The Effects Of Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha

The word Grahan has multiple meanings, one of which is applicable in this context is consume. Through Grahan Yog, Rahu or Ketu may eat the Sun or Moon according to this interpretation. Through Grahan Yog, Rahu or Ketu can ruin the general as well as the specific significance of the Sun or Moon. Afflictions to the Sun and Moon, the two most prominent planets in Astrology, may have an impact on the overall theme and strength of a horoscope. As a result, the native may experience difficulties in a variety of areas. This is why in astrology, Grahan Yoga is regarded as one of the most difficult events.

As a result, in the case of Moon, every sixth native suffers from Grahan Yog due to the Moon’s placement with Rahu or Ketu. When these factors are combined, Grahan Yog appears in about every third horoscope. Grahan Yog will be developed in around 80% of horoscopes if we consider the formation of this defect due to malefic aspects of Rahu and Ketu. It follows that Grahan Yog should have an impact on practically everyone. As a result, other circumstances in a horoscope must be completed in order for Grahan Yog to form in that horoscope.

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How Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha Is Formed?

When the Moon and Rahu are in the same house, Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha is formed. This combination has a powerful influence and has a significant impact on the native’s life. Rahu is exceedingly elusive, dishonest, and egotistical, while Moon represents mind and emotions. As a result, natives with Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha are emotionally unstable, manipulative, and may experience unidentified fears or phobias in their lives. The Chandra-Rahu Grahan Dosha has various outcomes depending on their placement and degree of conjunction. The Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha Nivaran Puja is the most powerful Vedic method for removing Dosha’s effects.

Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha occurs when the planets Moon and Rahu are situated together in the same house or are aspecting each other.

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Rahu is associated with consumerism, mischief, dread, dissatisfaction, obsession, and confusion in Hindu astrology. Rahu is also linked to politicians and the study of esoteric sciences. Like Rahu, Ketu too is a sworn enemy of the Sun and Moon. In astrology, it is often regarded as a malefic planet.

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Impact Of Chandra Rahu Grahan Yog On Individuals

1. Have an effect on the mind, and a native’s thinking may become unstable as a result.
2. Evil eye entrapment.
3. Due to Chandra Grahan, a sudden company loss may occur.
4. If a woman has this Grahan, it can lead to miscarriage.
5. Chronic diseases affect some people.
6. Some people have a lot of problems while travelling.
7. Problematic mother-child relationship
8. Some people have suffered a significant financial loss as a result of this.
9. Due to Grahan Yoga, some people have difficulty forming harmonious relationships with women.

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Steps Of Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha Nivaram Puja

Chandra and Rahu are the two different planets in the Hindu astrological system. Natives affected with Grahan Dosha are recommended Nivaran Puja which incorporates the worship of Kalash as well as five other significant gods:

1. First Kalash Sthapana
2. Then Panchang Sthapana – Ganesha, Shiva, Matruka, Navagraha, and the Pradhan-Devtas Rahu and Chandra.
3. Chandra Beej Mantra 11000 times recited throughout the Puja.
4. Rahu 18000 times Beej Mantras are chanted throughout the puja.
5. Then a havan ritual (consecrated fire) is done, in which ghee, sesame seeds, barley, and other sacred materials associated with Lord Moon and Rahu are offered to Agni (Fire God) as Chandra and Rahu mantras are spoken.
6. Havan ritual (consecrated fire) is a powerful cure for removing the Grahan Dosh’s negative effects from your horoscope.
7. Worship shall be performed on the closest best Muhurat (auspicious time), i.e., in a Rahu or Moon Nakshatra and on Monday, in order to achieve the greatest possible benefits.
8. Chandra Gayatri mantra should be recited 108 times.
9. Chandra mantra Japa, Homa, Aarti, Pushpaanjali is done at the end of the puja.
10. After the puja is completed, the devotee has to give donations to the poor or to the temple.

Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha Jap Mantra

Engage in good deeds and repeat the following mantras 108 times-

“Om Shraan Shreen Shraun Sah Chandramase Namah”
“Om Son Somaay Namah”

During the Grahan, Lord Moon and Lord Shiva should be worshipped.

Special Ingredients used in Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha Puja:

1. Palash wood
2. Palash flower
3. White flower
4. White cloth
5. White sandalwood
6. White thread

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How Is Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosha Puja Beneficial?

1. It brings happiness and wealth into a person’s life.
2. It has an effect on the unbalanced mind and helps to restore mental balance.
3. Marital conflicts can be solved with this Puja and harmony in marriage might be sustained.
4. Profits are made in business and occupation-related matters, and home and automobile comfort are maintained.
5. Riches and wealth are kept in the family, as is love.

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Ending Note

If this sounds like your situation, realize that there is always a way out. Modern astrology, according to some of the best astrologers, has the ability to reverse the effects of malefic planets like Rahu and offer you respite. In such instances, all you have to do is energize the Lagna lord.

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