Mars Transit In Libra 2021: Will The Red Planet Show Mercy?

Mars Transit In Libra 2021: Will The Red Planet Show Mercy?

If we follow the theories of Vedic astrology, the placement of Mars plays a crucial role in choosing the life partner. The red hot planet is the significator of aggression, desires, and passion. Mars is currently moving into the Libra sign, which means that it is forming a conjunction with the Sun. This planetary transit may have an impact on our significant areas of life.

The transiting Mars in Libra may provide much-needed relief for those who took the hit from the pandemic. Natives who have strong Mars in their kundali may achieve mental peace. The government may soon come up with new strategies. Professional workers who are in the creative field may put their ideas to work. In your personal life, you may have peace and harmony. Your past issues with your siblings may get resolved.

On the one hand, Mars is ready to enter the Libra sign, and on the other hand, the Sun will be passing through Libra. As a result, there will be a conjunction between these two planets. Therefore, we must take guidance from the experts about the upcoming Mars transit in Libra 2021.

Dates For Planetary Transits

Mars Transit In Libra: Oct. 22, 2021

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Mars Transit In Libra 2021 Effects

It would be interesting to know what changes can Mars bring into our lives. So, we approached our best astrologers to know their impacts. Below is what they have to suggest for the natives of all signs.

For Rams,

Mars in Libra may bring good news for Aries natives who are willing to get married. They may have a perfect time to enter a new stage of their life. Entrepreneurs can expect desired profits from their new project works. Businessmen may have a decent time during Mars’s transit in Libra. Those who are dealing with legal matters may get relief. Students may score good marks in exams.

Remedy: Offer red gram pulses at a nearby temple.

For Bulls,

Individuals with the Taurus sign may get mixed outcomes due to the arrival of Mars in Libra. Healthwise, you may need to follow your daily exercise. You may also need to make necessary changes in your food diet. You may win against your hidden enemies. This may help you get rid of the mental stress. Lovers may have a hectic schedule. Your excitement level may land you in trouble.

Remedy: Offer sweets to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday.

For Twins,

Natives who are holding the Gemini sign may have a fair time as far as their personal life is concerned. You may invest more time with your family members. This could be an excellent time for artists to come up with new creative ideas. Singles may meet their life partner during Mars transit in Libra. Those who are connected with the stock market activities may have a beneficial time.

Remedy: Read Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis.

For Crabs,

The upcoming transit of Mars may have a favourable time for the Cancerians. There are strong chances that you may add a new vehicle to your house. In your personal life, you may achieve peace and harmony. Your mother’s health may improve in this phase. Lovers with Cancer sign may end up parting ways with each other. Those who have heart-related issues may get resolved. Married natives may improve relations with their in-laws.

Remedy: You are advised to follow Bajrang Baan.

For Lions,

Individuals carrying the Leo sign may have positive impacts on transiting Mars. You may form a fun-loving connection with your siblings. You may plan to visit new places with them. Those who are working in the media and entertainment industry may have a suitable time to expand their career growth. Students may boost their self-confidence and they may fulfil their desires.

Remedy: Offer sincere prayers to Lord Hanuman and organize HanumanPuja.

For Virgins,

This transition of Mars in Libra denotes that you may earn unconditional support from your family members. Financially, you may have a good time exploring your new money. You may reach your money-saving goals too. Lovers may plan to take their relationship to the next level. Government servants may get monetary gains as they may bring up new guidelines.

Install a neem plant and nurture it.

For Scales,

Individuals who are representing the Libra sign may restore happiness back in their life. You may spend quality time with your loved ones. Singles may plan to make life commitments. Some of you may need to accept daily life changes. You are advised to control your aggression, or else you may get in serious trouble. Libra students may regain focus on their studies. You may achieve good marks as well.

Remedy: Chant Mangal Beej mantra and install Mangal yantra.

For Scorpions,

Those natives who are associated with the Scorpio Moon sign may complete their travelling goals. You may plan to settle in a foreign land, where you can discover a new source of income. Professional workers may undergo stress because of their enemies at the office. This transition may hamper your health condition and you may have frequent visits to the hospital. You may slowly incline towards spirituality.

Observe fast on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

For Archers,

Natives with the Sagittarius sign may have the perfect time to set up their new business. Entrepreneurs may earn desired profit during this time. Those who have previously spoiled relations with their siblings may get resolved. Students may feel less stress, but they need to maintain focus on their studies. You may indulge in social activities, where you may develop few contacts as well.

Remedy: Offer red lentils at a nearby Hanuman temple.

For Sea-Goats,

Capricorn pals may have a decent time moving into the upcoming phase. Mars transit in Libra indicates that you may have a beneficial time in regards to your career and profession. Job individuals with Capricorn sign may earn the desired position via promotional letter. You may improve your relations with your in-house working mates. Those who are entrepreneurs and teachers may benefit from the government’s new policies.

Carry a red piece of cloth in your wallet.

For Water-Bearers,

Individuals having the Aquarius sign may have an enjoyable time during the Mars transit in Libra. You may plan to accomplish your travelling goals by visiting your favourite destinations. You may incline towards spirituality. Some of you may go on religious trips with your family. Loves may find the perfect time to make life commitments to their dating partner. Also, lawyers and teachers may have suitable time.

Remedy: Install the Amla tree and nurture it.

For Fishes,

Individuals representing the Pisces sign may get mixed outcomes as Mars passes through the Venus-ruled Libra sign. Those who are working in the research and development field may need serious efforts. Lovers may get the likes of intimacy and you may take the matter to the next stages. Healthwise, you may maintain good health. But, you need to be careful while driving otherwise, you may meet with an accident.

Remedy: Donate Foods and bananas to monkeys.

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Wrapping Up

So, coming to the final words, we can say that the transiting Mars may have mercy on us. Agreed that Mars is considered a malefic planet, but due to its friendly relations with Venus (Libra’s ruler), we may not have major difficulties. The result may vary according to the strength of the planet and houses placed in the individual’s house. If you are looking for help to know more about your life prospects, get us on call with the click of your finger.