Vastu for Living Room – Living Room Tips, Direction, Sofa & Colour

Vastu for Living Room – Living Room Tips, Direction, Sofa & Colour

The living room is the centre of attraction for family members and visitors as well. This is the only place where we welcome our guests or the whole family to have a gala time together. Nowadays, the living room has become a new concept for designers. The living room is also known as the sitting room, drawing room or lounge.

The family members use this area for relaxation, entertainment, and other recreational activities, including watching television, reading books, chit chat with family members, enjoying time with kids while drinking, eating, and enjoying other day-to-day activities. Living room with a classy look, stylish décor with comfort is a well-liked concept by both owner and designer.

Vastu for the living room is considered the systematic method of knowledge. The amalgamation of Vastu and artistically designed living rooms can make our lives healthier, energetic, and meaningful. Vastu Shastra has its importance in the field of architecture. From layout planning to designing and from structural designing to construction, the correct execution of Vastu Shastra gives exclusive results and makes life prosperous and happier. The living room is the heart of a home where we meet, greet and exchange energies and vibes within the family and the guests.

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Vastu for Living Room

Whether you own a designer house or a vintage styled, living rooms are the most accessible part of the house. Be it a family meeting or a social gathering. The living room serves the purpose of socialising and spending private time with the family. Being an integral part of the house, the living room should be constructed and designed as per the Vastu Shastra plan. Here are a few of the Vastu tips for the living room you can follow while creating your drawing-room.

1. According to the living room, as per Vastu Shastra, the East or the North direction is perfect for designing the living room. If your house is facing the South, you can construct your living room in the South-East zone.

2. Construction of living rooms in the North Zone is considered
beneficial because it brings positivity to the house.

3. The North-West direction is also suitable for constructing a living room. “Air” is the main element of this direction. Hence, this zone is ideal for families who avoid late-night gatherings and parties.

4 The North-East direction is considered as the sacred location making this area perfect for constructing living rooms. Though, this site is best suited for creating a puja room or meditation

5. The North zone is ideal for constructing a living room as it
attracts wealth and good health for the members living in the

6. People who love to socialise can construct living rooms in the South-West zone. Otherwise, this direction is perfect for designing a master bedroom.

7 Living room as per Vastu should be a gradient in the East or North direction.

8. If the living room ceiling is slanting in the East or North direction is considered good as it brings positivity to the house.

9. Construct the door of the living room in the East or North
direction as it brings wealth, happiness and prosperity in life.

10. Hard work and dedication is the key to achieve success in life. Hence, South, North-East or South-East entrance is the symbol of success and ideal drawing-room direction as per Vastu Shastra guidelines.

11. If your family members are scholars, researchers and
educationists, West direction is ideal for living room entrance

12. The living room entrance in the North-West zone helps in the overall progress of the family member.

13. According to the living room as per Vastu Shastra, do not
construct the entrance of the living room in the South Zone.
For better luck, an entrance should be in the West zone.

14. Keep furniture, sculpture and heavy objects in the West or South corner of the living room. Else you can use a base of 1-3 inches’ height and place the furniture in the North or North-East corner.

15. The head of the family should sit facing East or North because he gets respect and remains head of the family.

16. Do not place the television in the North-East corner of the living room. As prescribed in Vastu for Tv in the hall, the South-East direction is ideal for placing the tv. Placement of TV in the wrong direction will be just a waste of their necessary time.

17. Use the East, South-East or North corner for keeping the telephone.

18. Avoid installing an air conditioner and air cooler in the South-East corner of the living room. West, East or North-West corners are ideal for placing air coolers and air conditioners.

19. Painting or figurines of wars, crime, blood, weeping should not be placed in the living room or any other area of the house as these artefacts attract negative energies in the house.

20. Place portraits, idols or frames of Gods in the living room. You can also hang beautiful scenery in the North-East wall of the sitting room.

21. White, yellow, blue and green colours are perfect for decorating the wall so the living area.

22. Avoid dark colours especially red and black, for the living room.

23. Square or rectangular furniture should be kept in the living room. Irregular shaped, circle and oval-shaped table are not suitable for the living room.

24 Location of the staircase should be in the South, West or South-West part of the sitting area.

25. Decorate the North-East windows and doors with light fabric curtains. Place heavy curtains on the South-West zone of the
sitting area.

26. Living room should be kept neat and clean. Keep the North-East area clean and spacious. You can also arrange some plants in the corner of the living room.

27. According to the Vastu decoration living room, avoid artificial flowers, dry flowers, thorny plants for decorating your living room since these decorations have adverse effects on finance and career.

28. Avoid placing any decorative piece or chandeliers in the centre of the living room. South or West corner is well suited for hanging a chandelier in the living room.

29. Use bright and soothing lights for the living room as these lights give a vibrant look and bring positive vibes to the home.

30. Place an aquarium in the East, North-East of the zone of the living area. The aquarium acts as a remedy for various Vastu dosh.

31. If the North-West zone is creating issues in the house, place an aquarium there to lessen negative energies in the house.

32. Keep a water fountain in the North location.

33. South corner is said to be inauspicious for keeping an aquarium in that direction of the living room.

According to Vastu for living room, these remedies are very effective in making a house Vastu-friendly. Execute these Vastu tips for the living room and make your home a perfect place to live in for your family.

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Best Direction for Living Room as per Vastu

According to Vastu, the entrance or main door should look attractive and appealing for the living room. The main gate in your living is the source of energies flowing inside the house. As per Vastu Shastra for the living room, the main door should face towards the direction such as North, East, or North-East. These directions are perfect for the living room.

Do not paint the entrance with dark colours such as black. For attracting positivity and good fortune, decorate the main door of the living room with floral torans and a decorative nameplate. These decorations give a classy look to the entrance. Also, avoid placing a dustbin, shoe rack in front of the door as they draw bad energies in the house.

The living room is the first entrance to your home, ensuring that the area should be well-lit and eye-catching.

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Vastu for Living Room Sofa

Soothing ambience, positive surrounds, beautiful décor makes a home different from a hotel room. You can add décor in any corner of the house. It is essential to know how and where to place things correctly. Keep your heavy furniture like a sofa set in the West or South-West corner of the sitting area.

According to the living room, as per Vastu, do not keep a sofa in the South-East corner of the living room. This corner is ideal for installing television sets. You can also keep electronic items such as computers and printers in this zone. According to Vastu, for the dining table in the living room, the South-East direction is perfect for dining space.

Vastu for Living Room Colors

The living room gives an overview of your living style. A chic look, eye-catching furnishings and the right colour on the walls provide an impressive look to your living room. As prescribed in the Vastu interior for the living room, colours play a vital role in making your house stylish and elegant. Vibrant colours draw positive energies in the environment and make you feel happy and content.

Choose pastel and light shades for adorning the walls of the living room. Light pink, white, cream, beige, floral white are some of the soothing colours that will give your living room a spacious look. Each colour is the symbol of purity, warmth, perfection, serenity and beauty. Adore your dining area with colours like peach, yellow, saffron and light yellow.

A combination of striking furnishing along with vibrant colours create happiness and fill the environment with positive energy. Select cushions and drapes in bold shades of turquoise, bright pink with a golden colour dash, creates a vibrant ambience.

According to Vastu, you should take few precautions while designing a Vastu-friendly living room for a living room. For instance, avoid using dark colours like red and black for painting your walls of the living room. There should not be any beam in the living room.

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