. They also have the talent to get to the root cause of a problem, making them excellent investigators and problem solvers. Children born under Moola Nakshatra are so inquisitive that they often dismantle the toys to see what’s in there.

This nakshatra is connected to progeny. These are the people who are interested in the family tree and lineage. This is also known as destroying nakshatra. If something new has to come, the old things must be destroyed – old thoughts, patterns, and habits. It is the root of the progeny. This is the Shiva energy. Also, this is the root of the spiritual journey.

It is a Tiksha Nakshatra that makes the native face harsh realities. It is believed that the soul’s seed sprouts in this nakshatra which is Adhamukha (facing downward), and its journey continues till Ardra Nakshatra (facing upward) towards the ultimate liberation.

The self-realisation has to sink in for Moola Nakshatra natives, so they have to go into the roots and find all the entanglements. They can be extremely rich, happy, luxurious, fixed opinionated, deep enquirer, clever, and prosperous. They also face many betrayals and losses. Often they are the leaders of a group, trapped and bound by certain circumstances. Despite material comforts, they also go through a lot of suffering and pain, and only spiritual activities can help them ascend.

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Characteristics of Moola Nakshatra Male

Moola males seek pleasures and chase material possessions. They have a shallow sense of financial management. They have a mark of arrogance on their face and are reserved individuals. They have a talent to go into the root of a cause. This makes them dependable problem solver.

They can get themselves into debts because of unnecessary spending. However, they have a carefree attitude and do not invest wisely for their future. But they do not get much support from their family. Whatever they achieve, they have to do it on their own.

They want to live a free life, but they find themselves tied down to an unpleasant situation for which they will have to take responsibility at the cost of their dream life. They get betrayed by friends often who use them for their money. They have a pleasant married life. Also, they get support from their spouse. However, in the case of malefic planet influences, they tend to get into illicit relationships, which leads to the ending of their marriage.

Best suited work Moola males is anything related to the investigation, be it in the form of technical assistance or adviser or customer support. They prove to be good healers, doctors, detectives, law personnel, police officers, treasure hunters, farmers, horticulturists, miners and professions involving destructive elements.

They are prone to paralysis, tuberculosis, stomach, neck and shoulder related ailments. In terms of health, they have to take extra care after the age of 27.

Characteristics of Moola Nakshatra Female

Moola females are very rudimentary in nature. They are adventurous and want to try many things in life except for studies. They are not fond of modern education and do not take an interest in books. They have a sunny side to them, which gives them a big social circle.

They are not very lucky in relationships. But it depends on what other planets are in their charts. Usually, they go through a difficult marriage or witness the early death of the husband. Divorce and separation are also usual happenings in this Nakshatra. Because of this, they face emotional turmoil and social prejudices. In India, moola nakshatra females have got a bad reputation because it is believed that they have an ill effect on father in law.

Moola females are said to have fixed opinions and a quick temper which puts them at reputational risk. They do not get much support from children as well. However, this shouldn’t be taken as a bad thing. The purpose of Moola natives is to turn inwards, and nothing is as effective as problems to make us dive into spirituality.

Moola females have a heart for others who are struggling. They have a deep sense of pain and wisdom derived from it. Careers suited for Moola females are art, music, horticulture, advisers, social work, teacher, writer and investigator.

They are prone to paralysis, stomach and limbs related ailments, shoulder pain and any genetic diseases. They have to be more careful towards health after the age of 27 till 60.

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Moola Nakshatra Facts:

Zodiac SignSagittarius
Degree rangeSagittarius 0 to Sagittarius 13.20'
Moola Nakshatra LordKetu
DeityNiritti, Ganesha
SymbolTangled roots
ColourMustard / Brownish Yellow
BodyLeft side
AnimalMale Dog
BirdRed Vulture, Ruddy Shelduck
TreeSarjaka, Kammara
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