January 6 Zodiac Sign – The Hardworking Dreamers

Jan 6 Zodiac Sign

  • January 6 Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Represented by: Sea Goat
  • Stands for: Diplomatic preachers who believe in the fruit of hard work and patience.

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January 6 Zodiac: Astrology Element

The grounded and rooted characteristics of those born under the January 6 star sign should be credited to the astrology element Earth. It is due to the influence of Earth that these natives have the ability to adapt to the changes easily and gel well with people of different fields and interests.

January 6 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

As a native of Capricorn, the January 6 zodiac sign is ruled by the stern planet Saturn. It is the impact of Saturn that makes them disciplined and meticulous in all aspects of life. The desire to toil comes as a blessing from Saturn. The determination to work relentlessly also is an endowment by Saturn.

Belonging to the second decan of the zodiac, the January 6 star sign natives are also influenced by the planet Venus. Venus bestows creativity and love for beauty over the natives. It is due to the impact of Venus, that the natives are inclined towards harmony and peace.

January 6 Zodiac: Ruling House

The house representing the patriarchy and the figure of authority is the ruling house of the January 6 zodiac. It is the tenth house or the House of Enterprise that is symbolic of motivation and social stature.

The tenth house represents the status one shall enjoy. It also shows the kind of reputation the person will hold in society. It is also associated with the career and other work that will uplift the status of the native.

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Overall Personality Trait

The January 6 zodiac natives are nothing less than charming and gravitating personalities. These individuals are blessed with immense talent to communicate with others in a way that each one gives undivided attention to what they speak.

The people born on January 6 are emotionally too sensitive, but they always keep the softer side behind the veil. The outer world appears to be rigid and straight people who don’t get broken easily and are fighters.

They are friends of all and enemies of none, but it’s tough to win their trust to get into their personal zone. Being friends and being close are two different things according to those who belong to the January 6th zodiac sign. But whatever the equation be, they are always ready to lend their hand to someone in need without even asking.

These diplomatic people avoid gossiping and avoid unnecessary conflicts at any cost. They never waste time on trivial issues and are focused on the bigger picture in life, which is their goal.

Your Strengths

The greatest asset of all the January 6 borns is the determination to succeed at any cost. You strive to achieve your aims and objectives, in terms of both professionally and personally.

Hard work is something that circulates in your body just like blood. You are extremely industrious and can work for long hours continuously without taking breaks.

As much as you are dedicated to professional life, the same is the scenario in your personal life. You are protective of your family and go to any extent to keep them happy.

Acquiring knowledge is what you love the most. You can travel and wander in search of new and innovative concepts and knowledge and often use them in your work too. You are self-reliant but never shy away to be a team player.

Areas to Improve

In the effort to look happy and composed to people and friends, the January 6 zodiac natives tend to hide their real struggle. It piles up a load of stress over the mind and heart and eventually makes them restless and frustrated. The people born under the January 6 star sign should speak out when needed to reduce stress.

Being helpful and solving problems is a good deed to do if asked for. Otherwise, it is tagged as interference in personal life. And many times, those born on January 6 invade the personal space of people while giving advice or solving their issues. They should learn to maintain distance.

Having aims and dreams is not bad at all. But in the race to achieve success, neglecting close ones and forgetting important relations is not good.

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Love and Compatibility of Jan 6 Zodiac

The romantic life is filled with surprises and a lot of ups and downs for the people born on January 6. The January 6 borns don’t trust anyone easily and create issues. They might end up a strong and old relationship for a very trivial issue. Hence, they need partners who are strong enough to handle the stress of the relationship as well as keep pace with these hard souls January 6 zodiac natives. Such can be compatible with Taurus and Virgo and sometimes Cancer too.

Going by the dates, they are most compatible and attracted towards those born on the 1st, 6th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 24th and 27th of the month.

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Career Prospects of Jan 6 Zodiac

The over-ambitious and motivated January 6 zodiac sign natives can have a brilliant career in any field as they are too determined and give their 100% to make things work in their favor.

With excellent organizational and entrepreneurial skills, these natives can be best placed at the higher designations in the office. Also, since they are diplomatic and knowledgeable, they can be good teachers too. Looking at their desire to serve others, they can also choose to go into the medical field.

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Health Horoscope of Jan 6 Zodiac

Stress is the biggest enemy of those born under the January 6 zodiac. They take too much stress in their professional and personal life in order to complete the task. They even skip meals when too absorbed in work. It is the biggest reason for their deteriorating health condition later in life.

Due to ignorance, they often suffer a lot, and their blood pressure shoots up. It also leads to skin allergies and ailments related to bones and teeth. Exercising regularly can solve a lot of their problems, but they need to focus on a balanced diet and take breaks in-between.

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Some Other Important Facts

Lucky MetalsSilver, Lead, Iron
Lucky Numbers1, 6, 12, 18 and 26
Lucky ColoursBlue, Black and Brown
BirthstoneGarnet, Topaz and Sapphire
Lucky DaysTuesday, Friday and Saturday
Lucky FlowersCarnation, Chrysanthemum and Ivy.
Lucky PlantsMarigold
Lucky AnimalsHippopotamus
Lucky Tarot CardThe Lovers

The Conclusion

The dreams and objectives of those born on January 6 don’t let them sleep or eat properly. They have several dreams that they want to live in real life and there are so many aims that they want to accomplish.

With their sheer hard work and determination, they succeed in whatever they desire. The January 6 zodiac sign natives are natural leaders who have a soft and emotional heart that beats to make the lives of others happy.

It is advisable to live your life while helping others too. Live with your ambition but don’t live for it. There are many other relations in life that need your love and attention. Cherish each one of them equally and observe the difference.

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