A Complete Guide On Cancer Star Sign Symbol You Must Know

Are you born between Jun 21 and Jul 22? Then your zodiac sign will be Cancer and the symbol for Cancer ascendants is crab. Do you know the personality of cancer individuals? Do you know with which zodiac signs are compatible? Let’s find out in detail about the Cancer star sign symbol. You might have seen the symbol of crab for Cancer as 69 which also represents a woman’s breast. Cancerians love their family the most, and they are caretakers of all other zodiacs as well.

Cancer Zodiac Symbol And Astrology

If you are born between Jun 21 and Jul 22, then your zodiac sign is Cancer with the symbol carb, planet moon, element water and the colour white. The fourth sign of all other zodiacs is Cancer with the cancer symbol, the Crab. Cancer people are very emotional, highly intuitive, nurturing, sensitive sometimes and feel insecure. Like Scorpio and Pisces, the elemental sign for Cancer is also water. It says they are emotionally deep as associated with the sign.

It’s been said that Cancers have their hearts on their shoulders with various types of emotions running inside. They will be sentimental sometimes and this can go into extremities. This is due to their connection with the moon phases and this is one of the reasons they are known as crabby too.

Crabs retreat into their own shells. Just like crabs, Cancers go inside their shells and they feel the best comfort zone within themselves or if they are at home. They are basically introverts and love intimate in-depth connections with very few people over a large crowd of people. Cancers love taking challenges and they are difficult to be approached initially but once they are done, they will be loyal friends for a lifetime.

Cancer Star Sign Meaning And Cancer Personality

A big shout to Cancer individuals! Your priority is your family. Isn’t it? You are caring and sensitive and the best person for your family. If you want to find an expert nurturer, then it will be Cancer.

Most of the Cancers are thin-skinned individuals who always prefer warm surroundings and want to make your place a peaceful one. You will have a hard time if your companions are too direct to you.

You will have to encounter some difficult situations and even discussions which often lead to misunderstandings too. For the cancer zodiac sign, the career side is quite strong and each benefit you gain from the career will be directed to the family. To list out the professions that suit Cancer individuals are lawyers, doctors and all those communities helping jobs.

The topmost priority of cancer individuals are the security of family and thus they will always choose the best car and home for their family. You have the latest car and change accordingly to make sure you have the latest model.

You want sumptuous meals but you are also ready to adjust. But for your children, you will not compromise anything and you will ensure that they consume sufficient minerals and vitamins. Even if your children like junk foods, you make sure the teeth are brushed properly for dental hygiene. Your home will be fenced and you will have all the required amenities for your family and also ensure to make spacious rooms for them.

Cancer Astrology Symbol: The Good and the Bad You Must Know

Any person in this world born in any zodiac sign will have positive and negative traits. Isn’t it? Likewise, there are many traits for Cancer individuals to be pointed out.

To say the best side of Cancer, these individuals are very loyal and caring. They protect those persons whom they like very much. On the worst side of cancer, these people get moody and emotional at times. Let us check-in details about the cancer traits below.

As mentioned above, Cancer individuals are very emotional and always think about their close relations. But there is a lot to know that Cancers are highly emotional, introverted people who care deeply about their close friends and families. But there’s more to the Cancer personality than just this. Let’s look deep into the positive cancer traits and what they really mean to the cancer star sign symbol.

Positive Traits of Cancer Star Sign Symbol

  • Loyal: One of the best traits of Cancer people is their loyalty. To keep up their loyalty, these individuals go up to any extent. Initially they will never open up their heart to anyone, but once they do that they will be your loyal friend forever. They will not utter any word just for a timepass or for name sake. However, it takes quite a long time to gain their trust. So just wait till they open up their heart for you. Cancer will do anything for their loved ones. They will never be judgmental and have an ability to empathise with their relationships. This is one of the best characters that make them devoted among all other zodiac signs.
  • Protective: Cancer individuals are very loyal and they protect their loved ones just like their eyes. They love to be with family and friends and go to any extent to protect them. As the Cancer sign is strongly tied to the image of home, Crabs will go to extreme lengths to protect their homes and those in them. It’s similar to a parental instinct (which Crabs also have): the home is where Cancers feel most at peace, so it’s crucial that they try to protect it as best they can—not just for their loved ones but for themselves, too. While this protective nature can be overbearing at times, it comes from a generous place and a truly devoted heart.
  •  Caring: Cancer individuals are known for their caring nature and are supportive, which they have inherited as an extension of their caring nature. Without a doubt, we can see proof of this quality in Cancer’s protectiveness.

Negative Traits of Cancer Star Sign Symbol

All zodiac signs have some bad attributes, and the Cancer sign is no special case.

  • Overly Sensitive: One of the hardest Cancer qualities to manage is the Crab’s inclination to be excessively delicate with regards to analysis or any (even marginally) good situations. If you say something personally to a Cancer, you can have confidence they will not fail to remember it and will probably be harping on it for the coming days too. To be sure, Crabs are much inclined to their shells when they face any problems in life. This trait can hurt their confidence and even make them somewhat nervous if they keep on detecting something is not going as planned
  • Moody: Cancer individuals are known for being quite moody because of the sensitiveness of their feelings, which can rapidly bounce from amazingly glad to incredibly moody. At the point when a Cancer is frustrated, they’ll quickly look for a place in their shells. The association between the Cancer sign with the moon (the sign’s decision planet) is the reason for the Crab’s sudden changes, which come and go as do the periods of the moon. Where it counts, Cancers look for a similar mindset and protective nature from others. Also, if they don’t get that, set yourself up for a serious fight or an emotional episode!
  • Revengeful: If you face any Cancer individuals or Crab, don’t be worried if they get a bit negligible or frustrated. Cancer individuals like to get everything they might want and normally attempt to do as such through graciousness and magnanimity. In any case, if that doesn’t work, they’re prepared to get back at whatever or whoever is making them feel bad. Always be careful about the cancer individuals as their mood swings and feelings can make them unreliable and they change every now and then.

Wrapping up

Overall, Cancerians (Crab) are sensitive who are ruled by the ever-changing moon. Despite their certain negative traits, their protective nature makes them the best partner and friend for anyone.

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