Rahu Transit 2023

Rahu Transit 2023

Rahu is a nodal planet in the Vedic astrology. It does not have a physical form like other planets, but it is denoted by the point where the Sun and Moon’s path intersect. Because of this, it is also called a shadow planet. And affected all 12 zodiac sign

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Rahu is infamous for leading people to false visions and untrue hopes. It is also related to all the speculative activities. In short, Rahu can take you away from the practical reality.

Rahu Transit 2023DateTiming
Rahu Transit Aries to Pisces30 October 2023, Monday12:30

On the other hand, it is also responsible for revolutions and innovations. It provokes you to think a little differently from the others. Rahu has a different direction of motion from all the other planets.

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