Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2023 After 30 Years: Which Areas Are Going To Be Affected?

Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2023 After 30 Years: Which Areas Are Going To Be Affected?

The Saturn transit in Aquarius in 2023 is soon going to take place. Saturn is one of the slowest planets, taking around 2.5 years to move from one sign to the next. According to Vedic astrology, it is known as a dry and frigid planet. It is known for its malefic nature, and the most common myth regarding Saturn is that people feel dejected, melancholic, and depressed under its influence. The positioning of Saturn in the natal horoscope can have slow but intense results. The results are also influenced by houses ruled by Saturn in the native’s kundli. Being the karmic planet, it blesses those who have done good deeds while punishing the ones who have engaged in bad deeds or criminal activities.

Saturn is known to be the significator of the karma bhava and a teacher. It can bring sadness, anguish, accidents, and chronic ailments, but the conclusions will always be useful for learning and knowledge of the difference between rights and wrongs. Therefore, Lord Yama is related to Saturn because God weighs the good and bad and balances the world before passing the final verdict.

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What Effect Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2023 Have on Each Area Of Life?

Saturn will leave Capricorn and enters Aquarius on Tuesday,17th Jan 2023, at 9:57 am. Of course, this planetary transit will affect 12 zodiac signs in different aspects of life. Let’s move forward to know which areas Saturn transit 2023 is going to impact.

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Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2023: Love and Relationship

Love and relationship is the most important part of life. When Saturn will move in the Aquarius sign, this lovely area of your life will not be untouched. It surely going to leave some excitement as well as heartbreaks for the native. Whether it’s time to pop up that big question, or need to reassess the relationship, or quality time is on the way with your beloved, are all may occur as an impact of Saturn transit in Aquarius. What does this Saturn transit leave for natives in terms of love and relationship?

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Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2023: Career and Education

Career and Education are the pillars on which other aspects of life depends. Having proper education leads to a successful career which is a strong catalyst of status and reputation in society. Like every planetary transit, Saturn transit in Aquarius also leaves something on the career and education front. Which course to pick, what kind of job is suitable for you, or which opportunities are going to knock on your door in this phase, can materialise as a result of Saturn moving into Aquarius. How do career and education shape during this phase?

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Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2023: Finance

The aspect of finance plays an important role if you want to live an economically secure life. Hence, having strong financial planning is necessary. The last two years have been quite difficult financially due to the pandemic. Hence, it is important to have a proper saving plan that can complete your goals of life and is helpful in times of crisis. The Saturn transit in Aquarius is going to affect the financial aspect. Which financial planning to choose or what kind of economic gain or loss natives going to experience, are going to lead by this transit.

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Saturn Transit In Aquarius 2023: Health

Health is wealth- a rightly said proverb that applies to every individual. A healthy lifestyle can avoid many physical and mental issues. A healthy mind and body can lead every activity smoothly, without any hindrance. However, like it or not, at times health can surprise you happily or shockingly. Moreover, the transit phase of Saturn within the Aquarius can have an impact on your health. Whether you have good or bad health or need some change in lifestyle, or some dietary restrictions are required, are all can occur during Saturn transit in Aquarius 2023.

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Wrapping Up

The life of natives may have several obstacles as a result of Saturn’s influence. When Saturn enters Aquarius on January 17, 2023, the upcoming time may become challenging for natives. Hence, natives may have greater patience and control in order to overcome such challenges. Many remedies are available in Vedic astrology to help mitigate the negative consequences of Saturn’s transit in Aquarius.

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