Aquarius Traits

Aquarius Traits

Aquarius belongs to the Air trio (along with Gemini and Libra). Aquarius is the mystical healer, the water bearer who bestows water or life upon the land. They are the most humanitarian of all zodiacs (Deep RESPECT, Bro). Candidness may be the most found Aquarius physical trait. Most of them are revolutionary thinkers who want a free society and better lives for people. So what do Aquarius natives represent? Here’s the most comprehensive Aquarius personality trait list you will ever find.

Raise your hands if I’m wrong; Aquarius pals are real rebels who hate authoritarianism and wish for more power for the people. Far away from the conventional way of life, they are popular due to their offbeat fashion sense, peculiar hobbies, and uncompromising attitude. All they wish for is positive change through radical social progress. Equipped with big brains, they are objective, analytical, clever, and a wee bit freaky. Objective thinking and analytical minds are the best of Aquarius qualities and Aquarius traits.

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what are the traits of an Aquarius? Aquarius Sign Traits

Why is Aquarius so out of the box? Ruled by Saturn (in traditional astrology) and Uranus (recently discovered), the planet that governs technology, innovation, and surprising events. BTW, Uranus as a governor perfectly compliments the rebellious attitude of Aquarius along with the unconventional nature of the visionary air squad. Aquarius are all-time big thinkers; Abraham Lincoln, Ahem, the shapers of society.

In fact, they are so busy planning your town that they often neglect their own family and friends. They have Achilles heel due to their stubborn bricky nature and style of working. While other zodiacs are busy chasing their dreams, Zodiac Sign Aquarius might be planning a revolution or working on scientific innovation. They are super obsessed when it comes to working. Now that you know about the Aquarius Zodiac traits, it is time to meet some of them!

Abraham Lincoln
Aquarius Eminent Personalities

Aquarius zodiac signs are one of the finest contributors to society and daily lives. From the invention of electric bulbs to the theory of evolution, they have given us a lot. Let us start by naming a few of the most respected personalities to give you an idea about what Aquarians are like:

  • Charles Darwin
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Thomas Edison
  • Franklin Roosevelt

I think enough to blow you over. They all are avid social workers whose work is reflected in the lives of the common man. Social work is an important Aquarius trait. Ode to these down-to-earth personalities whose steer determination has built us such wonderful societies! Thinking outside the box, and implementing new ideas, are one of the many admirable Aquarius qualities.

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Aquarius Personality Traits

what kind of sign is Aquarius? Aquarius comes with one of the most open minds when compared to others. They belong to a different thought of school. They are the greatest humanitarians among all zodiac signs! High intellectual levels are prominent Aquarius characteristics. They are gifted with super creative mindsets, which is an incredible gift in itself and respected Aquarius traits in males. Their primary requirement in life is their own free space to break the ground.

They are proudly known as intellectual rebels who risk their lives to bring the truth to the surface. Galileo was Aquarius, who suffered great pain to introduce science to the then-ignorant world. Aquarius character is one of the highest in the zodiac. They are the ‘Tony Stark’ of the society who fight darkness all the time so that the rest of us can see the light. Let us dive into the list of Aquarius’ positive and negative traits in order to get a clear picture.

Oprah Winfrey
Aquarius Physical Traits

Because this zodiac sign is distinct, Aquarius will automatically reject groups that are lumped together. However, astrology reveals a few characteristics shared by those born with the Sun in Aquarius. Aquarians may not all look the same at birth, but they begin to share some characteristics going ahead in life with time. Lean muscular bodies, sharp facial features, and eyes that pierce through your soul are some of the features of Aquarius traits. Moreover, one of the unique things about Aquarians is, that many of them like tattoos, as well. Pretty teeth and nice hair are what they are always blessed with.

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Aquarius Positive Traits (Social Contributors)

Open-Minded (Thinking Outside the Box)

Aquarius traits make them like to think outside the box when faced with challenges. What do Aquarius like more? Blessed with an open mind, they belong to a whole different thought of school. They do consider the views of others and are always open for meaningful discussion (If time permits). Many prodigies belong to the Aquarius, and when it comes to leadership, they always leave half of their mind to people. Open minds are prominent Aquarius traits females possess.

Humanitarian (Living for Society)

No Comparison parks are empty when humanitarian aspects are considered. Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign of all zodiacs (I think I am repeating this). A couple of Aquarius traits that are extremely helpful for the world are those, is they are harbingers and shapers of society. Without them, we would still live in jungles, trying to rub stones to match a bonfire! These people are disguised angels who know nothing else than humanity. Being humanitarian is one of the significant Aquarius man traits.

Creative (Cryptographers)

Being creative is another Aquarius trait. They might live all their lives in disguise, but when their work gets highlighted, they become super sought after like gods and goddesses. These are the people working without taking breaths so that one day their creativity would benefit the whole world and be sought after. Creativity is one of the sought-after Aquarius woman traits. Assertive (Full of Confidence)

They are not seekers of good things, in fact, good things come out of them. They are not entertainers but educators. It requires a lot of facts, figures, stats, numbers, and evidence for them to believe you. Super confident born for the stage, many Aquarius stars do spend most of their time in front of large crowds. Confidence is a powerful charm that you cannot wipe out from the faces of these people. Confidence remains evident in the Aquarius characteristics of males.

Analytical (Data Scientists)

Aquarius lives in outer space, pouring all their brain energy into discovering facts, inventing things, and analyzing those facts. They are brought up with an analytical mindset which likes working for the betterment of society. They are the best hope humanity has got at all times. Even when they think about cosmic theories, I bet you cannot just literally cheat them. Analytical minds are the most evident Aquarius traits of females and males.

Thomas Edison

Original (Seekers of Truth)

Their work reflects their originality. Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, and Galileo Galilei, more than half the world considered fake mad people. It took some time for the world to absorb their original ideas, and they are all now considered the founding fathers of the present world. They do not mind looking bizarre in front of the world, but they will never give up their originality. Originality forms the important Aquarius trait

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Aquarius Negative Traits (Darker Shades)

Yes, they still do us all the good; we try to explore their negative sides. So What are some of Aquarius’s bad traits? Aquarius is impulsive. But it is not their fault when working on wonderful projects. They do pump up their blood an extra bit. They are unpredictable. That’s what exactly Heisenberg said. Working for humanity, anybody can see their extremities. Stubbornness, well this is the only quality that brings out great inventions and theories right? Well, if that’s bad, we want them to keep it that way.

Impulsive (Adrenaline Rush)

Aquarius natives do show impulsive behavior when they feel limited. Working for society is not an easy task at all. It requires you to get dirty, just like a pig. A pig eats dirt so that society remains clean. Aquarius being humanitarian, have to get down, break anger, and be impulsive so that they can eliminate all the spread of darkness. Society may consider impulsive behavior as an Aquarius negative trait

Unpredictable (Keep Guessing)

They can be unpredictable due to their high volume, veracity, and velocity of minds. Again Aquarius traits point us to a mind of a genius, but you can never calculate the position and momentum of Aquarius at a single moment. This might annoy normal people. Just play around and keep getting surprises. Being unpredictable is one of the imminent Aquarius character traits.

Joaquin Phoenix

Extremist (Rebellious Nature)

Rebels are not cool personalities. Aquarius-born rebels can show extreme behavior due to the demands of life. Didn’t the french revolution require firing up the fortress? People who dedicate their lives to the betterment of society need to deal with extremities all around. The extremist nature is one of the true Aquarius traits and is even considered one of the Aquarius’ worst traits.

Stubborn (Fixed Attitude)

People like Galileo got thrown in jail. People can’t stand the truth. Didn’t Jesus get nailed? If Aquarius is not stubborn, they will wade away into society’s perceptions and will never be able to bring out path-breaking theories and inventions. Stubbornness is one of the profound Aquarius men’s characteristics.

Stanley Hudson

Absent-Minded (Lack of Attentiveness)

Aquarius tends to forget things. Aquarius traits are preoccupied with their world so much that they go for trips over little things. Lack of attention is one of the profound Aquarius moon traits. They are busy building inventions and planning out civilizations, so often they can miss out on your little gossip or other less important things. Lack of attention can be termed as one of the least wanted Aquarius personality traits of males & females. Many of them were termed, foolish people. Thomas Edison was considered foolish and absent-minded. Didn’t he light things up?

Pessimistic (Negative Thoughts)

They are the people holding up the ladders when people are climbing. It is very important to think about what can go bad when everything seems right. This makes Aquarius pessimistic personas. A man who holds responsibility needs to think about the negatives before the positives. Not everybody needs to celebrate in the room. Pessimistic behavior makes one of the negative characteristics of Aquarius women.

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Aquarius Relationship Traits (Ideal Lovers)

You may find them humorous and idealistic in their love relationships. Definitely, looking for soulmates and lifelong relationships, Aquarius is fiercely independent. Aquarius traits are inclusive of looking for long-term relationships. Showing their genius may be Aquarius’ sexual traits in females. Born rebels, they may shock their partners with aggressive and long-lasting debates. Independent thinking must be an adorable Aquarius trait in males. You wouldn’t be surprised if they take their dates to charitable events! such are the characteristics of Aquarius love. Being true humanitarians, it is hard for them to take enough time out for their partners. When it comes to compatibility, they are best suited to sun signs Aquarius and Gemini.

Aquarius Home Life & Family (Balancing Work & Life)

Aquarius is stubborn and humanitarian, making it challenging for people to make friends with them. Due to their hectic work schedules, they find it very difficult to spend enough time at home or with family. The rebellious nature of Water-Bearers makes them protective of family members. Many of them are public personalities, and thus their families are always on the move.

No doubt, knowing Aquarius’ good and bad traits might help you learn more about their personality.

Wrapping Up

With the above Aquarius traits, they are interested in things like cosmology and astrology and would love to watch a Netflix series about science fiction, space travels, and new worlds.

They are technocrats, so you can leave your Aquarius kids with techy toys to play with all day. Curiosity and exploration are Aquarius’ best qualities. They like flying, so any adventure such as skydiving, or paragliding would definitely drive the adrenaline rush in them. Aquarius would love to dwell in artistic frameworks that would freak out normal humans. No wonder they can even read alien scripts and stuff like that.

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