Mars Transit 2023

Mars Transit 2023

Depending on the motion, Mars stays in a sign for about 1.5 months and takes around 1.5 to 2 years to go through all the signs. Mars transit impacts the natives based on the house it occurs in for the particular Zodiac signs.

Mars Transit 2023From DateEnd date
Mars Transit Taurus to Gemini13 March 2023, Monday10 May 2023, Wednesday
Mars Transit Gemini to Cancer10 May 2023, Wednesday01 July 2023, Saturday
Mars Transit Cancer to Leo01 July 2023, Saturday18 August 2023, Friday
Mars transit Leo to Virgo18 August 2023, Friday03 October 2023, Tuesday
Mars transit Virgo to Libra03 October 2023, Tuesday16 November 2023, Thursday
Mars transit Libra to Scorpio16 November 2023, Thursday28 December 2023, Thursday
Mars Transit Scorpio to Sagittarius28 December 2023, Thursday05 February 2024,Monday

Mars can also help you make quick decisions, be adventurous and take risks. The planet is also responsible for making you successful in your respective field.

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