Scorpio Love Match and Scorpio Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs

Scorpio Love Match and Scorpio Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs

If you are a Scorpio, you might be wondering about who is your love match? Who can your soul mate? Or is the person with you a perfect fit for married life?
Worry not! This article is for you to understand and get an answer to all of your questions. So, hop on with us to experience this exciting ride.

Scorpios are people with stubborn, bold, courageous, tough and mysterious attitude. They want a partner who is independent, ambitious, loyal and understanding. So, let’s look into how every sign reacts with them:

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Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

  • TRUST: Scorpio and Aries both are very loyal to each other. Aries want to be the most lovable partner anyone has ever had, whereas Scorpio wants to be the only one to be loved and paid attention to. This connection will last forever unless they doubt each other actions.
  • COMMUNICATION: Scorpios are the people that love to have deep and intense meaningful talks, whereas Aries hate it as they don’t want their partner to be obsessing over something. They both can share what they want to in a small span of times. This is beneficial and problematic as they won’t talk much if they already discussed it all.
  • EMOTIONS: From the emotional aspect, Scorpio might get hurt more often as Aries won’t guess what their partner wants them to understand. Also, both the sign are more unemotional and rough, leading them to contribute to their bond’s emotional quotient, which will ultimately cut wires at the end.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: Aries and Scorpio are two sides of the same coin, meaning that they are just the opposite of each other. Both belong to mars which will always lead to difficulties in their sexual relationship, and Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, which represents destruction when it comes to intimate relations. Scorpio needs to have emotions to get intimate with their partner, and Aries are not rigid but flexible to everything as long as things are straight. Still, Scorpio gives great importance to intimacy and, therefore, might twist things a bit. Although, their understanding will help them to satisfy one another.

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

  • TRUST: Scorpios don’t want to get hurt. Therefore, they insecure about everyone who does something for them. There will always be some sort of differences between them as Taurus are a bit introverted and confined in themselves, which awakens Scorpio’s suspicious nature, which will damage their trust levels even more. Taurus needs to open up to share more and build trust.
  • COMMUNICATION: Both of these signs are just the opposite of each other, and they don’t have anything in common that will uniquely complement them and enjoy it more. Scorpio likes deep conversation, which the Taurus never finds attractive. However, Scorpio will show their partner the importance of life, and Taurus will be surprised by Scorpio’s attitude towards their relationship.
  • EMOTIONS: The emotional quotient between these two signs is something to observe. Both these signs represent the moon’s axis dignities, and there when they come close to one another, they will fall in love, and this love will be like the one that never dies.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: Taurus and Scorpio will be madly attracted to each other when it comes to sexual emotions. Taurus governs sexual pleasure and is a sign that represents sensuousness. They have an intense connection. Scorpio has a sexual desire to live freely with their loved ones, whereas Taurus only needs love. Although they would face emotional imbalance, they will always have an emotional connection in the end and sex will be the way to filter through everything.

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

  • TRUST: Scorpio are a perfect example of truthfulness and honesty. They are weirdly possessive and honest towards their partner and expect the same in return from them. This will continue from Scorpio’s end until any disrespect leads to distrust among them. Gemini can’t offer such kind of honesty as they are very changing and flexible with their decisions and they don’t themselves know what will they do in future. Therefore, they cant be honest unless they don’t know what are they up to.
  • COMMUNICATION: They are outstanding when it comes to communication. Gemini might feel intrigued by Scorpio’s profound thinking nature and be interested in it unless Scorpio has no more to share with them. At this time, Scorpio’s ego will boost as they don’t respect someone with less deep thoughts. This sense of disrespect will create differences between them. However, if they take an interest in each other, they will compliment each other very well.
  • EMOTIONS: Gemini and Scorpio will lack emotional compatibility, and the lack of emotions will be an issue. If Scorpio tries to inject some feelings into their relationship, this won’t be complemented by the Gemini in the same way, which will lead to deviations in their sexual relationship. This will continue to a breaking point where they will not live with each other.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: Scorpio and Gemini are the two extreme ends of the earth. They cant extract any emotions to plead with their partners. If Scorpio tries to put in some emotional efforts, Gemini won’t be able to do so, and therefore sexual contact will be impossible in this pair. Gemini can never have an emotional connection with their partner, and this might annoy Scorpio because this is something that Scorpio thinks is worst. As Scorpio looks for a sensual intimacy level in their partner, this will be a major drawback.

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Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

  • TRUST: Scorpio often falls in love, and trust is essential in their dictionary. If they feel betrayed, they become possessive and jealous. On the other hand, cancer needs someone they can share their things with, and they see no sense in lying to their partner. Once they give each other enough security and build trust, things will work out in the best way.
  • COMMUNICATION: Scorpio and cancer have a different kind of understanding. They don’t need anyone else unless they understand that they can realise what their partner wants to say. Cancer might not be able to sense the depth their partner has but will be able to get the benefit out of it.
  • EMOTIONS: Their emotional relations might be tricky as cancer thinks more about feelings, negatives, and positives and incorporates them into their everyday lives. Whereas Scorpios have this tendency to let go of things to move on in life. Both the partners should allow the emotions flow between them to connect more with each other.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: Scorpio is associated with the dead and all kinds of bad things. Although, the sign of cancer understands this need for sharing the deepest dark secret through intimacy. A sexual relationship between these two signs can be really fruitful for them. They need to disclose their emotions to go deeper with each other. Also, if Scorpio hides their feelings from their partner, it will be very harsh for cancer and ultimately result in differences.

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

  • TRUST: The most positive thing in this relationship when it comes to trust is the ability o both the signs of being flexible and adapting to everything. Leos are transparent, and Scorpios are honest and direct to their partner. This makes their relationship much more robust when they keep these qualities in the first place.
  • COMMUNICATION: These two signs communicate with each other in a good way in a civilised manner. Leo is true to their passion and chases them until they achieve it, whereas Scorpio always sticks to their beliefs and fight to achieve their goals. Scorpios are more intense, which Leo lacks. However, they will find a balance when they know that they are ae for each other.
  • EMOTIONS:  Scorpio and Leo have a very complicated and challenging relationship in the entire zodiac. There is hate that can be considered as less love by their partner. They have a toxic relationship for a long time. They will live a better life if any one of them has friends, family, and connection to feel that there are other options.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: In terms of sexual relationship, they could face a complicated life as Leo is very casual when it comes to sex. They like love, compassion and action in their relationship. Whereas Scorpio is very deep, they want to have sex in its purest form and this where there could be differences between them. If they had sexual relations, it might lead to significant communication conflicts and can get into various misunderstandings.

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

  • TRUST: The topic of trust is very challenging for both of these signs as one of them fears the feeling of betrayal, and the other hates it when the other sign becomes dishonest. The cherry between them is they can understand what the other one wants to say without saying anything.
  • COMMUNICATION: Virgo is ruled by mercury but likes to remain quiet. Scorpio being the deep conversating sign frequently indulges in thoughtful conversations. Both the characters like this connection they have and give very much emphasis on this non-verbal connection they have.
  • EMOTIONS: Virgo has a highly rational approach with hidden emotions behind them, which Scorpio well understands. Although there is a habit of hiding everything in both of them, both know how to dig into it. The problem with them is Virgo and Scorpio hold grudges for each other, and Scorpio works like a black hole that eats up everything and doesn’t get satisfied even after it. Virgo, when in love, can satisfy each and everything for their partner, who is not always respected for the blackhole Scorpio which might create differences.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: However, it is very difficult for many pairs to act like this. This pair is very interesting when it comes to sexual relations as one of them hides sexuality while the other beliefs in sex. At times Scorpio can be too rough, making their partner uncomfortable. This contact can be possible because of the rationality of both signs. This act can be highly satisfying, as Scorpio is deeply emotional, and Virgo always looks for someone to share their emotions. If they share this bond sexually, it can be a significant breakthrough for their relationship.

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Libra and Scorpio Compatibility

  • TRUST: Scorpio will never trust Libra as it is evident that libra is the one who loves to show their inner beauty to the outside world, making the Scorpio more obsessing, and this will not work in the long term, and obvious trust will not prevail. If they share their things and start trusting in them, it might make its way through.
  • COMMUNICATION: Even though libra can understand their partner’s rational nature, they can also slow down and understand their partner’s impulsive nature. Both of these signs have enough depth to understand each other. Because libra won’t understand Scorpio’s aggressive nature because of libra’s dishonesty, there might be differences between them.
  • EMOTIONS: Libra and Scorpio will have an incredibly intense connection. Libra needs a partner who is emotionally sensuous and could listen to them. Scorpio needs the one who can be practical and physically connected, and libra can fill this expected up to some extent, but this might create a gap. This connection holds a spark between them as libra is always there for their partner’s need to share information and anger with someone who is always there for them.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: Their sexual relationship will be exciting and challenging as they belong to venus and mars. They are slow and emotional in nature due to the elements of air and water. Their energies are powerful, leading to possessiveness and obsession, and the libra will become one with their partner. It is the physical relationship that will work with this connection.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatability

  • TRUST: Scorpios are known for their passion for achieving success and possessiveness towards their partners. They don’t want to gain confidence over their partners because they don’t find any sense in sharing their things with other Scorpios. The problem here is they don’t know what their expectations from their partners are.
  • COMMUNICATION: The emotional depth they possess will come out to be fruitful. They both have their own zones to be comfortable and a major understanding that no other signs could have. They might see each other as a competition and eventually disrespect them. They need to give each other space for better understanding.
  • EMOTIONS: Scorpio and Scorpio both have dark emotional issues which they understand about each other. Also, even if they share the exact needs, their weaknesses will lift others’ ego and judge others make them judgemental towards the other. They should become tolerant of each other’s deepest emotions and major differences that they have.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: This sexual connection can be a dream come true for these signs or a nightmare for them as these signs have a hard sexual and emotional energy, and when they get together, it might be hard to handle. They either might balance each other or let them alone. They have an intense and fantastic sex life and are never bored with each other.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility

  • TRUST: Scorpio has the will to control their partner as their connection lacks trust. Sagittarius doesn’t like this and wants to stay away from such knots as Scorpio wants to stick closer to them and make them work according to their ways. Scorpio is fixed and rigid, and Sagittarius is flexible, and this difference in their personality tells it all.
  • COMMUNICATION: When it comes to their compatibility, they perfectly compliment each other. Scorpio is a deep thinker and observer, and Sagittarius doesn’t think much and wants to conclude more often. Their different traits complement each other in a profitable manner as long as they share this bond.
  • EMOTIONS: This bond will take them a long way until they don’t focus on expectations and disagreements, and Scorpio’s depth thinking and Sagittarius’s broader aspect compliment them all the way.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: Scorpio and Sagittarius are two complimenting for each other as Sagittarius is too experimenting and has a wider range of options that Scorpio don’t have. They need to develop an interest in those things. However, this connection won’t last long if this is the case. Scorpio will distrust their partners’ changing personality. Sagittarius will be restless because of their partner’s controlling nature.

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

  • TRUST: If there exists a sign that Scorpio can trust, then it is Capricorn. They have the most trustworthy relationship when it comes to building trust in each other. Although, if there is any distrust between them, then it will lead to a lack of intimacy between them.
  • COMMUNICATION: Their partner could not sometimes digest the slow, deep, and stubborn nature of Scorpio. Capricorn being the patient and understanding partner, will be the one who will manage the things unless they indulge in some conflict. They will have a deep and interactive understanding and will be able to build their connection deep if Scorpio and Capricorn indulge with common friends. Their deep understanding, intellectual thinking and patience will take them a long way.
  • EMOTIONS: The biggest problem with these signs is their emotional relationship. As they are always stiff in their movement, they don’t bend for their partner. This portrays them as rude to each other. They don’t even want to show their weaknesses to their partners. They have a deep and emotional understanding.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: Scorpio and Capricorn have a very intense sexual relationship as they have a deep understanding and desires. Both of them don’t want to be too emotional and sensitive towards each other. If they don’t get into it with time, they will build a wall in between, making the distance. They need to develop physical relations with each other by developing emotional ties with each other.

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Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

  • TRUTH: It can’t be expected from such straight forward signs like Scorpio and Aquarius that they lack trust in each other. The problem comes into the picture when the Scorpio expects some emotional connection from their partner. When they try to impose possessive colours, it will tear their relationship apart in a matter of seconds.
  • COMMUNICATION: These two signs will have a nourished conversation on different news topics, and Scorpio, who is stubborn and possessive with their partner, will enjoy the variety in their conversation. Scorpio will help discover new things with their partner. Their weakest point to improve is their respect for each other.
  • EMOTIONS: Scorpio and Aquarius have many problems to challenge them in their emotional connection. Aquarius are closed, and very difficult the connect with anyone emotionally. Scorpio would need an emotional bond and develop trust between them to access the emotional stability. Aquarius hates to be controlled and managed by someone. They just want to be let free, and if they get to know that their partner is trying to get hold of them, they impulsively cut the chords away.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: Physical contact in these two signs will be very intense and heat revealing. They are from the opposite ruling elements like air and water and perfectly compliment each other. In this relation, Scorpio wants to be sexually and emotionally active and possessive about what their partner does. On the other hand, Aquarius wants to be let free and uncontrolled by someone if they both end up in an argument and break to glass.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

  • TRUST: Scorpio’s suspicious behaviour is not their cup of tea. They both search for an ideal kind of love in their lives. But as soon as one of them cheats, they will have this relationship ended as none wants a partner like this. Later on, when they realise each other’s true image, they will get the actual picture. The Pisces might not tolerate this clingy attitude of Scorpio towards them.
  • COMMUNICATION: when it comes to communication, they might not have a good time together as Pisces are sensuous, whereas Scorpio is very rough, which their partner might not like. This will not lead to a healthy convo between them, and they might instantly separate as Pisces doesn’t want to fight as they find it useless. Scorpio and Pisces both like to indulge in silent talks, and as they start to understand one another, they will develop this common understanding. Once they are involved in this relationship emotionally, they will get closer and create a sense of fascination.
  • EMOTIONS: when it comes to their emotional connection, these signs will face each other with a common understanding to cater to their wants. As Scorpio like to have deep intense conversations, the Pisces will fulfil this as they come from closely the same element. They will follow a deep emotional understanding until they reach a point where they both realise where they have reached.
  • SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY: When it comes to the level of physical intimacy, Scorpio likes to have sexual relations. If they get what they want, they might get into an emotional sexual relationship. On the other hand, Pisces are a bit delicate to handle as they like orgasm and strange sexual experiences. Scorpio’s desires might lead to treating their partner roughly, but if they understand each other’s emotional depth, their relationship will definitely flourish.

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By looking into this intense bucket of knowledge, you might feel that now you can go for what you’ve understood and make an opinion about it but hold on!

There might be some more questions in your head, the answer to which are mentioned here:

Whom should a Scorpio marry?

The best match for Scorpio is considered a Pisces or another Scorpio. However, if they feel romantically attracted to one of Leo or Aries, they should go for it as history suggests that not every sign are not perfectly compatible don’t survive.

Who is Scorpio compatible with?

Scorpios are stubborn, straight, tough and extroverts. The perfectly compatible Scorpio is someone who understands their true nature and appreciates them with how they are. The most compatible signs with them are water signs, Pisces and cancer and earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo.

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What signs does Scorpio attract?

Scorpio and cancer both like to have their privacy intact and their loyalty everlasting.Scorpio are dominant, and Pisces are flexible with their partner, and they both fascinatingly complement each other.

The aggression and strength of Scorpio and Virgo are unmatchable. Virgo is more of a practical sign, and Scorpio an emotional one.

This is only the first half of it. There are several other planets in a person’s horoscope that affects them equally, and there might be different Scorpios, and thus, the resulting conclusion in each case might differ. Therefore, there are astrologers who can read the complete planetary behaviours of an individual and can conclude well.

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