Vastu for Kitchen – Kitchen Vastu Tips, Design, Direction, Things to Avoid, etc.

Vastu for Kitchen – Kitchen Vastu Tips, Design, Direction, Things to Avoid, etc.

According to our Indian tradition, Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture based on old-fashioned models. Vastu Shastra is also known as science or architecture. It has been believed that if you design and construct a kitchen based on Vastu Shastra norms, it fascinates wealth, success and health for the house’s residents. The kitchen is a vital part of every Indian house as we spend most of our time and energy in the kitchen. A well designed elegant kitchen with modern amenities seems perfect for every household. If we place each kitchen appliance according to Vastu for kitchen norms, it would be very beneficial as it brings positive vibes to the house.

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It has been believed that Kitchen is the key to good health, positivity and a happy, content life. It is the best place to attain good health and improve motivation. As per Vastu guidelines, the South-East direction is the right place for Agni or the Lord of Fire. If this direction is not possible, the North-East direction of the house would be the best alternate for your kitchen. North, North-East and South-West movements should be avoided while you design your kitchen as per Vastu plan as these kitchen directions in the house may create discord among people living in the house.

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Important of Vastu Shastra While You Design a Kitchen

As a human being, we are delimited by considerable energies around us. Vastu Shastra helps us in balancing the energies around us and the place we live in. Being an integral part of our house, Kitchen is where we cook nourishing and healthy food. As per the Vastu Shastra Kitchen plan, the food we serve should be made with love and affection as it provides energy to the people living in the house. If we stay in an unstable environment, power generating in the kitchen while cooking food might create negative energy among people. Apart from this, kitchen appliances, sink location, or kitchen storage also significantly impact the energies emerging around us. Thus, it is equally essential for us to keep our environment balanced and powers as well that are generated in the kitchen as per Vastu Shastra.

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It has been mentioned that Vastu for the kitchen has adverse effects on the health of family members. According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should be created and designed as per guidelines given in Vastu Plan. A house with a non-compliant Vastu Plan may create issues in the life of family members. Hence, it becomes necessary to make corrections in the kitchen according to the Vastu Shastra plan. Let’s look at some of the common problems you can face if the kitchen in the house has been built on a non-compliant Vastu basis.

  • Dispute in Family: If you often experience arguments and clashes among the family members, Vastu could be the main reason. Disputes, disturbing peace, clashes, separation among family members are mostly found in non-compliant houses. In such situations, Vastu tips for the kitchen proves beneficial.
  • Health Issues: Unbalanced energies in the kitchen might cause health issues among family members. The residents might suffer mild or severe health issues. Hence, your kitchen needs to be fixed as per Vastu for kitchen.
  • Monetary Issues: Family members living in the house with non-compliant Vastu Shastra plan often face medical conditions, clashes and other disputes, leading to financial issues in the house.

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Best Vastu Tips for Colour Therapy in Kitchen

As per Vastu tips for the kitchen, colour therapy plays a vital role in balancing our mind, body and soul. A wide array of shades is available that you can choose kitchen colour according to Vastu Shastra tips. The diverse shades activate the energy in the house and have a positive effect among the family members and in the house as well. Directions and colours based on the Vastu Shastra plan create wonder in the house. Though with busy schedules, people spend less time at home, still choosing the right colour for your home, according to Vastu Shastra, is very important. It has been mentioned in the Vastu Shastra that Vastu colour therapy draws healing energy in the house.

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The kitchen needs to be decorated as per the Vastu Shastra plan. The kitchen should be built in the South-East direction as this location is known as the fire corner of the house. Kitchen colour as per Vastu Shastra plan, colour therapy is beneficial in boosting the metabolism and digestive system for good health and prosperity.

Here is a list of specific Vastu colours that you choose for your kitchen:

  • Light scarlet red (the symbol of purity)
  • Saffron orange (the colour of power and courage)
  • Brick orange (an amalgamation of dynamism and motivation)
  • Peach (a symbol of concord and harmony)
  • Woody green (a combination of nature and greenery)
  • Brown (helps in stimulating the digestive system)

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Which Direction is Not Good for the Kitchen?

Generally, a home is surrounded by all kinds of energies. Either the area is a living or dining room, each space attracts various forms of energy. The kitchen is also such p[part of the home that drives maximum energy. Few rules should be followed strictly if you are planning to design a Vastu compliant kitchen. From layout to the placement of appliances, you need to check out the following Vastu tips for the kitchen, from direction to selecting wall colours.

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Well-designed layout: If you are planning to construct the house, then you should decide in advance where your kitchen should be built. Keep the South-East corner for the kitchen. This corner is perfect for your kitchen. Alternately, you can also construct your kitchen in the North-West direction.

Kitchen entrance should be in the right direction: Apart from the layout and designing, entrance of the kitchen is also very important. According to our Vastu Experts, the East, West or North direction is perfect for the kitchen door. Ensure that entrance should not fall in between or any of the corners. As prescribed in Vastu Shastra, a person should face the direction while cooking in the kitchen. 

Placement of Stove in the kitchen: Upon deciding the layout of the kitchen, the cooking gas comes next. The South-East direction is associated with fire. Thus, as per gas stove direction vastu tips, the stove should be placed in this direction only. 

Sinks and Taps should be placed in the right direction: Sink, taps, water pipes and drains should not be placed or constructed anywhere in the kitchen. According to the kitchen sink Vastu plan, sinks and taps should be in the North or North-East direction in the kitchen.  If you plan to construct an overhead tanker, it should be placed outside the western part of the kitchen. Avoid the North or North-East directions for constructing an overhead water tanker. According to Vastu for kitchen sink and stove, water and fire are the opposite elements. Hence, it is essential to keep a balance between fire and water. If we consider all these things while constructing a kitchen, it will attract good health and prosperity. 

Windows: Having a couple of windows in the kitchen is the best way to remove the negative vibes from the kitchen. Windows should be constructed towards the East direction as we know that the sun rises in the East. The say rays are beneficial for health and brighten up the kitchen. This brings positivity to the cooking area. An exhaust fan should also be installed in the Southern direction of the kitchen. 

Colours: Vibrant colours are perfect for kitchen walls. Avoid using black and dark colours in the kitchen. As mentioned in Vastu for kitchen room tips, colour therapy is the best option for brightening your kitchen area. Use bright colours such as green, orange, red, peach and yellow. Decor your kitchen walls with these vibrant colours and make them look stylish and happy.

Refrigerator: Refrigerators have become one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. The perfect direction for placing the refrigerator is the South-East, West, South or North direction. As per Vastu tips for the kitchen, the refrigerator can also be placed in the South-West direction. Just place it a few feet away from the corner.

Storage: Modern kitchen layout also has come up with the idea of storage rooms. Numerous stylish and sleek designed furniture are available to place in storage rooms.  You can store food grains, utensils, crockery and even small electronic equipment.  South or Western walls are perfect for placing storage units and shelves. As per vastu for kitchen, do not use Eastern and Northern walls for storage.

Electronic Appliances: You will find every modern kitchen equipped with electronic gadgets. Microwaves, OTG, mixers, heaters, kettles are to be placed in the South-East direction in the kitchen. Avoid placing electronic appliances in the North-East direction.

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Things to Avoid While Designing a Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

As per Vastu Consultant, few things should be taken care while designing and planning the kitchen in the house. Ensure to follow the below rules of Vastu Shastra while you construct a Vastu-compliant kitchen.

  • According to kitchen Vastu dosh remedies, a kitchen should not be designed and constructed above or under the home temple.
  • The gas stove should not face towards the kitchen entrance.
  • The kitchen door should always be in the East, West or North direction. It should not be built in any corners of the prescribed direction.
  • Use bright colours for decorating your kitchen walls. Dark colours bring negativity in the cooking area.
  • Do not construct a kitchen in the North-East direction of the house.
  • Avoid facing the West direction while cooking in the kitchen.
  • The North-East direction is not the perfect place for keeping a refrigerator.
  • Avoid the construction of the kitchen over or under the toilet.
  • A kitchen should not be built over or under the bedroom. 
  • According to kitchen direction in house, do not construct a kitchen in the South-West direction as it might create clashes and conflict between the family members. 

Tips to Follow while Constructing a Kitchen as Per Vastu Shastra

  • East and South-East Corner is the ideal location for placing the platform.
  • Place the cooking gas or stove a few inches away from the wall in the South-East direction of the kitchen.
  • Construct ‘L” Shaped platform adjoining the main platform of the kitchen. Use this platform for keeping and operating electronic gadgets.
  • According to Vastu for the kitchen utility area, the North-East direction is perfect for setting wash-basin, tap, drain and sink in the kitchen.
  • North or North-East corner is perfect for keeping drinking water and utensils for drinking water.
  • Use the South or West direction for storing grains, pulses, spices, salt and other eatables.
    If your kitchen is spacious, you can place a dining table in the North-West or West corner of the kitchen.
  • Keep light-weight utilities in East or North in Kitchen
    Mezzanine flooring is ideal for the West or South corner of the kitchen.
  • Your face should be towards the East direction while cooking. This direction is beneficial for the health and prosperity of people living in the house.
  • Red, yellow, chocolate, rose, and orange colours are ideal for floor and wall decor in the kitchen.
  • Worship fire while using the kitchen for the first time as it attracts peace, harmony and prosperity.
  • Clean cooking area, platform, utility area and utensils daily at night before going to sleep.

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Is Open Kitchen good as per Vastu?

Vastu Shastra is considered the traditional science of balancing energies in and around the house. With the advance of technology, the concept of designing and creating kitchens has become more advanced. Either you are renovating your kitchen or constructing a new one. A Vastu compliant house has all the solutions for you. However, the concept of the open kitchen is quite popular. Here are a few Vastu tips for a kitchen that you can follow while you plan to construct an open kitchen.

  1. South-East and South-South East zones are perfect for constructing an open kitchen in the house. Fire elements rule both these directions. Cooking food in these directions improves your health and digestion. This direction is beneficial for wealth and prosperity.
  2. Kitchen located in the South South-East direction is good for mental and physical health. Setting up a kitchen in the West direction is also beneficial for health and endorses financial growth.
  3. Avoid South South-West direction for creating an open kitchen as per Vastu for Kitchen as this zone is of waste and disposal.
  4. Another zone that you should avoid while constructing an open kitchen is the North-East zone. This area can cause brain-related problems. Hence, Kitchen direction as per Vastu, should be South-East or South South-East.
  5. Constructing a kitchen in the North location is beneficial to business individuals. New opportunities in career and monetary growth will be affected. People who are on the job might face problems in their career growth.
  6. If you plan to construct an open kitchen in the North-North-East direction, this direction is not suitable for an open kitchen. This zone is associated with health, and it may cause several health issues and affect immunity and recovery from illness.

The above article contains each and every detail about Vastu for kitchen. The article contains valuable suggestions and tips that would benefit you while you construct your kitchen. If you are keen to know more in details on Vastu Shastra regarding the kitchen, please connect with our experienced astrologers. They will provide you with the best possible solutions.

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