Flower Astrology: Birth Flower of Aquarius Sign, Aquarius Flower, Stone and Plant

Astrology believes there is mystical energy in each element present around us. Animals, plants or stones – all have some significant influence over humans. Flower astrology is a branch of astrology that specifies about various zodiac signs and their related flowers. As per the flower astrology, each zodiac has a specific flower for its natives that is considered lucky.

Similarly, Birthstone astrology is another of astrology which mentions about the different gemstones that influence the life of native of a particular zodiac sign. According to gemstone astrology, there is a specific birth stone for each zodiac sign. In this article, we are going to elaborate more on Aquarius birth flower and also about the Aquarius birth stone.

Aquarius Flower – Five Most Lucky Flower for Aquarius

The Aquarius zodiac sign is ruled by planet Uranus. It holds the eleventh position in the wheel of the horoscope. People born from 21st January to 19th February belong to the Aquarius zodiac. The Aquarius sign is known to be a freedom lover. The natives with the Aquarius sign are creative and maybe rebellious too. It’s very hard to keep them tied to a thing or person. Though the Aquarius are committed people, yet they desire complete freedom and don’t like to be bound. They are somewhat spiritually inclined and quite sympathetic towards the poor and needy.

The Aquarius natives always try to have a harmonious relationship with the environment. They like receiving gifts that are natural and beautiful. Hence, flowers are the best choice for them to gift. But the regular flowers for gifting options like rose or lily isn’t their cup of tea. If you want to know the best of the five favourite flowers of Aquarius, the details are given in the sections below. These are not just the favourite pick-up options; they are also the Aquarius birth flower and their lucky flowers.

Orchid: The first best choice for the Aquarius sign’s flower would be the Orchid. The Orchid is the Aquarius birth flower. Orchid symbolizes love for beauty. It represents affection and friendship. It also symbolizes strength and a kind attitude. The orchid perfectly resonates with the Aquarius natives who are creative and stand out in the crowd. With a little unique texture and colour, the orchid reflects a striking resemblance with the Aquarius sign as they are also quite different from others and don’t like to follow the crowd.

Snowdrop: All the Aquarius zodiac natives born in the month of January have Snowdrop as their birth flower. The Snowdrop is also known as the flower of sympathy, and the Aquarius sign natives are known to be sympathetic. The shape of the Snowdrop flower is unique as the Aquarians. It droops down and is bell-shaped. It signifies forgiving someone and accepting him/her, which is quite relatable with the Aquarius sign traits.

Viola: This beautiful purple flower is the February Aquarius sign’s flower. Known for being spiritually inclined, the Viola is the perfect birth flower for Aquarius zodiacs, as it symbolizes spiritual wisdom. Viola is not only the birth flower for Aquarius born in February, it is also the lucky flower for Aquarius.

Verbena: The Verbena flower can be considered one of the favourite flowers of the Aquarius sign. The natives of the Aquarius sign are always ready with numerous ideas in their brains. Just like the Verbena flower, which blooms in a bunch through a single thin stem. Aquarius signs are one of the most creative people. These natives are passionate about creative ideas and art. Verbena symbolises this attitude of the Aquarian. Verbena is also regarded to be a flower that has the potential to keep evil and negativity at bay. It is the lucky flower for Aquarius men and women

Freesia: The Aquarius sign natives believe in trust and loyalty. They expect the same from the people they are closely associated with, especially the spouse or lover. The Freesia is symbolic of loyalty and trust and thus it is also considered the flower for Aquarius. Freesia is considered as the lucky flower for Aquarius women.

There are some other flowers also for Aquarius sign like Golden rain, Birds of paradise, Solomon’s seal, Jack-in-the-pulpits, Trillium, Goldenrod and Gladiolus.

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The Aquarius Plant and Birth Stone for Aquarius – A Brief

Like the Aquarius birth flower, there are Aquarius Plants and Aquarius birth stone also. Any plant, flower or gemstone associated with the zodiac sign is considered to bring positivity in the native’s life and bestow them with happiness and desired results.

The Aquarius natives are unique, creative, sympathetic, affectionate, loyal yet a bit nomadic. The birth plant for Aquarius is Parsnip, Spinach, Beet and Barley. Passion flower and Aloe -Vera are also lucky plants of Aquarius. These Aquarius plants have a healing impact on the natives. They improve blood circulation and also helps in relaxing the nervous system. Ask our experts for your birth plant.

The birth stone for Aquarius is the Amethyst. Amethyst helps in keeping the wearer away from alcohol and other bad habits. The Aquarians being somewhat nomadic, who don’t get attached to people or things and don’t tolerate any interference in their freedom, are prone to get into vices or bad habits. The Amethyst has the potential to control the Aquarian from getting into drinking habits and other vices.

The Aquarius birthstone Amethyst also helps in strengthening the nervous system and improving the blood circulation in the body. The birthstone Amethyst can help in reducing stress in Aquarius natives. It also instils positivity in the wearer. The Aquarius birthstone helps in absorbing creative ideas from nature, which enhances the creativity in the wearer. It also helps in strengthening personal relationships. Since the Aquarius natives are hard-working and persistent, the birthstone accelerates their chances of reaching the greatest height.

The Aquarius Birth Flower, Birth Plant and Birth Stone – A Summary

All the elements related to the zodiac signs are always helpful in enhancing the good vibes of the natives. Similarly, the birth flower, birth plant and birthstone of the Aquarius also enhance the positive aspect of the native. They improve the mental and physical health of the Aquarius native.

The birth flower Orchid is truly symbolic of the Aquarius sign. It reflects all the traits like love, beauty, loyalty, creativity and freedom, which are the innate qualities of the Aquarians. The birth plants spinach and aloe Vera have a healing effect over the native. And the birthstone of Aquarius, the Amethyst, helps in keeping control over habits and aggression in the native. All these together help the Aquarius sign natives to lead a happy, healthy and successful life. The Aquarius birth flower will help the native enjoy a better life with their partner. It also helps in improving the blood circulation in the body, and even the nervous system is relaxed with the Aquarius birth plant.

The birthstone of Aquarius also has a similar healing effect and enhances the positive traits of the native. After knowing the myriads of benefits of Aquarius flower, plant and birthstone, which Aquarian would not love to have them?

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