Major Astrological Events: Yay Or Nay For Your Zodiac Sign?

MyPandit March 22, 2022
Major Astrological Events: Yay Or Nay For Your Zodiac Sign?

Like our life, astrology also witnesses many events at different points in time. This event primarily includes planetary transit which in simpler words is called the movement of planets. Since planets are always in motion, they keep on moving in different zodiac signs for a certain period of time. Some last longer, and have a massive impact, while others can remain for small periods of time and don’t bring any major change.

In the year 2022, there will be major astrological events that can bring a lot for you. Worry not! Astrology has answers! When a planet enters a sign, what its position will be in your birth chart, how is it going to affect every aspect of your life, what surprises and shock are in-store for you, and many more things to look out for.

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The month of March and April are filled with many major astrological events that may pose challenges, changes, and happy times for you. Here’s the complete list.

Major Astrological Events: Yay Or Nay For Your Zodiac Sign?

Venus Saturn Conjunction on March 28

Glamorous planet Venus is going to get the company of none other than the ringed planet, Saturn. If Saturn is the disciplinarian, then Venus governs the relationships. Hence, it will be interesting to see how their union will turn out to be for every zodiac sign native. Being of opposite natures, this conjunction can go either way i.e. hardship or luxury. So what this transit is going to bring for you? To know more, talk to astrologers !

Mars Saturn Conjunction on April 5

After Venus, it’s the turn of Mars to join Saturn. Mars is a fierce and aggressive planet that stands for the desire and ambition of an individual. As already mentioned, Saturn is a strict teacher that represents karma and justice. A common trait both the planets share is that they are known for being malefic, if not aligned favourably in a birth chart. Hence, it will be an interesting combination to watch out for. Get a more in-depth understanding of this conjunction with: Saturn, Mars Conjunction in Capricorn.

Rahu-Ketu Transit on April 12

Now it’s the turn of the most feared planets in astrology: Rahu and Ketu which are going to transit on Apr 12, 2022. These two nodes of the Moon are well-known for bringing adverse results whether it is in health, career, or relationships. However, if placed favourably, it can be the biggest supporter of your life. What will happen to your sign when the Rahu transits to Aries on April 12? Find out now with Rahu In Aries 2022: The Impact On Each Area Of Life

Jupiter Transit In Pisces on April 13

The noble and optimistic planet Jupiter is going to move in the Pisces sign on April 13, 2022. The generous and candid nature of Jupiter can bless natives with wealth, luck, and prosperity. Although, an afflicted Jupiter can result in failure, carelessness, financial issues, and various other losses. Therefore, keep an eye on this transit to see how lucky or unlucky will be Jupiter for you. Or, you can know it all right now with Jupiter In Pisces 2022 – An Astrological Event To Have An Eye Upon!

Saturn Transit In Aquarius on April 29

After enjoying the company of Venus and Mars, the Karmic planet Saturn will move to the Aquarius sign. Since Saturn is the ruling planet of Aquarius, it would not be wrong to say this strict teacher is going to move in its own sign. So, irrespective of whether it is going to be positive or negative, expecting intense results cannot be wrong. As Saturn will remain in Aquarius for a long time, folks from all zodiac signs, get ready for a long-lasting effect. Read More: Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2022: Which Areas Are Going To Be Affected?

Venus Jupiter Conjunction on April 30

The best aspect of this conjunction is that both Venus and Jupiter are benefic planets. Wait! Hold that wide smile. The house of their conjunctions can decide your good or not-so-good fate. Whether you achieve marital bliss or face obstacles in the relationship due to strong or weak Venus; or gain prosperity or any kind of losses as a result of beneficial or afflicted Jupiter – all depends on the position of this conjunction.

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