Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosh Nivaran Yantra – A Saviour

Vedic astrology believes that the position of stars and planets at the time of a child’s birth reveals a lot about his/her general characteristics and journey of life. It believes that there are seven main planets and two shadow planets. And each of these planets have some impact on the life of the child. Mangal is one of those prominent seven planets,, and Rahu is one of the Shadow planets. They both have negative and positive influences over the native. But what happens when they come together face-to-face in the same house?

When two planets come in close contact with each other in the same house or sign, they form a yoga or a dosha. While yoga brings about positivity with it, the dosha can be a bit troublesome and sometimes fatal or dangerous too. These doshas can be responsible for some heavy financial and health losses. They can also have an evil influence over relationships, especially with that of parents and spouses.

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But Vedic astrology has solutions for all the problems. It also has remedies to strengthen the benefic planets and their positive impact. One such way to deal with the doshas and yogas is the use of a Yantra. These are remedies or astrological weapons used to negate or suppress the negative influence of doshas. This helps in reducing the loss that the native has to bear due to such planetary positions.

One such dosha is the Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosh. And to reduce the malefic effect, the astrologers advise to worship the Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosh Nivaran Yantra – Copper. But before we get into deeper details of the Mangal rahu angarak yantra, let’s understand how this dosha is formed and what is the basic nature of the two planets involved in it.

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Mangal: The Lord of War

The Mangal or Mars is the fiery, red masculine planet that is known to bless people with ambitious desires. It is a powerful and very strong planet that can have both positive and negative influence over the native, depending on its position in the horoscope. It signifies the role of the elder brother or sibling. On the positive front, it induces courage and bravery in the native to face challenges. It boosts self-confidence and blesses the native with leadership qualities. But at the same time, it makes the native aggressive and argumentative. It also makes the native short-tempered and violent. Natives with strong Mangal are blessed with land property and technical abilities. Mangal also helps in recovering from debts and earning a fortune in life. The most common negative influence of Mangal is seen in the delayed marriages of many natives.

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The conjugation of Mangal with other planets can yield desirable or devastating results, depending on the status of the other planet. Like Mangal with Jupiter would make the native inclined towards spiritual acts and also grant him wisdom. On the contrary, Mangal with Rahu will be a devastating combination, which we shall understand in the following sections.

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Rahu: The Demon’s Head Bearer

Unlike astronomy that identifies only seven planets now, Vedic astrology believes there are nine planets, of which seven are the same s astronomy, and two are the nodes of the Moon and do not have any physical presence. They are the shadow planets. Rahu is one of the shadow planets, which is considered to be the head of the demon, who have swallowed nectar at the time of Samudra Manthan. It is believed that the Sun and the Moon had informed Lord Vishnu about the demon who had swallowed a drop of nectar, which had reached its throat. To stop the demon from taking the nectar down into its body, Lord Vishnu had chopped off his neck. Since then, the demon is divided into two parts – Rahu and Ketu. And these parts of the demon keep on taking revenge from Sun and Moon in the form of Solar and Lunar Eclipse. The role of Rahu is quite significant in astrology, and because of this, it is considered a planet having malefic influence.

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The native under the influence of Rahu is very lazy and has no control over his emotions. There is no emotional balance, and he may face mental depression too. It also creates confusion in the life of the native. But there are some positive aspects to Rahu too. It makes the person wealthy and gifts greater will-power. It also brings forward many opportunities for the natives to grow in a positive direction.

But with Mangal, Rahu becomes quite mean and harmful. Let’s see what happens when Mangal and Rahu meet in a house.

Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosh: How Adversely It Effects The Native?

Mangal Rahu Angarak dosha occurs when Mangal and Rahu are posited in the same house of a native’s horoscope. It can yield adverse consequences for the natives as both the planets are considered malefic in nature. The word Angarak, in the language of common people, means one that bears fire in it. This dosha makes the native aggressive and violent.

The Mangal Rahu Angarak Yog keeps the native restless and he/she doesn’t experience peace. He is always under heat or fire influence. He/she may have to face separation from his partner or family because of too argumentative behaviour. His/Her mind will be filled with negative and revengeful thoughts. One may suffer a huge loss in career or business. Overall, the Mangal Rahu Angarak Yog will make the native struggle for a long time. It may also mislead and drag the native into criminal acts. But with the guidance of expert astrologers, one can take the help of Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosh Yantra.

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Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosh Nivaran Yantra: Some Useful Info

The mangal rahu angarak yantra of copper is a feasible astrological remedy against the angarak dosha. It signifies the planets Mangal and Rahu. When a mangal rahu angarak dosh yantra is brought home, it should be placed at the sacred place and cleaned and worshipped every day.

These copper yantra are tools suggested by astrologers and attuned by pandit that have geometrical patterns embossed over them. These geometrical patterns have energies of the planets trapped in them. And when the Mangal Rahu Angarak Yog Yantra is energised and worshipped every day, it emits positive energies all around the area and this has a positive effect on the native and his family or people around him.

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Mangal Rahu Angarak Dosh Nivaran Yantra: How It Is Advantageous For Native?

The Mangal Rahu Angarak nivaran yantra helps in controlling the fire in the heart and heat in the mind, which eventually reduce the aggressive nature of the native. It will help in controlling violent behaviour and channelising his energy in the correct direction.

But always remember that all these dosha nivaran yantra should be used only after consulting an expert astrologer.